“A friend at hand is better than a relative at a distance”. We are pretty sure you have heard this saying quite a number of times whenever someone is referring to a good friend who has always been there by your side in tough times. Good friends are really hard to find, because a good friend is the one who stands next to you in your hard times and helps you out whenever you need a helping hand. 

Friendship is like a gift by God to those who are not loved or supported in the way they should be. A true pal never lets his buddy cry alone or brood over things in silence. There have been hundreds of movies, thousands of books and a million stories depicting what a true friend is and how much special a good friend can make your life. We are often surrounded by depressing thoughts and feelings of sadness and the only person we share those comfortably with is our friend. 

Whenever a person is down, a good friend is always there to pick them up and help them out with everything. To have a support system in the form of a friend during hard times, is a blessing not many have the luxury to have. If you want to become the best buddy there can be to your pal, do not miss out on any information we have shared in this piece of blog. 

1.Best flowers for your best friend


You may have given a flower to a lover or a family member before, so why not try giving a flower to a friend this time. A good friend is like a flower amid a dark forest which gives you hope among tall trees and the darkness which follows beneath. But sometimes a flower of a friend of yours may need a little cheering up as well and there’s no better way to do it than by giving a flower to your friend. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect flower for your friend, don’t worry as we have shared a list of beautiful flowers which you can give to your bestie. 

  • Yellow rose: We all are familiar with the symbolism and meaning behind the red rose, but the uniqueness and symbolism of the yellow rose is yet to be explored. The yellow rose is a symbol of bright and happy thoughts and when someone gives their friend a yellow rose, they try to convey their positive cheerful thoughts to the receiver.
  • Pink tulip: If you wish to convey your special message and exude your delightful emotions to your perfect pal, you can surely give them a bouquet of pink tulips. Include a few yellow roses in it and you are good to go with a wholesome bouquet for your best friend. 
  • Daffodil: Daffodils have been known to symbolize the feeling of positivity and cheerfulness. Giving a daffodil bouquet to your friend will lighten up their mood and will make them feel blessed to have you as their best friend.
  • Zinnia: Never heard of them right? Zinnias are the perfect bright flowers which can lighten up your friend’s mood and can be given along with a bunch of other bouquets. The most amazing feature of this flower is that it keeps blooming even after being cut. If you want your friend to remember this sweet gesture for a long time, give them a bouquet of zinnias which will keep blooming at their home. 

These were some beautiful and cheerful flowers to help you help your friend get back in their happy mood and fix their sadness. 

2. 9 Friendship day gifts for your buddy

If you are confused over what to give to your best friend on Friendship day, be free to pick from the amazing collection of Friendship day gifts we have listed below just for you to make your buddy’s day beautiful and full of happiness. 

  • One’s Charm: Make this Friendship Day special by sending this sweet, sentimental bouquet to make them feel extra special and loved. This special bouquet contains a Single stalk of red rose with pink and green fillers. Therefore, this Ones’ Charm will make your friend happy and cherished.
  • Box Of Love: Who doesn’t wish that their best friend stays healthy and fit all the time. Give your pal this healthy and wholesome fruit basket and encourage them to stay healthy and energetic all the time. 
  • Fruitful Wish: A fruit hamper consisting of tropical fruits (According to season availability), several pink roses and pink lilies. Give this beautiful fruit hamper to your friend and make their day amazing. 
  • Blissful Fruits: Consists of seasonal fresh fruits and flowers. (Fresh fruits may be replaced according to season availability.) This beautiful fruit box can become your sweet way of expressing your adoration to your best friend.
  • Wholesome Treats: This hamper consists of: Good Appetite Coffee Latte/Oat Thousand Crisp (120g),Yamazaki Classic Danish Butter Cookie (120g), K Harrodson Danish Butter Cookie (70g), Tatawa Nutri-U Whole Grain Oat Cookie – Healthier Choice (70g), Yogood Muesli Bars (138g), Butter Waffles (120g), Asia Farm Purple Tea – Healthier Choice (500ml) and comes with great packaging.
  • Delightful Feast: Brands Berry Essence 42g, Fomec California Prune essence 42g, Nature Valley crunchy bars variety pack, Orion 6’s chocolate, Custard and Tiramisu pie, Nutri-U whole grain oat cookies, Twin Cow’s Full Cream Milk. Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies which come with a beautiful packaging.
  • Splendid Feast: A beautiful and wholesome hamper which has everything your friend may need. This gigantic hamper has fomec double swallow bird’s nest with ginseng, white fungus & rock sugar (6 x 70g), Brands Bird’s Nest with rock sugar (2 x 42g), Organic instant oats (200g), Orion 6’s eggless chocolate, custard and tiramisu pie (168g), Bickford’s Old style sarsaparilla (275ml), Dancing Chef hot cup cream of mushroom (54g) and heritage mill fruit free bars (45g).
  • Magnificent bouquet: What’s better and more chic than a box of chocolates? A bouquet full of exotic chocolates!. Give this beautiful and unique bouquet of Ferrero Rocher to your best friend and make them feel loved and establish your special existence in their life.
  • A beautiful basket of goods and flowers: Traditionalism comes into play with this conventional fruit basket consisting of light pink roses, star gazers and gerberas to cheer a friend right back into the pink of health. Additionally, the assortment of fresh fruits will nourish an unwell body and mind.

