The aroma from someplace can give a certain impression for some people. A good aroma will present a good impression. We often use flower fragrance to grace the air in our house. Even some of us make the aroma in our house smells like a garden. The answer for us that wants to make our house’s aroma feels like in the garden is freesia flower.

Freesia flower, for the first time, was found in South Africa. In floriography, freesia meaning as purity. Often we found that this plant is given to a mother who just gave birth as a congratulation. Freesia flower is also a symbol of someone’s character who has optimistic, brave, and active, so that, freesia flower often made perfume for peoples who have the challenger’s soul.

Plants that can make a house smell good

1. Jasmine



Jasmine can give a natural aroma without adding an air freshener. A fragrance that durable can give people a relaxed sensation. For that reason, many people purposely put jasmine in a room or picking up fresh fallen flowers and put it in a room.

2. Rose



Who doesn’t know rose’s smell? The aroma of roses, especially red roses, can grace the air with a smooth and fresh sensation. If the roses are used as a natural air freshener, it can improve a mood. So this flower will be suitable if someone has a bad mood.

3. Lavender



Lavender has a soft aroma that can relax and balancing hormones. Not only that, but the mosquito also hates lavender, so when there’s lavender in a room, the mosquito will go away. For some people who had trouble sleeping, lavender is the best answer for making a good quality sleep.

4. Freesia



The last one, freesia can make a room smell like a garden; it is fresh, soft, and sweet. Freesia gives the sensation of being in a flowery spring. This flower is suitable to grow optimistic to peoples in the room.

Freesia’s smell

Freesia has several species; on the whole kind of freesia has a similar smell. Freesia flower smells like a soft and fresh, similar smell like distant strawberry fields that blown off. It might be flimsy fresh fruity, and soft sweet honey.

The original red freesia laxa smells like strong fruity or acid, but it still a fresh aroma. It is good to start a day with gusto. Meanwhile, the white freesia smells strongly sweet. It might smell like an olive. Which mean it smells good for calming

How to grow freesia bulbs

First, generally, freesia flower will grow in spring or be suitable in two seasons. So, to planting freesia the season must be noticed.

Second, the freesia bulbs need to be placed in good sunlight because freesia needs to be exposed to the sunlight for 8 hours. The soil also should behave high permeation, so before planting the freesia don’t forget to test the permeation. To test it, grout until 15-30cm and fill with water; if the water pooled, it means the permeation bad for planting freesia.

Third, input the freesia bulbs 3cm deep into the soil and 8 cm between the bulbs. The tapered part of the bulbs faced down. The bulbs will be sprout at 2-3 weeks, don’t forget to water the plant.

Fourth, give fertilizer around the sprout, install the stick around the flower stem, and tie it up.
Fifth, don’t forget always to water the flower in the morning. The flower will rise in 12 weeks.

Freesia is easy to grow

Freesia is easy to grow, but the most important thing to cultivate freesia was the season. Freesia needs 8 hours per day for sunlight so that freesia cant grow up when less than that and the soil does not have high permeation. Freesia very suits to be planted at springtimes in four seasons country. For two seasons, country freesia safe to plant anytime.

It does not need vast land to grow the freesia. Freesia also can grow even tho just in pots. Within the progress of time, many freesias have been planted inside a house, in a greenhouse, even in vast land until it becomes a freesia garden.

Freesia does multiply

Freesia does multiply by bulbs, not seeds. Even tho the flowers and the leaf died, the bulbs still can be planted. It can be growing next season if the sunlight permits. Other than that, if the soil has high permeation. As we know, it means winter unsuitable for freesia plants.

Because of that easiness, the freesia plant has been getting so many freesia hybrids and has more than 150 varieties so that the freesia plant has a color that will never make eyes getting bored.

Freesia comes back every year

Freesia comes back every year
Freesia comes back every year


To cultivate freesia plants next spring, the dead freesia must be cut 2,5 cm high from ground level and be alienated until the freesia bulbs. That bulbs with 2,5 cm stem need to be dried during the winter or sunlight did not permit and the soil wet. If the freesia bulbs stay dried, it can be planted for next spring or if it permits.

Parfume which smells freesia

Because of the many superiorities that freesia had, freesia frequently used to decorate a room, especially at its smells. Freesia’s steam and flower cut off, put in the vase in some room. Besides beautifying the room, it can scent the room until 2 – 3 weeks since it cut.

Imagine if freesia used to be a perfume. It is proven by many products using freesia as perfume. Some of that product is:

1. Freesia by Fragonard

It smells feminine and gentle. This perfume is made from a few white flowers like white freesia, white rose, and jasmine. So it might be very suits for women.

2. Jo Malone : English pear and freesia

It smells strong fruity, fresh dominant cause the freesia combined by pear. But this perfume still gives a flimsy sweet and floral smell.

3. Freesia by scents of man

This is a unisex perfume so that anyone will use this. Freesia stands in the top notes f this perfume; in middle notes, there’s violet, lily, and nearly; in the base, notes are orris root.