Nowadays, sending the feelings you have to loved ones is no longer difficult. It is because there are a lot of flower delivery services that can help you. You don’t even have to worry about sending flowers. You can sit at your home in Singapore and order flowers to be delivered domestically, or even abroad, on the same day. You can do it all with just your fingers and in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of internet access that we get right now.

Where Can We Get 24-Hours Flower Delivery Service in Singapore?

24-Hours Delivery Service
24-Hours Delivery Service

Flower delivery Singapore provides various services to complement the many moments you have. Both for happy and emotional moments, you can make flowers complement your precious moment. There are multiple kinds of the right moments to make flowers the right thing to help express feelings – birthdays, Christmas, childbirth, graduation, mourning moments, etc. There are various flower collections that you can choose to send. Of course, with a variety of designs and shapes. You can choose according to your taste!

The most common thing that people often send to convey their feelings in the form of flowers is a flower bouquet. Usually, this flower bouquet is made of only one type of flower. But on other occasions, you can also choose to use various kinds of flowers. You can arrange it according to your taste or the preferences of the recipient of the flower. You can even add special paper to wrap your flower bouquet to make it look even more beautiful. You can decorate the wreath in such a way that it looks aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Of course, anyone who receives this flower arrangement may fall in love.

Apart from flowers, you can also add these to complement the bouquets that we will send. For example, suppose the recipient of this flower arrangement turns out to like sweet foods. In that case, you can also send these beautiful flowers along with a box of chocolates. Or suppose a loved one likes dolls? Just send your flower bouquet along with a cute doll to make the day fun.

We all know that flowers are one of those tricky things to send as a gift. That is because the life span or longevity of flowers is not long. Flowers can wither quickly and will lose their beauty if they are not swiftly delivered to the recipient. What’s more, its life span is much less when compared to sending food or drink as a gift to a loved one. Therefore, it is crucial to pay more attention to the timing of the delivery of the bouquets.

FlowerAdvisor provides the option of a one-day flower bouquet delivery service. With this option, you can avoid the risk of the flowers wilting due to the storage that takes too long after cutting.

You can use this flower delivery service in Singapore easily and quickly. In just a matter of minutes, you can order various kinds of bouquets, and all of them are available 24 hours a day! You also don’t need to worry because FlowerAdvisor is a trusted flower delivery service provider in Singapore. Of course, FlowerAdvisor will always be happy to help you to surprise your loved ones.


What All Things Do FlowerAdvisor Deliver?

Various types of flowers
Various types of flowers

FlowerAdvisor provides a wide variety of delivery services. Of course, with a variety of products that you can choose according to your wishes and budget. FlowerAdvisor offers various types of flowers that you can choose to send. Some of the flowers that can be options for delivery are roses, baby’s breath, carnations, lilies, gerberas, and many others.

Apart from fresh flowers, FlowerAdvisor also provides options for various kinds of dried flowers. There are also multiple hampers that you can choose according to the existing moments and events. Almost available for holidays, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and so on.


How Can I Send Flowers to Someone in Singapore?

Various types of flowers
Various types of flowers

You can easily send flowers to someone who is in Singapore. The first step is to visit the FlowerAdvisor website and select the flower type you want from the various flower bouquets provided. You can filter options to help choose the flower type according to the occasion and budget. If you have found a flower type that suits you, all you have to do is select it and decide which city you will send the flowers. To make ordering more comfortable, don’t forget to join the website and fill in your details. After that, fill in the required data and addresses and make payments. Buying flowers is never comfortable and practical like this!


Can I Send Flowers Internationally?

FlowerAdvisor provides online flower delivery for international shipments. Some countries included in the delivery coverage include UK, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Australia, and France.

This international flower delivery service is useful to make it easier for you to cut the distance that stretches between you and your loved ones. For example, your beloved is having business abroad, whether it’s for studying, doing tours, and so on. But you still want to give them a little happiness and part of you, even though you are far away. Here is how FlowerAdvisor can help. You can easily send various kinds of flowers and other products that are the recipient’s favorite.

Giving a bouquet like this can help strengthen your relationship. Besides that, you can also make other people happy after receiving this little attention. Nothing is more worthwhile than making a loved one smile.


What’s The Cheapest Flower Delivery Service?

Sending flowers to loved ones doesn’t have to be expensive. With FlowerAdvisor, you can send flowers to loved ones, wherever they are, at low and affordable prices.

Buying flowers and other complementary may have used up a lot of your budget. However, giving gifts to loved ones is still something you want to do. So, what do you do?

There is no need to worry because FlowerAdvisor’s flower delivery service in Singapore comes at only one price, or only SGD 20. You could deliver gifts to many addresses in all cities in Singapore. Now you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy flowers and send them to your loved ones. FlowerAdvisor is ready to help you to convey your love to your loved ones.


