A funeral is a ceremony or a service held by the family & acquaintances after the person’s death, with the presence of other people and observance around it. Usually, a funeral ceremony is held soon after an individual’s demise. It can take place with or without the corpse. At the funeral, people pay honor, respect, and tribute to the departed soul and pray for its peace in its afterlife.

What are funeral flowers?

Well, happiness and sorrows are two sides of a coin. Flowers became a journey of our life since birth and they are always there with us even after our expiry. They play a key role in our days of merriment as well as in sadness.

When a person has to attend a funeral ceremony it is mandated to bring flowers with them to pay tribute to the divine soul, and for that flowers specially made for funerals are bought, known as funeral flowers.

Flowers have soothing and serendipity power within them that is why they are an important tradition of a funeral.

Every flower has its own meaning and sentiments, the flower one choose describes their feelings for the deceased. Thus, it is important to choose a flower for the funeral with attention as it describes a lot without uttering a single word.

Funeral flowers are a way to pay condolences to the soul and the family.


Types of funeral flowers  

1. Lilies

White Lily
White Lily


Lilies are famous for symbolizing grief or sorrow. White lilies are the most desired flower for the funeral. As white color is also a symbol of peace and in the funeral service, people wish for the soul to get absolute peace, you can always bring a lily bouquet.

2. Gladioli

Gladioli is a flower that personifies strength and integrity. It is the most common flower for funeral and it is as well in tradition for funeral solemnities for a long time.

3. Chrysanthemums


They express sadness & anguish. They are also traditionally famous for funerals in European countries as well as in some other parts of the globe too.

4. Orchids

It’s the flower that signifies endearing love. Orchids are the most preferred flowers for funerals. They are an essential part of funeral arrangements.

5. Carnations


Carnations have an extensive experience of being a part of the funeral ceremony.

There are different shades of carnations; they are available in three different colors and all of them have divergent significance.

  • Red carnations: The most selected funeral flower, they represent admiration. The red carnations are to describe one’s feelings for the deceased and what kind of relationship was between them.
  • Pink Carnations: They evoke remembrance to the departed soul. They are the most preferred flowers for funeral service.
  • White Carnations: They express pure love and innocence. Most people opt for white carnation to attend the funeral service.

5. Hydrangeas

They are the most appropriate flower to convey your heartfelt message to the soul.

One can also give it as a plant, it can be kept indoors as well as they love to be planted in the garden and they love to be in a moist area. They blossom for a long time. It can be kept as a gift of remembrance.

6. Daffodils & tulips

Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips

They stand for renewal and fresh beginnings. They bring back feelings of hope and aspiration as well as encouragement in the ambience of loss, hopelessness in the family of the late person. This quality of them makes them the most preferred choice to give it to the home of the lost soul.

There are different types of tulips all of them has a different meaning to represent:

  • Yellow tulips: It represents contentment.
  • White tulips: It stands for forgiveness.
  • Purple tulips: It conveys the feeling of royalty.
  • Red tulips: It is the gesture of real and perfect love.

7. Irises

They convey the message of faith and friendship. It is believed that they guide the soul into their afterlife.

8. Roses

The most perfect creation by god among all the variants of flowers found on earth is rose. These flowers are used in all kind of functions and ceremonies they are the only ones perfect for all type of services and ceremonies. It goes with all kinds of feelings whether love, happiness, sorrow, and agony.


Colors of condolence

There is a hidden message behind the flowers and their colors. They help us to interact when the words can’t.


1. Red flowers

Red Roses
Red Roses

Any form of red flowers signifies love, courage, and strength. They are used to describe the deepest love for the person who has been expired.

2. White flowers

White expresses honor, peace, and innocence which are the most ordinary emotions in a funeral ceremony.

3. Blue flowers

They deliver the gesture of peace and serenity. They are the most common color used in the funeral of a man.

4. Lavender flowers

They stand for grace, preciousness, and most importantly femininity. It is good and most appropriate color to present it in the condolence of a woman. 


How do you send flowers to a funeral?

There is a proper etiquette of doing any kind of work and in the moment of deep emotions, the effort is always being appreciated. Lately, every single being is loaded with tons of work, it is tough for them to be available at certain places. But thanks to technology, it has helped millions of people out there! 

So if you are far and may not be able to attend the memorial service of your beloved, then don’t be stressed out, funeral flowers arrangement can be done via an online method which includes flower wreaths, flowers with stand to name a few for the funeral service and memorial ceremony.

Funeral flowers are meant to express respect. They provide comfort to the grieving and offer calmness in the sadness.


Types of funeral flowers one can send or arrange

1. Standing sprays

They are the funeral flowers designed on the easels. Basically, they are a bunch of flowers tied together on a stand. One can send it to the funerals, memorials, and graveyard services.

