Exotic Flowers
Exotic Flowers


What are Exotic Flowers?

There are hundreds of thousands of types of beautiful exotic flowers in the world, with their various meanings and beauty. We can use exotic flowers and plants to express condolences when an acquaintance is grieving or as an expression of gratitude towards someone we love dearly. We can also give a rose to convey our hearts to someone special.

We can also give flowers to say thank you, and more. Flowers can be a symbol of true endless love, and you can find it anywhere in this world. When we go on a picnic or hiking, we will see many kinds of tropical flowers along the way.
Some rare exotic flowers only live in certain areas, so that it is quite challenging to find. This rare flower usually has a unique shape and color. Besides, the meaning and history of these flowers are generally fascinating.

What Are The Rarest Flowers?

1. Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon


One of the rare exotic flowers is Snap Dragon. This unique plant looks like a dragon’s head. Every time these exotic flowers were squeezed, it seemed like a dragon was closing and opening its mouth. When it dies, you can find a seed on the back of the plant shaped like a skull.

According to some people, the SnapDragon flower has magical powers. Some legend said that this flower has black magic and can curse a garden. Others believe that when this plant is eaten, it can help restore youth and beauty.

2. Barringtonia Asiatica

Barringtonia Asiatica
Barringtonia Asiatica


When it blooms, this flower is so vast and beautiful. It’s hard to find because this flower only grows in the Indian and Pacific Coasts. They can attract bats and moths easily because of its sweet smell. The color is also very charming and makes it exotic flowers.

3. Common Sundew

Common Sundew is kind of different from most flowers. Its hair is sticky because of glands, and its appearances look like tiny fireworks. In the sun, these sticky flowers shine beautifully and attract insects. Darwin is one of the scientists who researched this flower.

He has written a full 285 pages on this flower, describing how many experiments he has done to get to know Common Sundew more deeply. Its rare existence in this world has attracted many people to make it a research topic.

Exotic Flowers That Live In Certain Areas

4. Lithops Weber

The Lithops Weber is a native to South Africa, and its name is taken from ancient Greek. This species is unique and creative in that it can disguise itself as rock or gravel, thus distracting it from animals and predators. This plant is tiny.

Apart from the exotic flowers, this plant has one or more unique round leaves. The outer part of the plate is translucent, which helps the light reach the inside, and thus photosynthesis can take place quickly. The white and yellow flowers will appear when the leaves grow.

5. Orchid Sandal for Women

It is an extraordinary flower. Some people said it has a personal bodyguard at the most famous annual event, the Chelsea Flower Show. These exotic flowers name women’s sandals due to its yellow petals, which look like clogs. It’s a rare flower in England.

6. Semar Sac

The Semar sac has a kind of place inside the flower that can hold water even in hot tropical climates. However, insects, rodents, and small birds can’t close to its water because it will keep them and then dissolve them, so it’s hazardous.

7. Corpse Flower

The corpse is the largest exotic flower in the world. Despite its large size, it smells like rotten meat, true to its name. The corpse flower is 36 inches wide, with invisible stems and leaves. This flower is a hallmark of Indonesia because it is only found there.

Behind the Beautiful flowers, The History is Quite Interesting.

8. Udumbara Buddha

These rare and exotic flowers develop every 3,000 years, according to Buddhist legends. Some people believed in 2010, and a Chinese nun was found a lucky flower from heaven. It looks like a very tiny white flower, just 1 mm in size.

Although very small, these flowers do have a fragrant aroma. Everyone said that it is one of the weirdest flowers you will find globally. This tiny and fragrant flower, according to Buddhist legends, last bloomed before the Buddha’s birth.
These exotic flowers have now been seen again all over the world in the last 20 years. Udumbara is a Sanskrit word, which means “lucky flower from heaven.” Each flower exhibits its unique characteristics. They help make our universe look more beautiful and livable.

9. Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus
Night Blooming Cereus


It is the strangest flower; experts also respect it perhaps because it blooms only one night each year. Apart from that, this flower is also trendy because it is one of the most fragrant flowers ever in the world.

This flower, called ‘The Night Queen,’ only lives in extremely arid regions. The Night Blooming Cereus, which is creamy white, is a trumpet-shaped flower that is very fragrant and has many leaves.

These beautiful exotic flowers bloom only for one night in June or July; they are up to 4 inches wide and 8 inches long. Due to its inconspicuous nature, this flower is quite challenging to find in the wild desert.

Every year on a midsummer evening, its fragrant and beautiful flowers open as night falls, then close forever when the first rays of the morning sun appear. So far, there has never been a florist who sells Night Blooming Cereus.

Most Beautiful Exotic Flowers In The World

10. Gazania flower

Gazania flower
Gazania flower


What is the most exotic flower? One of the world’s most exotic flowers is Gazania Flower from South Africa. This flower is like a treasure because of the beauty and beauty its flowers. This flower has a very bright and beautiful color, a combination of red, yellow, and orange, which compete to decorate this flower.

Gazania flower has a round shape, with oval-pointed petals that surround the base of the flower. Gazania flower grows well in a place with adequate sunlight. Gazania blooms only in the middle of summer until early autumn. Make sure you record this time to enjoy its beauty.

