Flower Delivery Singapore Products
Flower Delivery Singapore Products


The flower delivery Singapore provides various different gifts for any moment that you have. You can give it on birthday, Christmas, newborn, graduation, up to the condolence moment. Various collections are available and all are made with an interesting design.

The most popular one is usually the flower bouquet and arrangement. It is basically made from one type or maybe more flowers and then wrapped in a special paper. The arrangement is made artistically. It will make you easily fall in love with it.

However, sometimes maybe you want something different to cheer up a moment. Don’t worry because the flower delivery Singapore has the best option. It is a flower and chocolate arrangement. Here are some of those products which can be your references.

Sweet Box of Chocolates

This gift is so sweet. You can place various kinds of chocolates in an elegant box in a grey color. If you want to, it is also possible to choose another color for the box. It can be matched with the moment that you want to celebrate.

In this sweet box, several different chocolates will be placed. Those are like the chocolate assortment (200gr), almond coated in mil chocolates, dark chocolate, chocolate almond, and the desert. The flower delivery Singapore will complete it with flowers.
Some beautiful flowers are placed in a cute vase. Those flowers have various different colors. The types of flowers used can be varied based on the season, stock, and many more again. Don’t be worried because the value is the same.

Overall, this gift is 38cm wide and 46cm high. The size is perfect for any occasion. You can send this gift for Christmas, mother’s day, valentine’s day, and more. If it is for valentine, you can ask the florist to place the roses inside this package.

Choco Charms

It is maybe one of the most unique items from flower delivery in Singapore. The size is about 35cm wide and 35.5cm high. It is smaller than the option above. Besides that, this flower and chocolate arrangement seems really perfect for any romantic moments.

This arrangement comes with 9pcs of chocolates. It is the delicious and good looking chocolate pralines which are placed in a box. The colorful chocolates inside that box represent that life is also surprising. You will never know what will come in life.
You will love the colors of those chocolate flowers. The flower delivery Singapore gives various attractive colors, but they still look elegant. A praline can have more than one color. The combination is so artistic and good looking as well.

This gift packed together with some flowers. The examples are red roses, white roses, lilies, and more. The florist will ensure that the flower arrangement looks fantastic. If you want to make it is more special, place a sweet and personal message inside this box.

Preserved Flower Bundle

preserved flowers
Preserved flowers


The next option from flower delivery Singapore is the preserved flower bundle. It is a complete package that you can give to a friend. In this package, chocolates and flowers will be not arranged in the same place. They are separated.
Some rose flowers in different colors will be arranged in a box. The black box is chosen to accentuate the colors of those roses. In a package, some other items will be added too. The examples are a small teddy bear and also candy.

A bottle of wine is also included. You may not forget the chocolate. The florist will add a box of delicious chocolates. This package is suitable for some occasions such as Christmas and also father’s day. They will remember this moment and love the gift.


Flower Soap and Chocolate

If you want a unique item, flower delivery Singapore has the right option for it. You can choose the flower soaps which are placed in a beautiful heart-shaped box. The white rose is one of the great ideas for this box. It looks elegant and pure.
In a separate place, you can also buy a box of chocolate. Besides the box of chocolates, you can also send another item. The example is like a delicious chocolate cake. Some florists even provide this gift for their clients. It is so amazing.

Can you imagine how good it will be? Your lovely ones will feel so happy when receiving this gift. Flowers and chocolates are never wrong to celebrate a moment. The unique design from a flower delivery Singapore will make that gift looks attractive.


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