2. Wreaths

They are an assortment of flowers, petals, or stems laced up in a ring style. They are used for decoration of the grave and to pay condolence to the deceased. They are the most popular choice among the masses to send it to a funeral. The circular shape signifies eternal life and the feeling of faith. Wreath delivery can be done on the same day as demand is high.

3. Funeral flower basket

Baskets are multifaceted and can be sent directly to pay a tribute to the mourning family. One can arrange their funeral floral basket with the blossoms of their choice or the deceased favorites.

Funeral flowers come in all variants and according to the preferences. For the different person, gender or relationships different flowers are there to choose and send or one can arrange.


Funeral flowers for a man

Forget me not flower
Forget me not flower

While sending flowers to the funeral choosing the right flower is very important. Although there is no particular type of flower or color to send at one’s funeral it varies on custom, religion, ethnicity, or kind of person one was.

But of course, there are many types of flowers you can send on a man’s funeral like-

  • Chrysanthemum (white): It symbolizes truth. White Chrysanthemum is a great choice as it can bring a great deal of peace and calmness to the family of mourners.
  • Honeysuckles: These are beautiful white flowers that symbolize Generosity.
  • Forget-me-nots: The name itself conveys what does this flower represents. These flowers are sky bluish in color and symbolize remembrance.
  • Lilies (while): These beautiful flowers bring a sense of calmness in themselves and symbolizes peace.

If the deceased loved flowers present him the flower he loved the most, it would be very comforting for the grieving.


Funeral flowers for mom

Red Carnation
Red Carnation

Mourning a mother may be one of the most difficult things anyone will have to go through. No matter what your age is, you’ll always want to be around your mother and able to seek out your mother for her love. Having funeral flowers may help you in your mourning process as it will be your last present to her.


There are many choices when it comes to presenting flowers to deceased mom: 

  • Lilies: It is one of the most popular choices for funerals as it represents peace and innocence.
  • Gladioli: It is a tall and beautiful flower that symbolizes the strength of character, morality, and integrity.
  • Carnation (Red): It conveys pure love and admiration.

If you are still not able to decide, a bouquet of different types of flowers would be a great option.

  • Wreath: One can pay tribute to their mother, the love of their life by presenting a wreath at their funeral. It will double up the tribute if one can arrange a wreath of their mother’s favorite flowers.
  • Floral lettering: If you want to give personal tribute to your mother this would be a perfect present consisting of a letter mom decorated with flowers like irises, lisianthus, and chrysanthemum, contrasted with pristine white lisianthus and spray chrysanthemums. Each letter is crafted carefully with pleasantly smelling eucalyptus and rosemary.


Funeral flowers for a woman


Flowers are the way to tell the family that you are thinking of them. With a beautiful funeral floral delivery to the mourning family, one can gesture their feelings and emotions to the deceased.

Women always preferred the shades of pink, pastels, lavenders, and yellows throughout their life. If you are thinking to send funeral flowers to the funeral ceremony, you can arrange these flowers in a wreath, floral funeral stand, etc.

  • A basket full of lavenders: What a lovely way to pay tribute to the departed soul. 
  • Rose wreath: Wreath is an arrangement of flowers in a circular shape and with the roses, it will elevate the beauty of the wreath, while women love to get crowned or wear a ring, then what is more elegant than giving a ring full of flowers to your someone special on their last rites. 
  • Wreath with white flowers: While the skies are grey for the family of the deceased. You can show your care and bid adieu to your loved one with a classic wreath made up of white flowers that represents hope and pray for the encouragement.

Funeral flowers are the way to show your care and concern to the family who has lost their loved one. Funeral flowers or one can say condolences flowers are comprised of white, blue, purple, yellow, or pink blossoms. All these colors are popular for condolence ceremony as they convey the message of respect, absolute love, peace, and honor.

Not only one can send flowers in funerals but also you can arrange sympathy gift baskets or funeral floral baskets to send it to the mourning family. Wreaths are the most top picked item for condolence, as they form a circular shape that represents eternal life.

As life is unpredictable one never keeps funeral flowers in their cart and they are ordered in a rush and in jiffy one can get the wrong flowers delivered. But to aid our customers we have arranged a variety of funeral flowers, along with the baskets, floral stands, wreaths in with a range of flowers so that they could not opt for the wrong one in hurry and the delivery occur on the same day with a speedy rate.

It is required to present fresh flowers at a funeral as it represents liveliness to the mourners.

While sending funeral flowers one must definitely know the taste of the deceased and their relationship with the expired person. The flowers have their own language and they convey a meaningful message in a simple form. Not only flowers but their colors also express deep and insight meaning. It is one’s prime duty while buying online funeral flowers to go for a perfect flower along with the most suitable color according to their relation with the departed soul and its family.