11. Alamanda Flowers

Alamanda Flowers
Alamanda Flowers


Alamanda flowers have a circular shape and generally have five petals. The flower petals bloomed beautifully, radiating warmth to those around them. Alamanda flowers typically have bright colors, such as yellow and orange. It makes these rare exotic flowers give encouraging suggestions to those around them.

12. Water Lilies

Water Lilies
Water Lilies


Water lilies have 70 types of flowers scattered in various parts of the world. These exotic flowers have petals that tend to be pointed and surround the base of the flower. Its center is a circle that seems to be the source of the beauty of water lilies.

The petals are a beautiful color that exudes the beauty of a water lily from the center of the flower. Likes the name, this flower grows in shallow water like a pond. Not only beautiful, but water lilies also play so many vital roles.

Water Lilies provide a temperature balancing in the water and have functioned as a house for fish. Not only beautiful, but Lily also has a good heart for its environment. That is why everybody loves these exotic flowers.

13. Dahlia Flower

Dahlia Flower
Dahlia Flower


The dahlia flower has 42 species around the world. The shape and color of the dahlia flower also vary, making this flower an idol for flower fans. Dahlia flowers have varying sizes, from small, medium, to large.

The size of the petals in one flower varies, which are arranged in various levels of petals. The middle petals tend to be small; then, the shape is more significant in the middle petals of the flower and more prominent in the edge of the petals.

It makes the dahlia flower radiate like aesthetic energy and makes these exotic flowers even more beautiful. Also, this flower does not only have one color but also has many color variations. It certainly makes it easier for flower fans to choose the flowers they like.

14. Lotus Flower

The Lotus has petals that are oval and pointed at the ends. Sometimes these exotic flowers can bloom like a bowl or even more like a plate. The fantastic thing about lotuses is that they can bloom even in turbid water.

The Lotus bloomed impressively, like a queen in the waters of her surroundings. Most lotuses are red, pink, dusty pink, or a combination thereof. This flower grows in areas with sufficient sunlight, and it is difficult to live in cold places.

The Exotic Flowers Will Make Their Viewer Become Enchanted in Few Seconds

15. Amethyst Flower

Amethyst is a flowering plant of the Solanaceae tribe; this plant is still one species with datura. The amethyst is a decorative flower because the amethyst is unique with a large trumpet shape. Amethyst flowers have two colors, namely purple and white.
In the tenth century, this amethyst plant was used for medicine. Amethyst grows in areas with hot climates. Amethyst is included in the category of the world’s most exotic flower; no wonder this flower will make people pause for a few seconds to stare at it.

16. Kadubul Flowers

Kadupul flower is a cactus species with the scientific name Epiphyllum Oxipetalum. This plant is easy to grow and has an exotic flower name. Usually, Kadupul flowers can be found on the ground, but sometimes these flowers can also stick to trees. Most uniquely, it only blooms for 2 hours.

Kadupul flower can only bloom at certain times between the hours of 10-11 in the evening. When blooming, these exotic flowers will give off a pleasant smell, and after more than two hours, the Kadupul flower will turn withered like a flower that is not watered.

17. Blue Bells

Blue Bells
Blue Bells


This Blue Bells flower is a one species plant with forest flowers. The beautiful blue color of the petals shows this flower is like a paradise flower. People who know this flower usually call the bellflower, which symbolizes regret or silence.

Other Types of Exotic Flowers

18. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are lovely, ranging in color from pink to white. These flowers tend to cluster in a tree, so they are gorgeous when viewed. The cherry blossoms grow in spring and can bloom for up to fourteen days.

Cherry blossoms symbolize new beginnings in life, which must be filled with suitable changes. Japanese people also like to visit cherry blossom gardens with their friends or family when these exotic flowers are blooming to enjoy life and organize their lives for the better. Furthermore, people often give these exotic flowers for Valentine’s day.

19. Macro Flowers

Something interesting about this flower is its massive head with a variety of colors. This flower grows to a maximum height of up to 2.5 meters with a large head. You can assume this flower as tropical flowers.

20. Fritillaria Flowers

This unusual wildflower has beautiful checkered petals that look like snakeskin. These flowers are also known as lilies, guinea flowers, and chess flowers. It was named from a Latin word called Fritillus, which refers to a dice-box. It refers to the checkered pattern on the petals.

21. Chocolate Cosmos Flower

Chocolate Cosmos Flower
Chocolate Cosmos Flower


This flower has a dark color that has a vanilla and beautiful aroma, suitable for ornamental plants. This flower only has one species, so this flower is rare. This flower comes from Mexico with a diameter of 3-4 cm.

22. Canna Lily Flower

These exotic flowers are commonly referred to as Canna Indica. This flower comes from the American continent. They live in cold weather, and it’s about 1000 meters above the sea-level. Canna Lily was known as the Indian arrow flower, flower rosary lily, and so on.

23. Yellow Lantana Flower

Yellow Lantana Flower
Yellow Lantana Flower


Lantana flowers or called Lantana Camara, are unique. The flower’s shape is composed of small flowers that grow in clumps on one end of the stem. The flower color is also stunning. Some are red, purple, pink, white, and others.