Any event, occasion, or festival is incomplete without the presence of some embellishing flowers. Such is the importance of floral decoratives in our lives. Flowers can brighten up almost every occasion, whether birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or parties. 

On the other hand, flowers are also helpful amidst the sorrowful atmosphere of funerals. They are essential to pay respects to the deceased and provide a sense of hope for the family. Every flower petal can express the deep emotions of a person easily.

Imagine if flowers suddenly disappear from the face of Earth. How dull and dejected will our lives be? It is unimaginable to think of a life without flowers. They are the medium to express all of the beautiful emotions in life, be it love, passion, sorrow, care, or sympathy. 

We should not postpone expressing our emotions in any season. Luckily some flowers bloom all 365 days a year! Lively summers, fresh spring, cozy autumns, and chilly winters, all these seasons have one thing in common: they are incomplete without some colorful flowers.

When did people start loving flowers?

Our obsession with flowers and using them as decoratives dates back to ancient times in Egypt. The Egyptians loved floral arrangements for decorations, processions, and even burials. Not only that, but the ancient Egyptians also had different meanings for different flowers. 

Interestingly, historians and archaeologists have found many ancient stone carvings as well as paintings with floral arrangements depicted in them. They found that flowers like water lily and lotus were offered to Isis, a goddess in ancient Egypt. This finding proves the deep affection for flowers in human beings since ancient times.

Like Egyptians, even Greeks and Romans adored flowers and used them for artwork and garlands. In ancient China, medicines, paintings, and decorations all had flowers. Japan is home to one of the oldest schools of floral art called Ikenobo. 

European churches and monasteries utilized flowers for multiple purposes, like medicine, food, and decorations. The victorian era considered floral designs fashionable, with flowers used as decoratives for food, homes, and weddings.  As a result, the art of floral arrangement became a profession during the victorian period. 

All these examples show how flowers have always been a predominant part of various cultures in the world. 

8 Flowers that bloom all year in Singapore

You can find flowers of various kinds and colors in Singapore. This island nation is home to some of the most exotic species of flowers in the world. Here’s a list of some of these flowers that bloom and bring joy to people all 365 days a year. 

1. Bougainvillea 

You might be quite familiar with these flowers. They can always be found in various aesthetic social media pictures and videos. Both tourists and locals cannot help but admire the beauty of these flowers. They come in many colors, like white, orange, magenta, purple, and pink. You can find beautiful displays of bougainvillea near Upper Changi road and West Coast highway.

2. Lantana

The color palette of the lantana flowers is huge and will usually leave you surprised with a different color each time. Although if crushed, its smell can be quite pungent, they are still a sight to behold. You can find red, purple, pink, and orange lantanas blooming in Singapore 365 days a year.

3. Rose

There is hardly anyone in the world strong enough to resist the charm of roses. These elegant flowers are staples at weddings, anniversaries, and valentine’s day. It is quite a relief that they bloom all year and bring their elegance to different occasions in a year.

Roses are known for their alluring fragrance and come in different hues, like white, red, purple, and even black. These flowers make a beautiful wedding bouquet and gift bouquets on multiple occasions. 

4. Ixora cultivators

These flowers are a common sight in Singapore. Many Singaporeans have fond memories associated with these flowers since they grow on streets throughout the nation.

The Japanese Ixora is common in Singapore in pink, red, orange, and white hues. These flowers grow in a dense cluster. Its sweet nectar tends to attract caterpillars and butterflies. 

5. Orchids

Did you know that Singapore’s national flower is a hybrid species? It is one of the only countries in the world to adopt the hybrid Vanda Miss Joaquim as its national flower.

These flowers make for excellent decoration for weddings and festivals. As a matter of fact, Singapore is native to close to 224 orchid species. Some of these are bamboo orchids, pigeon orchids, and grass orchids.

Among these, Pigeon orchids are very popular in the country. These flowers come in serene shades of white with a hint of yellow. While this flower can only bloom for a maximum of nine days after a storm, you can easily find these flowers blooming in Singapore all year.

6. Peacock flowers

Consider it a natural work of art or anything else, the peacock clocks are mesmerizing to look at. The center blooms of the peacock flower protrude out and look divine. You can easily spot these flowers in gardens and urban landscapes. While the buds are scarlet red, the petals are a shade of red and orange, giving the flower an ombre hue.

