Flowers for Wedding Bouquet
Flowers for Wedding Bouquet


Wedding bouquets are actually part of a centuries-old tradition symbolizing luck and fertility, and the bouquet toss is meant to spread that luck to others.

In the older days, brides would carry flowers because they believe that flowers will protect them from illness and misfortune since the fragrance of flowers from various plants will ward off evil beings.

But nowadays, brides carry the bouquet as an accessory, but still, most of them pay much attention to the flowers used and choose the ones with deep meanings according to their characters, filled with personal meanings which reminds them of a precious moment.

Choosing your wedding bouquet can be a tough decision. You want everything to be perfect, but also strive for a signature look; something unique, or a design that encompasses your history together.

But do you know that each type of hand bouquet holds different meanings according to the flowers used in each bouquet?

Here’s a list of the most chosen and popular wedding bouquet flowers! Remember take some time to understand and choose the ones that fit your wedding in every aspect.

  • Baby’s breath: Delicate and Everlasting Love
  • Carnation: Attached to pure love
  • White rose: Purity and Innocence
  • Red rose: Love and Admiration
  • Yellow rose: Friendship
  • Lily: Longevity of marriage and Happiness
  • Lavender: Purity and Devotion
  • Red tulip: Declaration of Love
  • Multi-colored tulip: Beautiful eyes
  • Orchid: Pure Affection
  • Daisy: Innocence and Beauty
  • Hydrangea: Understanding and Perseverance
  • Lilac: First Love
  • Peony: Happy marriage and Good fortune
  • Ivy: Affection and Fidelity


Types of Hand Bouquet

There are a few types of hand bouquet you need to know:

1. Biedermeier



Biedermeier is an artistic style that bloomed among the artistic middle class in 19th century Europe. They are round and consist of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers wrapped by fabric or wire. The arrangement aligns the flowers in circles around each other, creating a striped effect, generally emphasizes clean lines and utilitarian purposes. This hand bouquet style suits all wedding venues and dresses.  Biedermeier is the top picked bouquet style worldwide.


2. Hand-tied

hand tied


Hand-tied arrangements look exactly how they sound, tied with long ribbons, giving a casual look from the loose stems. This type of bouquet is suitable for outdoor weddings, matches a simple white wedding dress.


3. Crescent



Crescent bouquet is a unique style hand bouquet that is shaped in a soft arc. This style is usually fuller in the center, extends outward, and has a slight curve that extends downwards. The style of this bouquet is the most suitable with an A-line wedding gown.


So, which one is your favorite out of all?