Fairy lights on a Christmas tree
Fairy lights on a Christmas tree

The primary source of energy and life is light. It is no wonder why light has been used in celebrations and occasions, from the most straightforward tiny lights from candles to the shapes of lanterns of various sizes and colors, including fairy lights.

The primary source of energy and life is light. It is no wonder why light has been used in celebrations and occasions, from the most straightforward tiny lights from candles to the shapes of lanterns of various sizes and colors, including fairy lights.

Fairy light is not just for decoration or warming the room, but it also has real symbolism. Indeed, the light from the fairy light has a powerful symbol and is integrated with many faiths and traditions. Light is symbolized as the source of goodness, peace, and righteousness or good triumphs over evil. That is why light gives real meaning to many celebrations.

Furthermore, during Christmas, it is perfect to sparkle everything, from your trees to your home decorations, to celebrate Christmas and make your home merry and bright. There are many choices to brighten your home because fairy lights come in all the colors of the rainbow! But, the most popular colors are warm white and cool white.

The warm white color is suitable if you have a ‘traditional’ theme for your holiday. The lighting is similar to the traditional bulb, which makes people feel nostalgic. It pairs well with the classic Christmas color theme such as red, green, and gold because the lighting brings a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. And also, give the warm, romantic, and elegant look. Meanwhile, the cool white is perfect for your ‘winter wonderland’ theme. The lighting provides a dramatic and icy atmosphere. It usually goes with white, silver, and platinum color, or fitted with blue and purple. The cool white color will give you a modern and sparkling look.

Either way, using fairy lights to brighten up your celebration will give you an excellent opportunity to reflect on your time and to pause for a second to appreciate life.

Where to buy fairy lights in Singapore?

The most important thing to make your celebration merrier and brighter is by getting yourself a fairy light! Purchasing a fairy light is not quite expensive, added with the benefits that come from fairy lights. Also, you can get your fairy lights online to make your shopping easier. Do not fret! We have sorted it out for you. Here are five fairy lights Singapore that you can consider to buy online:

1. Masons Home Décor

Mason's Fairy Light
Mason’s Fairy Light

Mason Home Décor sells a variety of lengths of fairy light according to your needs. The price offered also varies depending on the measurements and the bulbs. It starts from the cheapest $ 0.75 for 0.5 meters with 6 LED bulbs to the most expensive $ 6.80 for 10 meters with 100 LED bulbs. The fairy lights’ cables are made from real copper. Thus, it can be any shape you want. The availability of color in this store is only warm white. However, it uses batteries for the source of power, so it is perfect for you who is always worried about electricity bills on holiday!

2. Misty Daydream

The variation of colors by Misty Daydream is very diverse. They are selling rainbow, warm white, and cool white fairy lights, and the most exciting thing is, they sell fairy lights with the shape of stars and roses. For the operation, they have the option for battery or USB. Select the one you think is the most efficient. With only $7.50 – $12.90, you can choose your fairy light!

3. Pixel Fairy Light

Pixel Fairy Light has many shapes of fairy lights which are suitable for various occasions. Everything is sorted on their website, with useful descriptions of items. For example, when and where these fairy lights are best or fit for the events. The prices range from $10 – $15 depends on the type and the length of the fairy light. These fairy lights are perfect for celebrating lights in Singapore!

4. Party Wholesale

Party Wholesale Fairy Light
Party Wholesale Fairy Light

They only sell one kind of fairy light at Party Wholesale, the 3 meters with 30 mini LED bulbs fairy light. It comes in many colors, such as rainbow, yellow, white, and silver. The silver fairy light is different from the regular one because it has twine and leaves ornament. And all of the fairy light is operating only by the battery. You can buy your fairy light here for $4.50 for the regular fairy light and $12.90 for the fairy twine silver.

5. Floral Garage Singapore

The fairy light on Floral Garage Singapore has only one option for the length, which is 1.2 meters for the price of $6. For the colors choice, there are white, and four colors fairy light: red, blue, green, and yellow, and the fairy light is operating with battery. Therefore, you can choose turn on or off the light whenever you like.

How long do fairy lights last?

Colorful fairy lights on the eaves of a roof
Colorful fairy lights on the eaves of a roof

The fairy lights lasts for 4-7 hours, or 8-12 hours, or over 100 hours. It depends on the usage of the light and the brand or age of the batteries. Be sure to purchase batteries from a reputable brand, and watch out for the battery age, do not pick the one from the dusty display. The blue and green color from your fairy lights take up most of the battery’s energy and will be the first to fade, so keep that in mind to replace the batteries. Thus, you will solve your fairy light. Therefore, turning on the fairy lights only when night comes is the ideal way to save your battery energy.

Meanwhile, USB-operated fairy lights will last as long as they are not broken. Most of the USB fairy lights come with a timer, and it is a handy function which you do not need to turn on/off the sunshine every day. Choosing fairy lights with LED or solar rays is the right way to avoid your bill from going up. Besides, if the bulb is smaller and there are less bulbs, you spend less electricity or batteries for the fairy lights.


