Father and child
Father and child

Every day is father’s day, One day can’t describe the love and admiration a child has in its heart for their father. From being dropped at school early in the morning to seeing his face the first thing in the noon when we used to get out of school, a child develops a great connection with his father. Every father is great and loves his wife and children wholeheartedly. From looking after the family by working day and night tirelessly to not even thinking about his own happiness and providing the best for his family, a man does everything in his abilities to bring the best on the table for his wife and children. Even after everything fathers do for us, they don’t expect any appreciation and recognition because they do everything selflessly with a big heart.

What is the true meaning of Father Day?

Father’s day is a day to commemorate the love and happiness a man brings in the lives of his family members, it’s a day to express gratitude to our fathers and to give them respect and love.

Although as said above, one day can’t describe the significance of the love we have for our fathers but it can give all of us an excuse to be grateful to them. Father’s day was first observed in Washington DC, USA in the year 1910.


Why is Father’s Day different around the world?

Father & Son
Father & Son

Every country has its own culture and tradition, and their own way of celebrating occasions. Similarly father’s day around the world is observed differently in unique and different manners. While a few European countries celebrate father’s day in March, some countries along with the United States of America, Singapore and India celebrate it in June. 


Is Father’s Day International?

Father’s day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the efforts and to celebrate their contributions in the growth of their family all around the world. To encourage and express gratitude towards their hardwork and dedication, families plan special events or gifts for men for the fathers in the family and their children do special things to make their superheroes feel loved and cherished. 


How do you wish Father’s Day?

There are many ways to wish your superhero and to express your appreciation and love towards him. Although fathers don’t really have many expectations when it comes to gifts and wishes, for some father just a hug and a “Thank you” would suffice. But to make the occasion special and memorable, one has to put in a good amount of effort into it. People don’t usually give flowers to parents. You can gift him an orchid or a bouquet of sunflower. A father is the embodiment of care and guidance, and children look up to their fathers and hope to grow up to be like them. So to make the day special for your superhero, you can bake a cake or order it for him or help your mother cook a nice dinner for your father as a Thank you for everything he has done for the family. 


How can you make Father’s day important

Father’s don’t expect much from their children as they are hell bent on just providing the best for their family selflessly. Below are a few things one can do to make his father feel loved and appreciated on the occasion of father’s day :- 

1. Give him something he needs but never shows

All fathers are so selfless and self-sacrificing that they forget about themselves in the process of providing for their family. They will wear torn shoes to work but will never let you wear broken slippers, they will need a new shirt but would not bother anyone. They suppress their own wants and desires to fulfill ours. So check up on your Dad and see if there’s anything he needs. It can be a new watch or a new pair of shoes or anything to help him work efficiently throughout the day without any obstructions. 

2. Watch a movie together

Watch movie
Watch movie

Create an evening full of fun and togetherness with your father and enjoy a movie with him along with your family together. Go out and get some popcorn and order a yummy pizza and relax while watching amazing movies.

3. Cook something

If your father is a big time foodie, perhaps cooking a nice and special dinner for him with the help of your mother would be really thoughtful and a perfect way to express your gratitude. Your mother won his heart by her amazing cooking now it’s time for you to make him feel great by yours. Apart from cooking you can also order something delicious for him by any food delivery service nearby.

4. Help him with his chores

You can clean his car, take out the trash in the morning and make tea for him to make him feel great while taking off a few things from his list of chores.

5. Potted plants 

One can always gift his/ her father with potted plant for his office or for the home itself. There are a lot of benefits these indoor plants have. It will keep your father’s mood live and will also keep him healthy.


Father’s day gift guide 

If you don’t have any idea what to give your father on this father’s day and how to make the occasion momentous for him, then don’t worry, because FlowerAdvisor is just the right spot for you to find the perfect fathers day gift Singapore for your superhero.



Father's Day hampers
Father’s Day hampers

A great gift hamper for your superhero to make him feel loved and appreciated.


Father's Day hampers
Father’s Day hampers

Just as the name says it, an extraordinary hamper for your extraordinary father who has given nothing but love, hardwork and dedication to provide for his family. 


Father's Day hampers
Father’s Day hampers

To end an amazing father’s day, your dad will need this amazing hamper filled with his favorite drinks. And who knows? If he gets happy maybe he will allow you to drink a bottle or two as well with him.


