Today, buying flower bouquets online is no longer a strange thing. Along with technological developments, you can now purchase many things from the internet easily and quickly. It includes flower bouquets and various other things that you can send to your loved ones.

With just a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone, you can send a beautiful bouquet to their doorsteps. That will make the heart of anyone who receives it happy.

How to order easily with florist Singapore

Florist Singapore
Florist Singapore

Even though ordering flowers online is practical, you still have to choose the right flower shop to meet your needs. There are at least three things you need to pay attention to before ordering flowers online:

1. Browse the desirable florist websites

Choosing a website to place an online order for flowers requires more attention and energy from you to determine which one is the best. Usually, a good website has a decent category section on their page that makes it easier for you to see all the products. A website that uses an eye-catching design can also grab the attention of potential customers. But the most important thing is to have a web design that makes it easy to choose products that suit consumer needs. Furthermore, it would be better if the intended website has various articles about flowers and makes it easier for you to search. It can also help to provide different information to help choose the most appropriate flowers for you to buy and complete delivery.

2. Check the florist’s reputation

You can usually see the store’s reputation through a little help from the internet and search engines. Just search for the name of the florist you want, and various reviews will appear telling them about their experience using the florist’s flower delivery service. Suppose there are many excellent and exciting reviews from previous consumers. In that case, you can assume that the florist is indeed suitable and right to order the product. But on the other hand, if the usual reviews tend to be unfavorable and have lots of complaints, then it’s a good idea to reconsider if you want to buy a product from that florist.

3. Learn more about florist terms & conditions

You need to pay attention before making an online flower purchase to see and learn more about the terms and conditions of the flower delivery services provided. You should check further about the flowers’ delivery time. Is there an explanation of how the florist works, including whether there is an option to make a refund, if you want to cancel the order? Try to check whether the florist in question provides the option to cancel and explains the terms and conditions regarding order cancellation. For example, will you get your money back or not.

4. Check out same-day delivery service

The flower is the most delicate part of the plant. It is meant to wither over time and be replaced constantly by new flowers. Hence, buying flowers is tricky as flowers can wither quickly and lose their beauty if they are not swiftly delivered to the recipient. 

Furthermore, the flowers’ life span is much less than food or drink. The people who run a flower business might be aware of that so are in control of providing you the quality of flowers that you order. You would want to buy the freshest and most beautiful flowers, right? That is why it is essential to pay more attention to the timing of the bouquets’ delivery.

FlowerAdvisor provides a one-day flower bouquet delivery service. With this option, the flowers’ risk of wilting after cutting could be avoided. In just a matter of minutes, you can order various kinds of bouquets, and all of them are available for 24 hours!


What types of gifts FlowerAdvisor provide?

Aside from flowers, FlowerAdvisor also gives a wide selection of products. You can choose varieties of commodities that can be your choice to be sent. Here are some alternatives for products other than flowers that you can buy and send using FlowerAdvisor:

1. Baby gifts

Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts

Want to send flowers to someone who just celebrated the birth of their beloved baby? But what if you’re going to add various things that could help the parents to care for their baby? FlowerAdvisor also gives options for different kinds of baby supplies that can be chosen. You can choose to send these items along with flowers to your loved ones. There are various options to choose from. For example, diapers, baby blankets, toys, feeding equipment, and toiletries. You can choose as freely as possible according to your needs.

2. Chocolates


Chocolate is, without a doubt, everyone’s favorite. There are a lot of people who really love this sweet delicacy. You can choose to deliver the chocolates available with or without a flower bouquet. But of course, chocolate decorated with a bunch of flowers is unquestionably more interesting to look at. Of course, it can make your loved ones happy because of it.

3. Doll/Teddy 


This product is suitable to be given to a loved one who likes to play with dolls. A cute and fluffy teddy bear can be more pretty if added with a stunning bouquet. It will make the one who receives it happy. There are various types of dolls besides teddy bears that you can choose according to your wishes. You can choose anything that you like in FlowerAdvisor if you’re interested in sending it to your loved ones.

4. Cakes


If there are any particular moments like a wedding anniversary or it’s the birthday of the person you love. Or maybe the receiver likes sweet foods, especially cakes. Then you can choose to send the cake and the flower bouquet via FlowerAdvisor. There are many cakes available in various flavors and sizes that you prefer. Of course, you can adjust it according to your budget.


Flowers by Every Occasion in Singapore

Flower arrangements or wreaths are often symbolized as a form of love or romance. Different types of flowers are often used by someone to express their love, such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, and other flowers. Each flower has its meaning. The flower also conveys a romantic message from someone to the recipient. You can even surprise the recipient by secretly putting a bouquet on their desk. To do this, you need to choose the right flower delivery. Flower Delivery Singapore helps you to convey your heart’s message sweetly.


Many moments can be perfect if complemented by a variety of beautiful bouquets. You can choose a variety of flowers whose arrangements can be adjusted according to these moments. Here are some great moments if you want to celebrate it with flowers.

1. Valentine’s

This day of love falls on February 14 each year. If you have a partner and want to make him/her happy on Valentine’s Day, then you can choose to give flowers to your loved ones. You can express your love by taking them to a romantic dinner and giving them roses to beautify your Valentine’s night.

Or, if you don’t have a partner, you might want to try your luck and confess your love to your crush. Give them their favorite flower so you can show that you care for them and know them well. If you are lucky, they will say that they have the same feelings for you.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

2. White Day

White Day is usually celebrated on March 14, exactly one month from Valentine’s Day. The White Day celebration itself originates from Japan. On this day men gets romantic gifts from women who have received romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day.

Generally, many people spread love and affection by giving romantic gifts, one of which is flowers. In Japan, White Day is often mentioned in various romance comics, books, films, and even anime. Outside Japan itself, many countries also celebrate this day full of love.

3. Christmas

Christmas Day is celebrated every December 25 each year. Many people usually send and receive Christmas hampers to show gratitude and enliven this religious celebration on Christmas Day.

In general, many people send Christmas hampers in the form of food and drinks. The usual food choices for many people are pastries or cakes with various flavors and sizes.

To beautify your hampers, you can also choose to insert a little beauty by sending flowers to the hamper’s recipient. Use flowers to make them look more beautiful.

4. Baby Shower 

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

You can choose to send a variety of baby supplies to a friend or relative who has just had a baby. A suitable gift for your relative would be a baby shower hamper. You can also choose to decorate this baby kit with individual flowers. Apart from being beautiful, several kinds of flowers can give meaning when sent to others. Among them, there is a meaning of happiness and gratitude.

5. Birthday

A birthday celebration feels complete if it is celebrated together with loved ones. Additionally, flower decorations can liven the birthday party because it spoils the eyes. You can also give flowers as birthday gift hampers. The choice of flowers can be adjusted just as you like.

6. Anniversary

There is nothing more romantic than giving a flower arrangement to your partner while celebrating an anniversary. You can complement this celebration by inviting your partner to have a romantic dinner. You can also choose to stay at a hotel or give them a gift that has been coveted for a long time. Don’t forget to complete the moment of happiness by buying flower arrangements to make your partner fall in love with you even more.

7. Condolences

Flower arrangements can be used not only for happy and joyful moments. But can also be used as a way to convey condolences to those closest to you who are grieving. The choice of flowers send can vary, starting from a flower bouquet to a flower decoration board written with condolences.


Overseas Delivery Services

FlowerAdvisor also gives online flower delivery for international shipments. Our service coverage includes the UK, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Australia, and France.

You can cut the distance that stretches between you and your lover with this international flower delivery service. Sending love is never this comfortable. For example, if your beloved has business abroad, whether it’s for studying or doing tours, but you still want to give them a little happiness. You can always provide them with a part of you, even though you are far away. Here is where FlowerAdvisor comes to help. You can easily send various kinds of flowers and other products that are the recipient’s favorite.

Giving a bouquet can help make your relationship stronger. Besides that, you make the other person happy by proving your attention. Nothing is more worthwhile than marking a smile on your loved ones’ faces.


About the most reliable online florist in Singapore

FlowerAdvisor is here to help you meet your various flower delivery needs for multiple moments in your life. For those in Singapore, you can easily place an order for flowers to be sent either domestically or abroad. Different flower arrangements are available so that you can make the recipient feel special. Fast delivery is guaranteed so that your flower stays beautiful just like they are freshly picked from the garden. Wherever your loved ones are – within the country or abroad – FlowerAdvisor can help quickly deliver your bouquet or any gift.


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