The gerbera flower is one of the aster family. This beautiful flower looks similar to the daisy flower because it has long flower petals. It becomes a favorite flower for flower enthusiasts because it’s easy to plant and beautifully used as ornamental plants, even gorgeous as a gerbera bouquet. Containing an essential oil, gerbera is generally utilized as ingredients for soap, perfume, or cosmetics.

The gerbera flower colors include yellow, purple, orange, white, red, and pink. Same as roses, the gerbera flower has its owns meaning. Known has similar looks to daisy flower, many people called it as gerbera daisy. When you want to give someone you loved gerbera as a bouquet, plants, floral arrangement, or home decoration, you should know gerbera flower meaning first because every color of gerbera flower has a different purpose.

A Yellow and orange gerbera has the meaning of friendship and cheerfulness. So you can give your friend them as a gift to cheer her up. To give your girlfriend or a person you adore to, you can give her a bouquet of a purple or pink gerbera flower because it represents romance, admiration, and adoration. When your friend is married or giving birth, you can choose a white gerbera flower as a gift. It has the meaning of innocence and purity. Although each color has a different purpose, you can combine the gerbera flower’s color as a gift because all these meanings are symbolized happiness and cheerfulness.

If you are interested in gerbera flower farming, you should know how to gerbera cultivation first. Even though gerbera plants are easy to cultivate at home, you still have to know what to do and need gerbera plants. So, consider the following guidelines for gerbera plant cultivation.

Gerbera Flower Farming
Gerbera Flower Farming


How Long Does a Gerbera Plant Last?

Said to be a favorite flower by flower enthusiasts, the gerbera flower has a long life span of living. With proper care, a gerbera plant can live two to three years. However, this flower can be cultivated in the highlands and lowlands. Gerbera flowers will grow optimally if planted in sandy loam and humic soil.

To start cultivating a gerbera flower, you can choose to start growing from seeds or a growing plant, but it may cost more. If you start from sources, you need to grow them indoors until they sprouted and have the strength to grow outdoors due to the weather the season. Fill seedling trays with sandy loam and humic soil. Put the seed into the soil and cover the tray with plastic wrap. Then set to indirect sunny light spot. Besides, to guarantee a longer life, you should water the plants one or two times a week in the morning. Make sure the soil conditions remain moist and not too wet.

Do Gerberas Need Sun?

Like most plants, gerberas also need the sun to grow well. When you start from seeds, you should place the seedling trays in a sunny spot two or three hours a day. After 15-30 days, the gerbera seeds will be sprout then plant outside because they need direct bright sun yet shade in the afternoon.

Gerberas need sun
Gerberas need sun


How Do You Care for Gerbera Daisies Outside?

After you move them outside, you have to follow the steps of gerbera daisy care outdoor. They are pushing the baby gerbera from seedling trays to outside better to use compost on soil planting. Space them out while planting, at least 18 to 24 inches, to give each plant have enough space to grow. Here are the steps of gerbera daisy care outdoor :

You should deeply water the plants once a week. Water it in the morning so that the soil will dry throughout the day. Make sure the soil conditions remain moist and not too wet.

Fertilize monthly. Fertilizer can also be given through watering. Adding organic compost around the roots is advised. Especially fertilizers that are beneficial for the leaves.

Remove wilted flowers from the plant to protect the flowers from early damage.
Remove all weeds around the daisy plant, so the plant doesn’t lack nutrients in the soil.
Replant the gerbera daisy once a year. Due to the weather and repeated watering, you should replant it in another place.

Do Gerberas Multiply?

To multiply a gerbera flower, you can choose to start growing from seeds or a growing plant. If you are a patient person and love to feel the process of farming, you should decide to plant gerberas from seed. But starting from a growing plant doesn’t need much time to see a gerbera flower bloom.

Gerbera flowers will bloom six to eight months from germinating seeds. However, you need three to five months a gerbera flowers to bloom from a growing plant. Obliquely cut the end of the flower stem with a sharp knife. The best time to cut the flower is at eight in the morning and five in the afternoon.

This cut flower can make into a bouquet flower or floral arrangement; then you give to someone you loved as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or valentine’s day. Please put it in a vase that has been given water and place it on the table as a decoration. Or you can move the gerbera plant that already blooms a flower into the pot as your home decoration too.

Gerberas multiply
Gerberas multiply


Do Gerbera Daisies Do Well in Pots?

Gerbera daisy can do well in pots too. After your outdoor gerbera plant blooms, you can move them into jars. Place them near the windows in your house because they need bright light to grow well. It will immediately make your home colorful yet beautiful to see. And don’t forget to water it and keep the soil moist.

Are Gerberas Hardy?

A gerbera is a hardy plant that can be grown in the garden at any place and time of the year. You can plant them in any season; make sure to take care of them during its season. When it’s summer, you can place them in a shaded place. You can’t give them much water during the rainy season due to a water splash from rain. A gerbera jamesonii is not cold hardy, so you can plant them in your house during winter.

During this pandemic, many people are forced to work from home. To fill spare time at home, there is nothing wrong with planting gerbera flowers at home. Feel the excitement result of farming after seeing the beauty of the colorful gerbera flowers when they bloom. Please take a picture of your colorful gerbera flowers and upload them to your social media to show everyone how beautiful they are.


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