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    Graduation Bouquet from the Tulip Flowers
    Graduation Bouquet from the Tulip Flowers


    The graduation bouquet is a fantastic gift that you can give to your friends. It is a sign that you are really happy about their graduation moment. It is also hope and prays that you give for their future life. That is why; choosing the right flowers is crucial.

    One of the recommended flowers that you can give is the tulip. All of us agree that it is one of the most wonderful flowers in the universe. This flower is suitable for graduation because of its colors. Tulip has various colors with its various meaning.

    Actually, this flower comes from the Netherlands. It has unique flower petals that are different than other kinds of flowers. This flower has about 6 petals. Most of them are having bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, and more.

    The White Tulip Flower Bouquet

    White Tulip
    White Tulip


    If you love the classy taste, you can choose the white tulip flowers for a graduation bouquet. This flower is not only beautiful but also has a deep meaning.  White tulips symbolize purity, innocence, and humility. You can choose it and make it into a white flower bouquet.

    Therefore, white tulip flowers are suitable as an apology, to show sympathy for someone’s death, and can also be used at weddings because it symbolizes purity. It means that this flower is a multi-purpose one. Its white color makes it is easier to combine with other flowers.

    Usually, a bouquet of flowers will consist of 6-7 tulips. However, it can be more or less. The florist knows the best for it. To make the bouquet is fuller; they can add some filler to it. It will create an amazing graduation bouquet for your friend.

    The filler which is used is like the baby breath flowers, leaves, or maybe other white flowers. Check the website to find out those designs. The florist may add the ribbon to the design. It is also possible to add another item such as a doll.

    The Meaning of Orange Tulip Flower

    Some of you maybe love the bright color. It shows high energy and spirit. If it is so, you can choose the orange tulip flower for your graduation bouquet. The orange tulip also has an amazing meaning. It is really perfect for a graduation moment.

    For your information, the orange tulips reflect happiness and warmness. The orange color of its color also shows the never-ending optimism and wish for luck. It is like you’re praying for the graduated friend. You always want them to be happy and successful.

    A bouquet made from some orange tulip flowers is so mesmerizing. Usually, these flowers will be combined with other flowers. The matching colors flowers will be perfect for this combination. It will remind you and your friends of a beautiful sunset moment in the evening.

    It is called the sunset graduation bouquet. This flower bouquet is arranged from some orange tulips and orange baby breath flowers. The white roses will be also added thereto perfect its appearance. This hand bouquet will be wrapped in golden and white paper.

    The Yellow Tulip for a Friendship Symbol

    If you have a strong and close friendship with your friends, give them the yellow tulip bouquet. This beautiful flower is a symbol of friendship. In addition, it is also a symbol of happiness. Your friends will really appreciate this gift.

    This yellow tulip can be combined with other flowers in a bouquet. However, if you want to, you can ask the florist to make a bouquet arranged in only several yellow tulip flowers. It is also a great idea to mix it with other tulips of different colors.

    This colorful graduation bouquet will be looked great in a photo. It represents the joyful moment and happiness that you feel for your friends. Don’t forget to write a note as a sweet message for your friend. You can also add their favorite item to that bouquet.

    In fact, you can request many things for this bouquet. The tulip flowers seem so special since it is a rare flower. One thing that you may know is that the florist can change their design. The graduation bouquet can be made from the flowers based on the season.


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