These 9 amazing gift ideas will surely make your best friend awesome and will leave a great impact on their heart. If you wish to explore more such amazing options available on our website, feel free to jump in and order from our vast collection of exclusively curated hampers and gifts to make your friend feel loved. FlowerAdvisor provides an extraordinary service with hundreds of exciting options to pick from and a fast and efficient delivery of flowers and gift delivery Singapore and overseas. 

3. 7 ways to celebrate your friendship with your best friend

Friendship is like money, easier made than kept. Keeping the spark alive in a friendship when both you and your friend have a hectic lifestyle and a schedule full of tasks can be quite tough. But tough never means impossible if you have passion in your heart. Here are 7 awesome ideas which you can use to celebrate your friendship with your friend. 

  • Party your heart out: Who can forget saving up dimes and nickels to spend over the weekend with friends by eating fast food from local vendors. Those little treats were considered as big fat parties back in the day. Why not rejuvenate the child inside you and have a huge party with your friends at your home to relive your childhood memories. 
  • Movie night: Movies are an amazing way to just have a thrilling and fun time. Invite your friends over for a movie night and watch your favourite movies with them while having a yummy pizza. 
  • Go out: An outing with a bunch of friends has never hurt anyone. Go out with your friends and have a blast. You can visit places which have a deep and meaningful connection to your childhood or pay a visit to your school and relive your school days. 
  • Invite them over the weekend: Instead of just watching a movie or going out, if your schedule allows you, you can also invite your friends over the weekend to spend a day or two at your place and have a great time. 
  • Trip with friends: A trip with friends is a dream for many. Complete this beautiful dream now and have a great time with your friends while creating precious memories to cherish forever. 
  • Plan a surprise: If your friend’s birthday is coming up, surprise them by planning a great party for them and take them by surprise. Start by picking out a suitable venue for the surprise and then invite all of your friend’s close friends to the party. Surprise birthday parties have always been a great way of rejuvenating bonds and initiating catching up with people, by doing this you’ll be displaying your emotions and efforts immaculately. 
  • Pay them a surprise visit: Sometimes the most special thing you can do for a friend is just paying them a visit without planning. Sometimes a surprise visit from a friend is all it takes for you to forget all your worries away. Give this beautiful gift to your friend whenever you want and make their day beautiful and amazing. 

These were the 7 beautiful ways of celebrating your friendship with your friend and strengthening your bond and connection. 

4. How to help a friend who is going through a tough time?  

Friendship is not just about giving gifts to your friend or watching movies together, friendship is much deeper and special than that. Friendship is about being there for your friend whenever they need you, it’s about lifting them up when they are down, holding their hand when they are afraid to walk alone or being their light through darkness. 

Whenever your friend goes through a tough time, it is important to be there for them to give them the emotional strength they require. If you ever feel that your friend might be hiding their sadness with a fake smile, call them out for it and get the gist of their situation. A lot of times we suffer in silence, afraid to let others know of our sorrow. Be adamant about finding their problem out and help them in any way you can. Verbal assurance goes a long way and it is best to assure your friend initially that you are there for them and will be there for them no matter what. Once they open up to you, listen to them with an open heart and give them hope by making them feel that whatever it is they are going through, you will help them get out of it together.  After you understand their problems, think of them as your own and suggest ways to help them with the same approach. This will make them feel like they have really shared their problems with their friends by opening up to you. Help them find a solution for their issue and be the friend everyone longs for. 


Helping out a friend in their tough times will go a long way and it will surely make you their lifesaver. Being the go to person for somebody can be the most special thing. Knowing that someone can count on you in their dark times gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability.