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    Flower Delivery Service
    Flower Delivery Service


    The flower delivery Singapore is a service where you can order several kinds of flowers. They also have a delivery service. It is to ensure you will get your flower at the right time. One of the flowers that they can make and deliver is the standing flower.

    Actually, there are two types of standing flowers which you can choose. Those are the condolence and grand opening standing flowers. They are really attractive to look at. However, the designs are varied based on your aim and need. The condolence standing flower is usually calmer.

    In addition, the grand opening standing flowers are more attractive and colorful. The flower delivery service can also let you put a note in that flower. That is why; you have to choose the right standing flower based on your need. Below is further information.

    The Soothing Color of Condolence Flower

    It can be seen that the condolence flowers are dominated by a soothing color as well. It is usually made by one or maybe more kinds of flowers that have the matching color. It is intended to show your sadness feeling and warm the people’s hearts.

    There are so many options that you can choose related to this condolence flower. An example is the beautiful yellow gerbera flower for a funeral moment. It is a popular item from flower delivery. It is a five-foot standing flower made from gerberas.

    The colors chosen are white and yellow. Some green leaves are also placed there. It is not just a beautiful standing flower, but it has a deep meaning inside. It will reflect the death and life as a cycle of a human being. Another option is the white lilies arrangement.

    The white color reflects purity. In addition, flower delivery also made it to express hope and optimism. This flower is made from several white lilies flowers combined with the baby’s breath ones. It looks really unique and pretty.

    Colorful Grand Opening Standing Flower

    Grand Opening Standing Flower
    Grand Opening Standing Flower


    The standing flower for a grand opening aim is totally different than the condolence item. It has some colorful flowers in an arrangement. It can be also combined with other items such as a balloon, doll, and more.  You can choose it as a really great gift.

    The height of this flower is around 1.8m. In addition, this standing flower is also made from fresh flowers and artificial flowers. It has bright red colors and some fresh green leaves around. The flower delivery can make it is more unique.

    They made it by adding several balloons there. You can even request the color of the balloons if you want to. In addition, there is also another option for you who like colorful flowers. It is the Golden Years arrangement made from sunflowers.

    Some sunflowers put in this arrangement. It will be combined with other flowers such as orchard and artificial items. It is looked so wonderful with the green, purple, and also the green colors which are gotten from the leaves.

    When You Have to Send a Standing Flower

    As we know that flower delivery is accustomed to sending various types of flowers. One of them is a standing flower. Standing flowers are usually sent for various events and purposes. An example is a condolence. Some flowers are suitable for representing your condolences to the grieving family.

    It can be a practical phrase or gift to send. In addition, standing flowers are also suitable to be sent for the grand opening of a business. Flowers like this can be an expression that you are happy with the achievements made by others and also hope for others.

    On the other hand, you can also write a message in the form of your expectations in the standing flower. People who receive it will surely feel very happy. The presence of standing flowers at a happy event can make the atmosphere more cheerful than before.

    Standing beautiful flowers like this can also represent you well when you cannot come to an event. In addition to personal representation, flowers can also be your representative and friends. Try to find the right flower delivery to get the best quality flower.


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