7. Frangipani

These beautiful white flowers are known for their curvy petals. Frangipanis have a divine sweet fragrance and can be spotted on Singaporean streets all year round. These flowers like moist soils, making them a perfect species to grow in Singapore.

8. Jasmine

Another popular flower in Singapore, Jasmine is a common ingredient in perfumes, incense, and cosmetics. You can spot these yellow or white flowers in many gardens and parks in Singapore. 

Flowers you can plant at home that bloom all year

If you like gardening, you can plant flowers at home that will keep blooming throughout the year. Here are some flowers that can be grown at home.

1. Petunia

These trumpet-shaped flowers come in beautiful shades of blue. There are many hybrid options available in this species and many of them can be grown indoors.

All you need is partial sunlight and a well-drained soil mix. After the flowers bloom, place them in a water-filled vase to make the bloom last longer.

Peace lily

The peace lily is an excellent indoor plant with gorgeous foliage. They require low sunlight and well-drained soil to thrive. This plant’s flowers are pristine white which will make your home look lively and bright.

2. Zinnias

These flowers are perfect to add a pop of color to your house. Start with this plant if you are a beginner and cannot dedicate a lot of time to gardening. Since its flowers bloom in vibrant colors, it can instantly change the appearance of your indoors. Make sure to keep the soil humus-rich and give the plant plenty of sunlight. 

3. Nasturtium

You might have spotted these flowers in dishes served at high-end restaurants. Nasturtium is not only beautiful to look at but also edible. These flowers usually bloom in warm tones of red, yellow, and orange. 

Since these flowers are edible, they make an excellent choice for home gardens. This plant requires daily watering and a low-nitrogen soil mix.

4. Portulaca

Portulaca is commonly also termed as the sun rose. They are not difficult to handle and also grow in cracks. It is the reason why portulaca is also used to elevate the appearance of building structures.

These flowers bloom in pink, yellow, or red shades with limited water. Did you know that portulacas are also drought-resistant? This makes this plant an ideal indoor plant that does not need much attention. 

You can easily grow these flowers in a pot, container, or flower bed with sandy soil with plenty of sunlight. 

Places to spot flowers in Singapore

In 1967, Singapore made a goal to turn itself into a garden city. For this reason, the government has invested in natural reserves and spectacular gardens for tourists and locals. Visit the places mentioned below, if you are in the mood to visit the best-preserved natural habitats of exotic flora in Singapore. 

1. Gardens by the bay

Probably one of the most popular spots in Singapore, Gardens by the bay is home to some of the most exotic plant and tree species in the world. One of the most breathtaking sights is the mega SuperTree groves that grow many flowers and plants. 

There are two conservatories and indoor and outdoor gardens that allow different exotic species to grow here. Gardens by the bay are always swarming with tourists and locals. It makes it a perfect spot to catch a display of the alluring flowers of Singapore. Olive trees that are hundreds of years old and charming orchids are a few of the many beautiful species that you can spot here.

2. Canopy park

The canopy park stretches over 14000 sq km and is situated on the top floor of Jewel Changi Airport. This place has something for everyone, like net attractions, walking trails, a glass bridge, and a misty garden. 

The petal garden in the Canopy garden is a fragrant delight with seasonal floral displays throughout the year. The Topiary walk is a famous selfie point here with various flowers shaped to resemble animal figures.

3. Singapore Botanic Gardens

These tropical gardens are a famous UNESCO world heritage sight housing various tropical flora. Established in 1859, you can spot one of the largest orchid displays here with close to 1200 species.

As one of the oldest gardens in the country, the Botanic Gardens is also a place for extensive horticultural and botanical research. Visit this place for some of the most delightful horticulture displays in the country.

Other popular spots here are the swan lake and the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden.

4. Hort Park

If you are a gardening enthusiast then Hort Park in Singapore is the perfect place to visit.  This park conducts gardening-related recreational activities for visitors and also sells gardening tools. You can also spot beautiful blooms and click mesmerizing pictures in this park.

As a garden city, Singapore prides itself to host some of the most spectacular plants and flower collections in the world.