Father and Son
Father and Son

Ever seen a superhero stronger than Captain America? or mightier than Thor? Or someone who has more principles than Batman himself. Don’t look so confused! We are not talking about any Marvel or DC superhero. We are talking about your superhero dad.

It can be said without a doubt that the pillar of any family and the most responsible person in a house is the father. A father does not only look after his children and wife but also has to make decisions that are selfless and in the best interest of his family. They do a lot for us but do not receive as much credit as they deserve in a household. Giving birth to a child does not only take a toll on the mother but also puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on the father as well. From holding the hand of his wife while she goes into labor to holding the hands of his children every day while dropping them off to school to paying off the whole education fee till the end, the father’s contribution goes unattested. After everything, a man does for his children and wife he expects nothing but love and their success in return. A lot of people do not even remember father’s day dates and usually forget that such an occasion even exists. But there are still some families which do not let this day go by without making the dads in the house feel loved and cherished. Father’s Day 2021 in Singapore will be celebrated on 20th June 2021 along with more than 80 countries. In this article, you will find many amazing ideas on how to celebrate father’s day in the most splendid manner possible. 


Product or service that would be great for a Father’s Day gift guide?

Want to stand out from the crowd and go an extra mile for your dad? Refer to our amazing gift guide for this father’s day to become the best son or daughter in the world.  

1. A nice dinner outing with your parents

There is no doubt that your parents work hard for your future and amid that chaos, you don’t get to spend enough time together. Do something special for them this father’s day and take your parents out for dinner. 

2. A massage day for him and your mother

They rarely get to relax their muscles and chill in peace. Use this occasion to book a spa for both of your parents and send them off on a relaxing and blissful massage date. It will not only make them feel close but it will also free them from the tension in their muscles and the stress they bear with every day.

3. Something to rejuvenate their soul

Times are bleak and children nowadays really look after what their parents ingest. Encourage your father to eat fresh and healthy to rejuvenate his health. You can check out our amazing healthy organic products on our website to take your dad on a journey of fitness and freshness. Check out our amazing collection of healthy organic hampers. (Add the link to the hamper page) 

4. Beer brewing kit

If your father is particular about the kind of beer he drinks, then a perfect present would be a Beer Brewing Kit. It would be a gift he would appreciate and really enjoy it and trust us, it won’t require much preparation. Gift this amazing beer brewing kit to him and bring the party animal out of him. 

5. Wireless 3 in 1 charger

If your father is a tech lover and is always keen to try out new gadgets in the market, yet constantly struggles with low battery on his devices (which most of our parents do). If you agree, then think no more, and give this wireless 3 in 1 charger for him. You will be surprised by how easy this would make his life by charging all his gadgets at the same time. This would be a time saver and he wouldn’t have to juggle around his cords and cables.


These were some amazing and special products and services you can get for your father on this father’s day to make your dad feel that his little kid has grown up. 


Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2021

Father and Son
Father and Son

We all have received a lot of gifts from our father. It’s time that we give something back to him. Father makes turns of sacrifices for his children and suppresses his desire to fulfill our wants and needs. He sacrifices his own needs over ours and never lets us sleep with a hungry stomach or an incomplete desire in our hearts. Let’s have a look at a few gift ideas which we have for you to make your superhero’s day amazing. 

1. My Superhero

A huge hamper filled with Outback Jack Shiraz, Jules D choc thins, HH island MAC, Tipson organic Moringa tea,  Ferrero Rocher chocolate, Nescafe Gold & Strongbow Apple cider. This amazing gift hamper will be enough to make your father’s day amazing.  

2. Best dad!

Travailleurs red wine, Jules D choc thins,  HH island MAC and K. Harrodson raspberry butter cookies. The perfect gift for the perfect father. Give this extraordinary hamper to your father and make his father’s day beautiful.

3. Party hard dad

Travailleurs Red Wine,  Heineken 33 CL, and Nuvitality almond kernels. Remember how you invited your dad’s friends over to your house. This sample will come in handy if your father likes to party in style with his friends. Make the day memorable and full of memories. Let your father create precious moments together with his friends.

4. Superdad

Rivage Vdue Rouge, Golden GB nougat, The Belgian coffee & The Belgian chocolate hearts, Swiss Delice choco chocarre, K. Harrodson blueberry & Almond butter cookies just to make your super dad super happy on his day. Shower your dad with love, compassion, and this gift hampers his day full of beautiful memories.  