Shop by Types of Flower

Shop by Type of Flowers
Shop by Type of Flowers

Flowers are usually used as a way to express feelings and affection for loved ones. You can also use flowers as ornaments to add color to your home or garden. But did you know that each type of flower has various variants? In tropical climates, flowers tend to divide into many varieties. At FlowerAdvisor itself, there are different flower options that you can choose from. You can also make choices and shop based on the types of flowers available. Here are some flowers that you might be interested in choosing for your loved ones:

1. Rose

Who doesn’t know this flower? You could say roses are the most favorite flowers in the world. Usually, whenever we talk about flowers, roses must come to our minds. Roses are also widely known to have meaning and symbolize love. Even though roses have sharp thorns, their shape and fragrance still make them not inferior and favorites to become a flower in Singapore’s flower delivery.

2. Sunflower

Perhaps what comes first when talking about sunflowers is the bright yellow color that usually symbolizes warmth and happiness. This flower turns out to have a philosophy that describes happiness and loyalty. Sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty because this large yellow flower follows where the sun goes throughout its life.

3. Lily

Lily is a symbol of purity and beauty. In ancient Greek weddings, usually, the bride would wear a crown made of this flower. This lily crown symbolizes purity and wealth, which the bride and groom proudly wear—other places, other cultures. In China, this flower is a symbol of good luck. Meanwhile, in Egypt, the lily flower became a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

4. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath is commonly called gypsophila, is a flower that comes from Greece. Usually, this flower is not the primary choice. It is often not included in the list of favorite flowers to buy. However, this one flower is perfect when combined with other flowers. Baby’s breath flowers can be a sweetener that works well with various types of flowers that exist. This beautiful white flower is said to be a symbol of eternal love.

5. Orchids

The exotic Orchid indeed amazes many people. Orchids have more than 30,000 varieties spread worldwide, making this flower one of the largest flower families in existence. Another exciting thing is, one species of orchids can survive and live up to 100 years, you know! In addition to its good resistance, this flower also has a beautiful shape, making it popular among flower lovers.


Product Other Than Flowers

Your flowers have been selected and ready to be sent, but something is missing? Maybe you can add the flower arrangement that you have chosen with the various choices provided by FlowerAdvisor.

Apart from flowers, FlowerAdvisor also provides a wide selection of products. These varieties of products can be your choice to be sent together or/and without flowers. Here are some alternatives for products other than flowers that you can buy and send using FlowerAdvisor:

1. Cakes

Is the person you love having a birthday? Or are there other special moments like a wedding anniversary? Maybe the recipient likes sweet foods, especially cakes? If so, you can choose to send the cake and the flower bouquet via FlowerAdvisor. You can select a variety of cakes that are available in various flavors and sizes. Of course, you can adjust it according to the budget you have.

Chocolate Mouse Cake
Chocolate Mouse Cake

2. Flower Soap

Want to give something different than usual? The loved ones to whom you are sending flower bouquets love relaxation time and enjoy doing skincare? Show your love by continuing to support her in creating beautiful and healthy skin by using this flower soap. FlowerAdvisor provides various kinds of flower soaps that you can choose according to your wishes. You can use flower soap for facial and body skin. It’s suitable for those of you who want to stay beautiful in a convenient way.

3. Baby Gifts

Have friends or family just celebrated the birth of their beloved baby? Want to send flowers but also want to add various things needed to care for their baby? FlowerAdvisor also provides different kinds of baby supplies that can be chosen to be sent along with flowers to your loved ones. There are various options to choose from, from diapers, baby blankets, toys, feeding equipment, toiletries, and many others. You can choose as freely as possible according to your needs.

4. Fragrance & Toiletries

FlowerAdvisor also provides a wide selection of fragrances & toiletries that you can choose to send. You can choose to send fragrance & toiletries separately or combine them in a unique hamper. It can be easily provided and delivered by the flower delivery service in Singapore, FlowerAdvisor. This product is suitable for loved ones who like to smell good at home.

5. Chocolates

Chocolate is arguably everyone’s favorite. Most people would love this sweet food. You can choose to deliver the chocolates available on the FlowersAdvisor website with or without a flower bouquet. But of course, chocolate decorated with flower garlands will be more interesting to look at. Of course, it can make loved ones happier because of it.

6. Doll

This one product can be very suitable given to loved ones who are happy with dolls. A cute and fluffy teddy bear added with a pretty bouquet. It will make anyone who receives it happy. Besides teddy bears, there are various types of dolls that you can choose according to your wishes — interested in sending them to your loved ones?


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