Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

Chocolates! Sometimes sweet, sometimes semi-sweet, sometimes soft, and sometimes crunchy. Chocolates bring together people, mend broken hearts, stitch up torn bonds. One doesn’t necessarily require a reason to make his or her loved ones happy. Giving chocolates to the people you love can help strengthen your bond with them. You can use chocolates to your advantage if you want to win over friends or confess your love to someone. Sometimes a cupid is not just a person, it can also be a moment, a day, a situation and a chocolate. Ferrero Rocher is one of those cupids who bring people together and make moments special and unforgettable. 

Ferrero Rocher was created by an Italian confectionery company named Ferrero in 1979. The name Rocher has an intriguing story behind its foundation as it is a french word named rock or boulder and Michele Ferrero, the inventor of the chocolate named it after a grotto from a catholic shrine named shrine of Lourdes, Rocher de Massabielle. This Italian sweet chocolate filled with Nutella on the inside holds a strong cultural presence. The confectionery company Ferrero was made shortly after the second world war to levitate the mind and soul of people and to bring affordable chocolate to the pockets of people efficiently. The production of the chocolates of Ferrero started from a store but now manufactures more than 5 billion pieces every year worldwide. Ferrero Rocher is not just any ordinary chocolate that caters to your taste or fulfills the desire or cravings of your mouth but it also looks after your mental health in a way you probably never would have thought about. One of the Ingrid of Ferrero Rocher which is called Lecithin is used to treat depression, anxiety, and control high cholesterol. Lecithin is added as an emulsifier in Ferrero Rocher when it is being created. Another interesting ingredient in this landmark invention of Michele Ferrero is hazelnut which was interestingly enough added in it as a substitute to cocoa which was a pretty expensive post-second world war.


Ferrero Rocher as a gift

This delicious and crunchy Italian chocolate can be given to the people you love and care for on any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or even valentine’s day. Apart from the form of the bouquet we mentioned above in this article you can also buy a hamper or a gift basket of this chocolate. If you are not successful in getting your hands on this amazing sweet from Italy, feel free to jump in on the FlowerAdvisor wagon which has everything you need to make occasions momentous and unforgettable. We have shared a list of chocolate bouquet Singapore and products that are available on our website to fulfill the desires of your heart around Singapore and overseas  

1. The Italian sweet

A bouquet of Red Roses and Ferrero Rocher with a bottle of Australian wine to initiate a romantic night on valentine’s day or simply to make the receiver feel loved. 

2. Bouquet of deliciousness

12 Ferrero Rocher in a bouquet to make your favorite person feel amazing and blessed to have you in their life. Get your hands on this perfect bouquet and make the day of your companion.

3. Ferrero Roses

16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher, Red Roses with Baby’s Breath, and fillers in a vase. A heartwarming and pleasant gift to fill your lover’s heart with unconditional love and happiness.

4. Basket of Love

Ferrero Rocher chocolate, Beryl’s almond coated with milk chocolates, Beryl’s Tiramisu almond white chocolates, Cocktail sparkling juice, Excelcium chocolate assortment. 

You can find more such amazing Ferrero hampers on our website delivered to your doorstep with our efficient gift delivery Singapore and overseas.


Gifting occasions for Ferrero Rocher 

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

There are many occasions on which this chocolate can be given to your friend, family member, or partner. We are listing below the different occasions on which you can share love in the form of Ferrero Rocher. 

1. Birthday

You can give Ferrero Rocher to your loved ones on their birthday and make them feel amazing on their special day. 

2. Valentine’s day

Turn up the mood and vibe with your partner and make the day memorable by doing something nice for them. Present them a bouquet along with the box of Ferrero Rochers and have the pleasure of watching them smile their heart out. 

3. Mother’s day

Every mother secretly has a sweet tooth, they may not show their needs or wants but they do want their children to do something special for them. One can also give a box of chocolates to their mother to make her happy and content.  

4. Graduation day

When your friends or siblings graduate, they enter a new level in their life and commence a new life full of unpredictable challenges and obstacles. To give them a boost for their new life, give them a basket of chocolates to make them feel happy, positive, and confident.

5. Proposal day

Don’t you think this chocolate can also be an ideal sweet to feed someone you want to confess your feelings to? Get a box of Ferrero Rocher and give it to your potential lover while proposing to them. It may not result in reciprocation of your love but it will light up the mood. 

These were some of the occasions you can use as an excuse to share love in the form of sweet little chocolates. 


How to make Ferrero Rocher flowers?

Handmade gifts not only display your efforts but also makes the person happier and make them connect with the gift on a greater level. We mentioned steps on how to make the Ferrero Rocher bouquet and now it is about time you learn how to make the amazing Ferrero flower by yourself in depth. To make a Ferrero flower, you need to have 1 plastic transparent sheet of 9×10cm and 1 cutting from a cloth bag of 9×10cm and a wooden stick. Refer to the steps mentioned below :- 

Step 1

Pick the wooden stick and stick it inside the Ferrero Rocher through the sharp edge and tape the stick and the chocolate together so the stick won’t get out of the chocolate. 

Step 2

After joining the stick and chocolate together, use the plastic & paper cuttings to make the petals. Wrap the cuttings overlapping each other on the chocolate. In a manner which makes the cuttings look like flower petals.

Step 3

Tape them from below to the stick and there you go! These simple steps will help you make beautiful Ferrero Rocher flowers.


What’s inside a Ferrero Rocher? 

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

Let’s go through the inside of Ferrero Rocher layer by layer and get to know about it. 


Layer 1

The first layer of this chocolate is a golden foil. It is not advised to eat this as it is not edible and does not taste good (Sarcasm intended).

Layer 2

The most favorite part of any Ferrero Rocher lover. This second layer is made up of crushed hazelnuts and chocolate which gives you the crunchy and creamy sensation when you eat this chocolate. 

Layer 3

In the third layer you will find the shell which is covered by the second layer of chocolate and hazelnut. 

Layer 4

The fourth layer is a creamy and smooth chocolate layer that tastes amazing. 

Layer 5

Last is the fifth layer in which there is a whole hazelnut waiting to be munched on by you. 

These were the layers of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate perfected through years of experimenting and dedication.


How to make a Ferrero Rocher bouquet step by step?

Giving a bouquet not only makes a person happy but also makes them feel loved. A bouquet of Ferrero Rocher is quite beautiful to look at and the yummy chocolates are the icing on the cake. If you can’t get your hands on this amazing and exciting bouquet in the market, you can make this bouquet yourself at home. We have listed the steps of making the Ferrero Rocher bouquet below.

Step 1

Cut 9×10cm transparent plastic sheets & 9×10cm pieces from a cloth bag. 

Cut many pieces, equal to the amount of Ferrero Rochers you have. 

Step 2

Take the plastic squares, wrap the chocolate balls in them, and tape a wooden stick to them and make a lollipop. Do the same thing with all the Ferrero Rochers. 

Step 3

Take more of those already cut squares of paper cloth bags and make a flower of the chocolate with them. The cloth pieces will be the petals and the chocolate will be in the middle. 

Step 4

Get a foam and stick the Ferrero flowers in it using the wooden stick’s sharp end. 

Step 5

You will now see the bunch of Ferrero flowers taking the form of a bouquet. 

Step 6

Wrap the bouquet with cloth and tie it with a ribbon which suits best. 

Follow these steps and you will have yourself an exquisite Ferrero Rocher bouquet to give to your favorite person. It’s very cost-effective and making it yourself increases its value and displays your unconditional love for the receiver. 


Fun facts about Ferrero

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

It would not do justice to this iconic Italian chocolate if we didn’t mention a few amazing facts about this chocolate. 

1. Hazelnut

We all know that Hazelnut is the signature ingredient of Ferrero Rocher but do you know how hazelnuts ended up in this Italian chocolate? Hazelnut was added to it because cocoa was way too expensive so hazelnut was the substitute for it. Over the years hazelnut served as a key ingredient in this chocolate and so Ferrero became the world’s largest hazelnut consumer, using up to a quarter of the world’s hazelnut produce.

2. Richest man

Michele Ferrero, the maker of Ferrero Rocher and also the brains behind the creation of Kinder eggs, Tic Tac, and Nutella was also the richest man in Italy because of the fortune his chocolates brought to him. After his demise, his son Giovanni Ferrero took the charge and became the richest man in Italy.

3. Other remarkable products of Ferrero apart from Ferrero Rocher

Michele Ferrero was known for his creativity and the ability to take things to the next level. Apart from Ferrero Rocher, Michele also created lip-smacking Nutella. Along with this addictive product, Ferrero also created Kinder joy which is highly famous among kids. 

4. Nutella

Yes! Ferrero Rocher is filled with Nutella. The hazelnut in the middle of Ferrero Rocher is surrounded by a layer of Nutella.  

5. The Shape of Ferrero Rocher

It took almost 5 years of experimenting by Pietro Ferrero to perfect the shape of the wafer of Ferrero Rocher. This chocolate has a complex past and has a lot of significance and the hard work its makers put in depicts it all. 

6. Why is it addictive

We get it! It is addictive and once you open the box, the chocolates disappear in your mouth in less than a day. Ever wondered why are they so addictive though? It is because this sweet chocolate makes the brain release dopamine which leaves the eater wanting another one and then another one.  

7. Perfect marketing

Ferrero Rocher ads have been the finest piece of advertisement, contributing to the amount of this chocolate being sold highly. It has a lot of significance when it comes to American immigrants as it is said to be easily accessible in small stores. Apart from America, this Italian chocolate is also known as “Gold sand” in Hong Kong and has been a symbol of class. It is traditionally taken to mainland China by the people of Hong Kong during the Chinese New year celebration. 

These were a few crazy facts about Ferrero which must have left you scratching your head. Chocolates are a delicious cure for a bad day and eating one once in a while won’t hurt you. Instead it will give your mind pleasure and a break from the hardships of your life.