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    Grateful During Pandemic
    Grateful During Pandemic


    A study shows grateful people have increased their satisfaction with their work, motivation, energy, have better sleep and health, and reduced their sadness and stress. Those people are more engaged with their environment, leading to greater personal growth, and self-acceptance.

    We all can see that 2020 has begun with numerous tragic events, starting with Australian bushfires, the Jakarta flood, and many more. More people are dying due to Covid-19 and losing their job day by day, leaving people dazed in the wake of a rapidly spreading global pandemic that’s waging war on our communities, the economy, and the idea of life.

    But maybe, what if this is the new normal? The new normal where everyone should be able to adapt to the current situation and have new ways to survive. It’s tough. Sometimes, all it takes is a small act like expressing gratitude to put everything else into perspective.

    So, what are the reasons we can be grateful for right now in our life?

    • For those who are still working in the office, be grateful that you still have a job. Thousands of people out there are desperately wanting to have a job in order to survive.
    • Those who are working from home, an opportunity for you to have more time to learn new things to achieve your dream/goals in life.
    • Family time – We all can agree that we can take this pandemic to be a special moment for us to spend more time with our family. Deepen our family connections in unique and unforgettable ways.
    • Government leaders and medical heroes who have taken bold actions to keep us safe.
    • And dearest readers who are reading this, let’s be grateful over anything that we are still healthy and well.

    Finding ways to express our gratitude may be the best way up and out of an emotional and spiritual slump. Let’s start from ourselves to choose kindness over judgment, turn our thoughts into words and actions, and no matter what, count our blessings, and be grateful for little things in our life. And don’t forget to give thanks to others.

    We’re all in this together.


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