White Valentine's Day
White Valentine’s Day

Who does not know Valentine’s celebration? The moment where each partner will celebrate it triumphantly by giving gifts to their loved ones is always eagerly awaited every year. In Japan, Valentine’s celebration means a woman giving chocolates to the man they like. This phenomenon then created another annual event of love called White Day.

What is White Day?

What is White Day
What is White Day

Talking about Valentine that falls in February every year, of course, the event is interesting to discuss. On February 14, men will give gifts to their partners, for example, flower bouquets, jewelry, and dolls. However, in Japan, the execution is a bit different.

Yup, in Japan, women rule the celebration of Valentine’s where they will gift chocolate to the man they crushed on. They even cook the chocolate by themselves to maximalize the effort. 

This tradition then created another unique celebration called White Valentine’s Day. This celebration happens to repay the gift received on February 14. Many women in Japan are looking forward to this precious moment.

When will White Valentine’s Day fall?

Japan is a country that popularized White Valentine’s Day, which then followed by other countries, even though in terms of popularity, the excitement was not as big as the celebration on February 14th. Many of you might be new to know this thing, so when exactly does this event fall every year?

This second-time love celebration falls a month after Valentine’s Day celebrations, which means on March 14 every year. With only a month apart, the excitement of the previous love celebration is not disappeared yet, so many people, especially women are looking forward to it.

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A story behind White Valentine’s Day

Did you know that White Valentine’s event does not occur spontaneously? Facts say that the celebration to repay gifts you received on the previous date, February 14 has been happening since 1978.

National Confectionery Industry Association in Japan was the one who first popularized March 14 as a day of gratitude for the variety of chocolates any man receives on February 14. This is the most appropriate date for men to repay the kindness of women who have given them chocolates or other gifts in the previous month.

Since 1978, White Valentine’s Day has become an annual event that most Japanese teenagers never missed. The uniqueness of the celebration of love in Japan influences other countries to do the same thing, even though no obligation requires everyone to repay the romantic gifts they receive.

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White Valentine’s is not an ordinary event, here is the meaning

Not just a celebration that occurs every year, this one annual event that is related to love has a symbolism behind it that makes it far from an ordinary event. Yes, the naming of White Day has its meaning. The white color is always associated with everything pure, sincere, and sweet, including love.

Love is something sincere that everyone knows that. Based on this fact, White Valentine’s Day must be celebrated with a sincere and romantic gift. A gift that doesn’t come from sincerity goes against the meaning of white itself. The essence of this celebration will also be lost, making this gift repay day just like any other ordinary day, nothing’s special.

Gifts recommendation for White Valentine’s Day – Not always all about chocolate

Gift Recommendation on Valentine's Day
Gift Recommendation on Valentine’s Day

After unveiling the meaning along with a definition of this celebration of Valentine’s Day following event, do you want to take part in this special moment?

Well, for those of you who are celebrating it for the first time, it might be a little awkward to think what gifts you will give to someone who likes you. As a way to send gratitude, you may be confused about choosing the right gift to deliver.

Therefore, we have some gift recommendations that you can consider trying on White Valentine’s. The types of gifts below are generally what people mostly give frequently as a return for what they received the month earlier.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a must item when it comes to White Valentine’s Day as this sweet treat was a major icon of the previous Valentine in Japan. In return, you can give someone that has a crush on you a box of chocolates too.

2. Flower bouquet

Flower Bouquet FlowerAdvisor
Flower Bouquet FlowerAdvisor

Flowers never fail to show someone’s affection. Often used as a form of love in many romantic moments, if giving chocolates feels inconvenient for you, you can also order a flower bouquet at the nearest florist. Roses are what we suggested.

3. Jewelry

Women love jewelry. If budget is not your constraint, giving jewelry is also suggested. Luxurious gifts always can touch many hearts, including jewelry such as rings and necklaces. The jewelry does not need to be too expensive, just choose the memorable ones that can be worn at certain moments.

4. Clothes

If you know about your February 14 gift-giver well enough and understand their taste in fashion, you can also gift them clothes that you think they’ll like. Still confused? Just choose clothes that are minimalist but still attractive.

5. Candy

Not only chocolate, but many people also give candy at this precious moment. This gift is given not only because of its sweet taste but also as a form of love that is not so deep from the giver. Candy can also reflect different meanings. If you repay someone through candy, it means that you love that person but just a little bit. 

What you have to do on White Valentine’s Day

Did you know that in giving gifts on White Valentine’s Day, some rules should be followed? You need to note things below.

First, any gift that will be given to someone like you on White Valentine’s Day must be priced 2 to 3 times more expensive than the previous one you received.

Second, you need to avoid misunderstanding on White Valentine’s Day. If you don’t share the same feeling, you better stop there and make everything clear between you and someone who crush on you.

After all, this moment is great to let someone know about your feeling, whether you accept that person or not.