The only thing which comes to our mind when we talk about being healthy and fit is fruits. In our times fruits have become the need of the hour, fruits have become a necessity to stay healthy. There is no doubt in the fact that the human diet has deteriorated. Everybody indulges themselves into eating junk food, oily food and products which are harmful for their body. It is high time that people start practicing healthy habits and start eating fruits which are healthy for their body and mind. In this era of junk food it is incumbent upon us to initiate a healthy lifestyle and prioritise eating healthy over eating to satisfy the desire of the mouth. Eating fresh fruits boost up your metabolism and make your immune system stronger. Apart from being a blessing for the immune system and your body, eating fruits is also great for your skin and eyes. Eating fresh fruits does wonders to your body and soul. 

What are the best gift delivery websites in Singapore?

It is not a surprise that online has become the new normal and everything can be done online. From schooling to meetings, everything is carried out online, then why not online shopping?. Online shopping is the most precious blessing in our century, shopping at the comfort of your homes without going out and without spending hours in markets to look for a product has really helped everybody save time and energy. If you ask the customers, which is the gift delivery website in Singapore which delivers the good quality products, more efficiently and faster than others, they are more likely to suggest you FlowerAdvisor without any hesitation.  


What to give a friend who is unhealthy/ sick?

It is very crucial and requisite for all of us to look after our friends’ physical and mental health nowadays. A person can look happy on the outside and you would not have a clue what they might be going through inside. Mental health is a really important issue and we should support everybody around us if we notice them in distress. Recent events have really shined a light on the grave condition of mental health of our youth due to stress related to work, education and personal life. It is very important to look after one’s mental health in times like these and focus on staying positive. But miles away, helping your friends dealing with mental health issues can be a tough task. What one can do instead is try to do as much as one can to help their friend deal with physical health issues. There is a saying in latin language “Mens sana in corpore sano” which means “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. To keep your mental state healthy, one must indulge in physical activities and practice eating healthy food to stay fit. If you want your friend to stay healthy inside and outside, send them a healthy fruit basket from us. We have mentioned a list of fruit baskets available on our website down below.

1. The goodness of fruits

Fruit Basket
Fruit Basket

Consists of seasonal fresh fruits and flowers. Fresh fruits will be substituted according to season availability. This amazing and healthy basket of fruits along with beautiful flowers is enough to make your friend feel good and blessed to have you in their life.


2. Traditional fruit basket

Traditionalism comes into play with this conventional fruit basket consisting of light pink roses, star gazers and gerberas to cheer a friend right back into the pink of health. Additionally, the assortment of fresh fruits will nourish an unwell body. 


3. A fresh start

Bouquet consists of fresh fruits, accompanied by Baby Breath. Fresh fruits may be substituted according to season availability. Actual colour tones of flowers may differ slightly from image. This cute and elegant way of encouraging you will surely make them feel like you are looking after them wholeheartedly. 

4. Freshness in a box

Give your friend the gift of health and happiness. If you wish your friend should stay fit and healthy this box of fruits filled with happiness is for you. 

For more such amazing fruit baskets and bouquets, hop on the FlowerAdvisor’s hampers wagon and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with tons of available gift hampers for you. We deliver organic fruit baskets in Singapore and abroad at very affordable prices which you can grab on to and become a member of this family. 


What is in a FlowerAdvisor fruit basket?

Apart from love and positivity, our fruit baskets have tons of amazing seasonal fruits and flowers. Every basket available on our website is different and unique in its own way. Our team picks these items with great attention and scrutiny just for our customers so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The flowers are a must because they leave a good impression on the receiver and make the basket more different than others. How often do you see a fruit basket with Roses and Hydrangeas? 


What can you gift along with a fruit basket? 

Fruit baskets are the new heart warmer these days, whenever you visit a friend or family. Whenever you have guests coming, they also bring a big basket of fruits. The era of sweets and money as gifts is long gone and people are indulging in these healthy habits and handing out fruit baskets on occasions and gatherings. Giving a fruit basket alone would be incomplete and you must have something to give your basket company as well. We have shared a list of items one can give along with a healthy and beautiful fruit basket to friends or family members.


1. Flowers

Flower Bouquet
Flower Bouquet

Flowers can accompany the baskets perfectly. Flowers are appealing to the eyes and to the nose and it really makes your hamper more beautiful. 

2. Chocolates

To make your basket more amazing, tag along a box of exotic chocolate with that. Everybody loves chocolate and eats chocolates whenever they are stressed out. Women especially love chocolates and eat it in distress. Trust us a box of chocolate will do wonders for your bond.

3. A healthy snack

If you want to encourage your friend to eat good, add a healthy snack to your fruit basket. Adding a healthy snack will exude that you really want them to eat healthy and stay fit. 

These were some suggestions by us which you can implement and make your loved ones happy and healthy. 


Why choose FlowerAdvisor to send a fruit basket?

There are tons of options available online and offline where one can buy a fruit basket. But the question one should ask themselves is “Do I want the best product or not?”. FlowerAdvisor guarantees you that what we offer is the top notch quality stuff and our products are affordable in the market. We deliver quality to their customers and fulfills their needs and satisfies their wants. We include the best quality fruits in the fruit baskets and make sure that they are fresh as a daisy. Apart from the top notch quality and freshness of the fruits, FlowerAdvisor also offers affordable products to their customers. At very reasonable prices we bring you the quality products that you require. Along with good quality and affordable rates we deliver the products on time and faster than others. We serve in Singapore and abroad.


How do we stay fit and healthy? 

To stay fit and healthy one must indulge in healthy practices which not only uplifts his or her lifestyle but also increases the quality of health one has. In times like these when the world is cursed with climate change, pandemics, pollution and other calamities, it is absolutely necessary for us to indulge in healthy activities and practice a good and fit life. Only a person with a good immune system nowadays can live without any issues. A good immune system is the by-product of exercising and eating healthy. We are sharing a list of activities which one can include in their life to stay fit and fine.

1. Eating fresh

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very important for us if we want to stay fit. Nowadays there are a lot of mixed products in the market which have bad quality. Even vegetables in the market are mixed with chemicals to make them huge, which only deteriorates the quality of the food and affects our body in the long term. It is absolutely necessary for us to make sure that what we are eating is fresh and not mixed with harmful chemicals.

2. Exercising


It is not a surprise that we added exercising in our list. Exercising has a lot of advantages for our body. It makes our body more stronger and active and pushes us to work harder. A healthy body is vital to have a healthy mind. Without a healthy body one cannot do anything perfectly. Exercising daily has many benefits, it is good for the heart, cholesterol and strengthens our immune system. 

3. Sleep tight

Sleeping is one of the many things which humans of this era are being deprived of more and more lately. Workload and the stress of studies is forcing us to sleep less. It is important to know that sleeping plays a very important role in making our body healthy and fit. A person should at least sleep for around 7 hours every night to stay healthy. Without a good night’s sleep a person will fail to do even the simplest tasks efficiently. 

4. Music

Music motivates us and brings peace to our body and soul. Listening to good music has many benefits for our body and mind. It keeps our mental state healthy and happy. We should listen to good slow music at least for 30 mins everyday to attain serenity and tranquility. 


Above mentioned things will not only help your physical health but also make your mental health perfect. Follow these activities and you will lead a healthy life. Having a healthy life is not just important for us but also very important for the people we are surrounded by everyday. A positive person exudes positivity and motivation, everybody loves a healthy and positive person who inspires them to become the better version of themselves.