Fondant cakes are one of our favorite sins. Not many people can resist them, and some are truly addicted to them. These make an excellent choice for special occasions.

If you are looking to decorate a cake and you want to make sure that the design is everything you are looking for in appearance, there’s a good chance that you are going to want to rely on fondant for the majority of the design.
If you want to make specialty cakes, fondant is the way to go. It is soft and delicious and it will take your cake decorating to a new level.

The trend of wedding and birthday cakes that are sweetened using fondant is indeed mushrooming lately. Perhaps the reason is that the appearance of the cake with fondant is much more pleasing to the eye. Also, cakes are much more practical to decorate and shape. Many cake makers think that the use of fondant is much more practical than buttercream to decorate cakes. To get fondant is also quite easy. You just have to go to a cake ingredients shop. They usually provide ready-made fondant.

Breaking News: Fondant can be tasty and fun!

Definition of Fondant cakes

Fondant Cakes
Fondant Cakes


Rolled fondant or fondant is often called plastic icing or sometimes it is also called sugar paste.

Fondant is a cake decoration material that is shaped as desired. Usually, fondant is used to make decorations such as ornaments on cakes such as ribbons, lace, flowers, and figurines.

Fondant ingredients are made from a mixture of sugar, gelatin, glucose, glycerin, and shortening with the largest proportion of which is sugar so that it tastes sweet.

Poured Fondant Icing

Poured fondant is sweet and creamy and can be used as a filling in the center of candies or éclairs, or it can be poured over cakes and other baked items while it is warm. It hardens to a shell that is creamy inside and it is delicious.
You need the following ingredients to make regularly poured fondant:

Confectioner’s sugar
Corn syrup

You blend all three ingredients in a saucepan and stir until it is well mixed and sugar is dissolved. If it is too runny, you can add more of the confectioner’s sugar. Once the ingredients are fully dissolved, you can pour it over whatever you are going to glaze. It should be warm when it is poured and it will harden on the cake or item.

Rolled Fondant Icing

Rolled fondant is made with the same ingredients but gelatin or glycerin is added to give it a doughy texture. Once it is made, you roll it out and cover a cake or other baked goods with it. You can color the sheets of fondant.
You need the following ingredients to make regular rolled fondant:

Confectioner’s sugar
Corn syrup

Gelatin or glycerin
To make rolled fondant, you can mix the ingredients and form a ball of dough. You can then roll it out and use it to cover cakes or any other baked goods. It does have a chewy texture and you can flavor it with different ingredients.

Fondant is usually elegant and also very versatile for textured designs. There are countless tools for rolling pretty patterns onto the surface of this sugar dough.

Most cake decorators find it easier to fix textures and resolve mistakes when working with buttercream because fondant often has to be redone completely depending on the defect. This can be costly for a beginner as fondant is quite expensive to make from scratch or a premade purchase.

Taste is the most important element of cake with the added value of a beautiful appearance. Fondant presents beauty for unforgettable memories. It can give happiness to people who are celebrating their best day of the year.

However, the taste is not the most important aspect of a fondant cake. Contrasting fondant with the “skin of the kiwi”. It’s edible, but people choose to peel it. And for that reason, fondant cannot be compared to any other icing. Many people think fondant is the arrival of buttercream, but it’s not. Fondant is not to enhance the taste, but to add aesthetic value. Also, fondant can protect and preserve cakes and their contents. People will be impressed with you if you can decorate a fondant cake.

Pros and Cons of the Fondant cakes

1. Beautify the cake
2. Flatten the surface of the cake
3. Suitable for formal and informal events
4. Can be stored for a long time
5. Can be used as souvenirs and jewelry
6. Can be formed according to its creativity

1. Complicated in its provision
2. Requires a long time to decorate it
3. Requires a high level of patience
4. Need accuracy in the manufacture and decoration
5. Texture that breaks easily when exposed to room temperature
6. The taste is too sweet

Do you still remember when you had your birthday when you were little? Birthday is indeed a very memorable moment for a child. That is one day of the year when there will be a birthday party with a candle on the cake ready to blow and the many gifts a child will receive.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a cake includes:
• Good cake taste
• The character design on the cake is a child’s favorite
• Pay attention to the color used in the cake according to gender
• Pay attention to the color and design according to the child’s age

What Fondant is Best For Cakes

Fondant Best For Cakes
Fondant Best For Cakes


When making tarts or cupcakes, you can enhance the décor by using fondant. Fondant is an elastic cake decoration material so that it can be shaped as you wish.

Another name for fondant is plastic icing or sugar paste. You can make your fondant with marshmallows and shortening, but of course, it will take more time.

Another solution for decorating cakes using fondant is to buy ready-made fondant. In general, ready-to-use fondant is shaped like play dough, a children’s toy that is like a night candle. If you buy white fondant, you can add food coloring to make it look more attractive.

Well, no need to linger anymore, here are recommendations for 5 good and delicious fondant brands that can be immediately used to decorate cakes:

Fat Daddy’s Pro Series

A professional in making cakes certainly needs premium quality fondant to decorate every cake he makes. Therefore, Fat Daddio’s presents the Pro Series which also offers the best fondant for you.
What makes this product in demand in the market is the guarantee of gluten-free, nut-free, Vegan, Kosher Certified, and Halal Certified. Moreover, this brand also offers 15 attractive color variants that will enhance the appearance of your cakes.


If you’re looking for a guaranteed delicious fondant brand, buy Choco-Pan right away. Unlike another fondant that is only made from white butter and marshmallows, this Choco-Pan is made from white chocolate so it is guaranteed to taste delicious and match your cake.

Satin Ice

Satin Ice is a fondant brand that is quite famous among cake makers. This brand was already well known in other countries before now starting to be sold in Indonesia. As a popular fondant brand, there is no need to doubt the quality of Satin Ice fondant. The texture is soft, not too hard, and not too soft, so it can be shaped as you like.

Most importantly, the Satin Ice fondant tastes delicious, so it doesn’t spoil the taste of your cake, it makes it taste even better. Interestingly, Satin Ice also provides several color choices that allow its products to be used immediately or mixed with other colors so that it becomes a beautiful color combination.


One of the good and delicious fondant brands that are famous in Indonesia is Fondx. This brand can be found at most cake supply stores. This fondant brand is made from a mixture of sugar, vegetable oil, water, corn starch, thickener, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and vanilla flavor. Don’t be surprised if this fondant smells like fragrant vanilla.

Fondx can beautify the decorations of birthday cakes, weddings, cupcakes, and pastries. The texture of this product is also very elastic, so it can be shaped as you wish. Fondx also provides fondant with several color choices so you don’t need to use food coloring anymore.

Bakels Pettinice

Bakels Pettinice is a quality fondant brand that is ready to use and made into various shapes. The texture is very soft and can decorate a wide variety of cakes without the fear of breaking after hours. The fondant taste is also delicious and there is a hint of vanilla that can be appetizing. To meet the needs of cake decoration, Bakels Pettinice provides a wide selection of attractive colors, ranging from black, blue, brown, green, ivory, pink, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Tips to save the fondant covered cake

Fondant Covered Cake
Fondant Covered Cake


Fondant cakes can be covered, finished with simple borders, set aside until the big day of the event, and then decorated on the spot. Fondant cakes should be brought to room temperature before serving and care must be taken not to touch the cake when it is warm. It can become sticky and fingerprints vulnerable! One of the reasons fondant is avoided by decorators is because it has a very sweet taste and a cute gummy texture that some find very unpleasant.

Storing unused or leftover fondant dough, it must be wrapped in tightly plastic or airtight until used. And put in a cool and dry place. Don’t store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Not only does fondant stored in the refrigerator harden, but when it is removed, it will sweat so that its structure becomes damaged.

The other type of fondant, quick-pour fondant, can be frozen and used at a later time. The process for freezing this type of fondant is very simple. Generally, you will want to wrap the fondant up in a plastic wrap and put the fondant into an airtight container; from there, you can simply place the container into the freezer and let it sit.

Using fondant to decorate a sugar cake is a great way to achieve incredible textures and designs – especially if you are more experienced with pliable materials! Adding an indented feature or pattern, stitch detailing or embellishment is just the beginning with this handy technique.

One part of being a good baker is knowing how to quickly and easily fix mistakes, and this means knowing what to do when your fondant doesn’t turn out the way it is supposed to. Whether your fondant is too hard or too soft, you will be able to salvage the fondant and continue making your cake look amazing.

What Is The Difference Between Marshmallow Fondant and Regular Fondant

Some bakers say that regular fondant is more reliable. Also, some people don’t eat the fondant so they find the taste to be less of a factor in deciding which type to use.

However, most people discover that because the melted marshmallows make it easier to form the dough with sugar and water, it takes ten minutes or less to make and it is less expensive as well.

Marshmallow fondant refers to the methodology of making it more than anything else. It’s quicker and easier to make because the first step is already done for you when you use ready-made marshmallows. All you need to do is thaw the marshmallows, add a little water, and knead more powdered sugar to get the right consistency. And voila, you’re done.

The fondant and marshmallows taste the same. When I need fondant, whether I decide to make “fondant” or “marshmallow fondant” depends on what I have. If I had marshmallows, I would make marshmallow fondant because it’s faster. If not, I’ll make a fondant.

If you have fondant left over, you can make little candies or all kinds of decorations for your cake. When you use fondant in place of icing, your cake will be beautiful and look perfect.