Are fairy lights dangerous? 

Every electrical device can start a fire if it is broken or used in poor condition. Nevertheless, fairy lights do not heat up because the rubber rope protects them. Therefore, it is safe for you to use fairy lights inside or outside. Besides, fairy lights do not get warm like any other lights because they use LEDs. Thus, you can leave them overnight without worrying about overheating or burning out.

The batteries operated fairy lights are the best option if you are still feeling hesitant to put fairy light. While using them, pets or children are not at risk of electric shock, and the risk of accidental fire is nonexistent because the voltage through the wires is low. Moreover, battery-powered fairy lights saves more energy, they are also safer, and the bulbs tend not to overheat. They only lack power, so you cannot use them outside. Here are dos and don’ts to keep your fairy light safe:


  • Buy high-grade lights from reputable sources.
  • Use a timer to turn off the lights when you are not at home.
  • Use waterproof lights for the outside.
  • Stay safe when putting the lights in high places


  • Buy cheap lights because they are often made from low-grade material.
  • Use sharp objects to secure the lights, such as nails or tacks, because they can damage the wire.
  • Stack up your cords or daisy chain them because it will exceed voltage limits with multiple plugs and probably start power with various pins.
  • Stretch light across metal edges or flammable décor on the wiring.


Why are they called fairy lights?

Fairy light for home decoration
Fairy light for home decoration

Fairy light is a small electric light on a string generally used for decoration, especially on Christmas. They provide a source of illumination. Fairy lights are so-called because they use the tiny bulb for the light. Fairy light in an early catalog of the electrical component was called ‘Fairy Bulbs’ because the bulbs were made of blown glass, metal filament, plastic bases, and metal contact wires. The bulbs were made in a clear glass to produce white light. And later, changed the name into ‘Fairy Lamps,’ which were used as decorative for candles or oil lamps.

From the etymology’s point of view, in 1882, the small battery-powered incandescent lights were worn by fairy characters in Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera Iolanthe. The Swan United Electric Light Company manufactured them. Since the play, people call the small incandescent lights by ‘Fairy Light.’

Furthermore, people sometimes confuse the names of ‘Fairy Lights’ with ‘Christmas Lights,’ they are both the same, but recently most people called them ‘Fairy Lights.’ This name’s use is due to this light, which can be used at any theme, not limited to only at Christmas, you can use it for weddings, or you may see the fairy lights in festivals.


Where can you use fairy lights? 

Fairy light on the dining wall
Fairy light on the dining wall

Typically, fairy lights are used during Christmas, Deepavali, New year, Chinese New year, Birthdays etc. That is why people often called Christmas lights. Still now fairy lights are used for indoor and outdoor decoration. The magical effect of fairy lights is the main reason why they are widely used today. For only a couple of dollars, everybody can purchase these magical pieces compared with other decorative lights on the store that only a few people can afford and place them all over the house. Are you still uncertain which is the best place to use your fairy lights? Just keep reading because we have summarized fairy light decoration ideas for your inspiration!

1. Bedroom

It would be best if you considered putting your fairy lights in the bedroom. A bedroom is an essential room in a home because the touch of fresh bed sheets can solve every problem, and the fairy light makes the room perfect. Put your fairy lights around the headboard. This will add some fun and decoration to your boring headboard. Next, you can place your fairy lights around a mirror. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows the mirror to reflect the light in the room. Or, pin the fairy lights into any shapes you desire and put some photos to the wire with a few pins. Indeed, you have created a visual feast for your bedroom!

2. Kitchen

Has anyone thought to put fairy lights in a kitchen? Putting fairy lights in the kitchen will make the kitchen the warmest and inviting room in a home. Not only the food will get you to the kitchen, but the fairy lights will keep you there. Place the fairy lights around the cabinet or open shelving or decorate them on the wall. The light will invite you to visit the kitchen and bring festive vibes.

3. Outside

With the holiday just around the corner, putting fairy lights outside will cheer the day. There are many places outside where you can use your fairy light. First of all, consider putting them in trees. People traditionally place fairy lights in the tree and drape them over the twigs or trunk to make them look amazing. Along fences and gates are also the best place to use your fairy light. If you have a small garden, the light tends to make them look much more prominent. Use your spaced hooks on the fences to hang your fairy lights. Lastly, hanging them on the eaves of your roof. You cannot help but think that putting fairy lights on the eaves is for Christmas, but do not hesitate to experiment. Put the most suitable fairy lights on the eaves, and your home will be perfect for fairy lights photography! The light will be illuminating you, and you can shoot your best photo for everyone to see.

4. Christmas tree

Last but not least, the Christmas tree! Of course, you must not skip this chance. It is not Christmas without fairy light draped all over the tree. It is essential for a cozy festive atmosphere. To make the decoration easier, try to put the fairy light vertically rather than horizontally. It also makes the wire not tangled between branches and more comfortable to take the lights down.


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