These amazing gifts will be enough to make your father feel like the luckiest dad in the whole world. Take out a day to make your hero happy as he does everything with his heart to make you and your mom feel cherished and loved. You can also check out more amazing gifts on our website and get these delivered to your doorstep in Singapore and overseas quickly. 


Little things you can do to make your superhero happy

Father and Son
Father and Son

We know! It can get pretty hard to find a gift for your father or your husband for father’s day because there is not much that they expect of you. They are the ones usually giving gifts to the children and wife on occasions. But to make this father’s day special you have to think out of the box. If you cannot think of a gift for your father you have to scrutinize every bit of his personality and then think of something which will be most suitable for him. It can be an object or a service, it can be anything from a baseball glove to a tuxedo he always wanted. It can even be a trip to his hometown or simply just a cute puppy. 

1. A day out

Give your father a day out with the whole family to do his favorite activities. It can be a little trip to the golf course or a lake where he goes fishing. Make his day special by doing what he usually does all by himself. This will surely make him feel like the best dad in the world.

2. Do his chores

Surprise him on father’s day and do all this for him even before he wakes up. Not just only on father’s day, you can also do this on any other day to make him feel special and loved.   

3. Prepare his favorite food

Everybody knows that all dads are the biggest foodies in every family. From tasting everything you cook at midnight after his sleep gets interrupted by the smell of snacks to reaching his hand to your seat while driving whenever you open a bag of chips. We all get our admiration for food through our fathers. To make your biggest foodie feel great, prepare his favorite food with the help of your mother. 

4. Plan out a movie day

Who doesn’t love movies? Your dad must be a fan of any movie series or an actor of his time. Plan out a movie day for your whole family and watch your dad’s favorite movies together. This will not only make him happy but will also bring your family closer. Movies bring people close and the thrill movies give us and the excitement it fills our hearts with is extraordinary.

5. Invite his friends over

As we grow, we begin to witness a difference between us and our friends due to work and family. Ever wonder why your dad doesn’t talk to anyone outside his office? or family? It’s because responsibilities and work make it very hard for everyone to stay in touch with their dearest friends. Invite his friends over for a fun day and witness the huge smile on his face. You can also get to listen to nostalgic and amazing stories of your father through his friends!


All these ideas are unique and surely hold the route to your father’s heart. Do any of these things for him on father’s day and make your dad’s day splendid. 


Flowers for your amazing father

Father and Children
Father and Children

Just like the slogan of a motor vehicle advertisement “Why should boys have all the fun?”, we have made a slogan for our fathers as well. It goes like “Why should moms receive all the flowers?”. Do something different and beautiful this father’s day for your dad. A flower not only makes women happy but it can also make your dad’s day splendid. We have mentioned a few flowers available on Floweradvisor, which can be delivered to your doorstep through our efficient flower delivery in Singapore and overseas.

1. Serene Summer

5 Sunflowers arranged as a table arrangement. This is easily one of the cutest flower arrangements you can get for your father for this father’s day.

2. Elegant flower

Single stalk of Phalaenopsis Orchid in a pot. This modest yet so splendid flower looks pleasing to the eyes and can  easily captivate anyone’s attention as soon as they walk into the room. 

3. Delicate beauty

Phalaenopsis Orchid with light yellow center. This single delicate flower holds the potential of lighting up the whole room with its uniqueness and charm.  

You can find more amazing flowers on our website where we handpick the best quality flowers just for you and your family.


Are these ideas enough for you? Or you want to explore more for father’s day gift ideas? If yes, checkout our another piece of blog on father’s day here.


How to make your father proud of you? 

Father and Son
Father and Son

What every father wants to witness is the growth and success of his children. You can make your father proud every single day by giving respect to your elders including your mother, your grandparents, and of course your father. You can make your father proud of you by scoring well in your class and standing out from the rest. The success of a child is all that a father needs to stay happy, so focus on your goals. Your primary goal should be to make your parents proud. 

Every day is father’s day if you ask us. A single day is not sufficient enough to describe the love and admiration a child has for his father or a father has for his children. We commemorate father’s day as an excuse to make a single day more special than others with extra love and happiness. The bond and the love between a parent and child can’t be described through words which is why people resort to chocolates and gift hampers to mark the occasion with sweetness. We go out of our way on a single day for our parents to make them feel loved and cherished but our parents do the same things every single day since the moment we take our first breath.


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