These amazing hampers screams Happy Father’s Day and will put a huge smile on your dad’s face. Don’t forget to check out more hampers like these only on Floweradvisor where we create the best hampers you can give to your loved ones on every occasion and deliver it to their doorstep with an efficient processing timing.


When is Father’s Day 2021 in Singapore?

Father’s Day 2021 in Singapore will be celebrated on 20th June, 2021 along with more than 80 countries including The United States of America and India which share the same Father’s Day date. Father’s Day 2020 in Singapore was celebrated on 21st June.


What do fathers expect from us? 

Parenthood is not easy and being a parent is not a piece of cake, it comes with many responsibilities one has to bear all his or her life.

With All the responsibilities a father has, he expects his children to become the best version of themselves and make him proud at every stage of their life. A father expects his child to grow up to become a great human being and a person with a kind heart. A father expects accountability and the utmost respect for duties and responsibilities from his children. To make your father happy and content, you just have to show him by your actions that you have turned out just fine and have learned to take responsibility for your actions. Apart from this, a father expects his children to look after their mother when they grow up and become successful in their lives. Nothing can give more happiness to a father than his children growing up to be respectful. 


5 lessons we all have learned from our father


1. Hardwork


The primary thing which we learn from our fathers is working hard. We see how hard our fathers work to provide food to the table and how passionately he fulfills our wishes, this is because he works very hard everyday so we can sleep better at night without any problems.

2. Patience

The second most important thing which our fathers teach us is to be patient enough. Throughout our lives patience gives us success and happiness and we all learn it at an early age by our parents.

3. Respect for women

When we see how our fathers treat our mothers we learn to respect women at a very young age which benefits us all our life. A father teaches his children to respect the elders and women so his children can grow up to become a good kind hearted human being.

4. To look after your family


One of the most crucial things a father wants from his children is them looking after each other in good times as well as bad times. A father teaches his children moral values and the responsibilities one holds towards his family.

5. To dream

We learn to dream, we learn to be successful in our lives and we learn to handle success in our lives by our fathers. As we see them being dedicated towards their work and responsibilities we learn a good deal about dreaming and being passionate in our lives as well.


Father’s day movies watchlist


To make this father’s day memorable you can binge upon these classic movies based on parenthood and beautifully depicts the things a father does for his child and the conundrums he stumbles upon while raising his children.

1. The pursuit of happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness
The Pursuit of Happyness – Source: Twitter

This classic movie depicting a struggle a single father goes through while raising his children and struggling through his career to make ends meet. Will Smith and Jaden Smith, this father-son duo beautifully portrays the story and their acting throughout the movie is remarkable.

2. Father of the bride

This famous movie starring Steve Martin amazingly depicts the phases a father goes through while marrying his daughter to the love of her life. The troubles a father goes through and the emotions and overwhelming things he faces are depicted in a great way.

3. 17 Again

This classic movie featuring Mathew Perry and Zac Efron is a treat for those who love romantic comedies. Beautifully portrays the connection of a father with his children amid a marriage crisis. 

4. War of the worlds

This famous thriller shows the struggle of a father who has to protect his kids during an apocalypse and take them back to their mother safely.

5. Fathers and daughters

Fathers & Daughters
Fathers & Daughters – Source: Wikipedia

Focuses on mental health while remarkably portraying the connection of a father daughter amid serious crisis. This movie is a must watch which will leave a great impact on your heart and soul with a beautiful story and top class acting.

6. Logan

This last addition to the classic wolverine series depicts the father daughter relationship between Logan and his daughter beautifully. In this last wolverine movie Hugh Jackman gave out his one of the best performances which left fans grabbing tissues.

7. Train to Busan

This classic zombie apocalyptic movie is a treat for zombie movies fans and portrays the struggle of a father in raising his daughter by himself and on top of that shows his stride in protecting his daughter from zombies and getting her to safety.

8. Taken series

Taken – Source: 20th Century Studios

This thriller shows the struggle of a father who has to protect his daughter from a criminal and get her back home safely.


Father : A superhero like no other

A father is a superhero like no other indeed, he protects us throughout our life no matter how old we get. A father always looks after his children, picks them up when they fall down, guides them throughout their life and teaches the most vital and crucial lessons of their lives. Superman and Batman may save the world from bad guys but a father is a superhero who protects his children from every bad entity and bad decisions throughout their life. Many movies are made on fictional characters and fictional stories but only a few have been made to depict the relationship of a father daughter because a single frame can’t possibly depict the significance of their bond and connection.


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