No one wants to feel pain or get sick. Having a disease is not something that anyone expects. However, humans are still human. Sometimes they forget to pay attention to their health until they finally get sick.

At that time, we empathize with other people. If a friend or loved one has an illness, we visit and encourage them to get well. However, in the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be challenging to see a sick person.

Emphatize with a sick person
Emphatize with a sick person

Instead, you can do many things like sending “get well soon” messages. Through those words, you also pray for one’s recovery to get better soon as before. Even though they are only words, get-well-soon statements are a form of concern, empathy, and support for their speedy recovery.

With the advancement of technology like now, you can do anything online. You can send these words directly via online chat or write them a card. Moreover, coupled with a “get well soon” gift, family, friends, and even loved ones will be pleased to receive it.


How do you wish someone get well soon?

When you want to give a get well soon message, the most important thing is to choose the words wisely. Your meaningful wishes have the power to help someone heal and bring a smile to their face. With positive words that you provide can make other people feel better and be cared for.

Before creating get well soon messages, you must know who the target person is, your relationship with that person, and what kind of condition that person is in. You won’t go wrong with words or perhaps add humor to your message with that in mind.

Commonly, get well wishes includes. mentioning hopes for feeling better, speedy recovery messages, and words that show you are thinking of them. Remember that personalization is key, and a heartfelt get well soon statement can do so much more than any other gift.

"Get well soon" wishes
“Get well soon” wishes


Here are some suggestions you can use to compile a “get well soon” message.

1. Use warm greeting and warm closing

Commonly, people use “Dear” as a warm greeting, but you can also use other warm greetings if your message is directed to friends, family, or people you care about.

To sign off a “get well soon” message, here are the statements you can say:

  • Have a speedy recovery
  • Hang in there
  • Better days are coming
  • Sending hugs and love
  • Feel better soon
  • Hope you are feeling better

2. Start with a few get well wishes

Start your message with good wishes that are specific to what the recipient is going through. Also, add a sentence in the form of hope to increase their optimism. Make sure that your wish stays positive and have the power to inspire.

3. Express your love

If the message is for the people close to you, you can express your love and gratefulness. Also, add jokes that you both use, and of course, it can bring happiness to them.

4. Remind them that you are thinking of them

Tell them you’re thinking about them. Letting someone know that they are in your thoughts provides a sense of love and support for someone going through a hard time.

5. Offer your support

If you have the time and opportunity to help out in any way, offer to do so in your message. You can help out with providing meals, cleaning up around the house, offering childcare, or anything else that you see fit for the situation. Be specific when offering to help out, and make sure that you follow through with what you’ve offered.

What does get well soon mean? 

Wishing "get well soon"
Wishing “get well soon”

There are times when we are happy, but sometimes the days are sad. What do you feel when you suddenly catch a disease? Of course, you will feel that your day is heavy, and you will hamper your usual activities. To recover quickly, you must keep on thinking positively and believe that this hard day will pass soon.

Of course, we need support from friends, family, and even those we care about. People around us or those closest to us often say, “get well soon.” They do it because they love you, care for you, and have empathy for you.

“Get well soon” is like magic words that can increase optimism or positivism in a sick person, always to be sure that they will recover quickly from their illness. Maybe this seems trivial and unnecessary to do, but it means a lot to them, so they can continue to stay positive and feel that those around them love them.

For these situations, many people use the word “get well soon,” and you may be bored hearing it. It turns out that you can use several other words to replace the message.

Here are ten other words to get well soon.

  1. I hope you are getting better.
  2. I hope you will get better very soon.
  3. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  4. We wish you a fast, easy recovery.
  5. May you feel your usual self again in no time!
  6. We love you, hate to hear that you’re sick.
  7. I know you, and I know you’ll beat this.
  8. I have faith that you’ll be better, really soon.
  9. Get better and get back to your amazing-self soon!
  10. I can’t wait to see you smiling again!

How do you tell someone to feel better?

There are many ways to make someone feel better. As I said before, giving warm words, offering help to support them, or maybe you can give a “get well soon” gift to that person. Fortunately, there are many sincere ways to show someone you care. From physical gifts to lending a helping hand, these 7 “get well soon” gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face:

1. Show up for a visit

A personal visit means so much it could even mean more than a gift sent. There is a moment that you can’t visit your loved one, like the current pandemic due to the Covid-19. If you can’t see your loved one in person for some reason, video chatting or a phone call can be great alternatives. Feel connected with your loved ones who is sick only through a phone call. Just hearing the sound of a family member or friend’s voice can be comforting.

2. Prepare meals

A gift doesn’t have to be something that is wrapped. Preparing food for your sick friend can be one way to show you care.

3. Gift card

The Get Well Soon Card can remind a sick person that there are still people who care and love them. Although this may seem like a trifle, it is one of the sweetest gifts.

However, you must know who it is for and what kind of relationship is there between you to write this “get well soon” message containing wise words and foster confidence and optimism in someone who is sick.

Suppose you are not good at composing words. You can use a word compilation service to make a get well soon card. You can also buy a get well soon gift in the form of a flower bouquet or get well soon hampers. Later the gift is inserted with a get well soon card, which is usually assisted in writing by the shop where you bought the gift.

4. Aromatherapy candle

The smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. So, your loved one will always associate this gift with your thoughtfulness.

5. Care product

Of course, this will make the recipient happy, especially if they are someone you care about. You can give nice-smelling lotion, lip balm, or maybe a sleeping mask. A sleeping mask would make a unique “get well soon” gift, right? It can help your loved one get some much-needed rest.

6. Flower bouquet

Giving flowers is not only for special moments but also for a gift to your sick friend. Who doesn’t love to be given flowers? Most people like flowers, either boys or girls. This bouquet conveys your unconditional love and support. It is just the right thing to brighten up your loved one’s day.

7. Get well soon baskets

A gift basket with a combination of items like a care product, snack, book or magazine, would make a great present for your friend. A gift basket is also something that can easily be shipped if you live too far away to visit regularly.

"Get well soon" Basket
“Get well soon” Basket

Shops selling get well soon gifts

For those of you who are Singaporeans, many shops sell “get well soon” gifts. The items offered vary widely at affordable prices, especially now that you can order them through the website. It is really helpful so you can stay at home during the pandemic.

1. Happy Brunch

Not only flower bouquets and Christmas gifts, but this shop also provides a get well soon gift for you. Plus, they are willing to write and compose words on the get well soon card. If you order before 12.30 pm. you can enjoy free same-day delivery in Singapore.

2. Humming

This shop sells get well soon hampers, wellness hampers, fruit baskets, and food hampers for a speedy recovery. Humming often provides discounts to its customers. At this moment, they will give you a flower gift discount, a minimum purchase of $ 65.

3. Noel Gift Singapore

You can also buy “get well soon” hampers at Noel Gift Singapore. They have a variety of items inside the basket. You can choose to a get well soon basket according to what you need. This shop also provides a same-day delivery service for you.


How do you say thank you for receiving a get well gift?

When you get sick, perhaps many people are close to you and give you get well wishes and gifts. You must be grateful because you are loved by many people, such as friends, family, and people you love.

There must be a take and give in life. Therefore, you should appreciate their efforts to comfort you when you were sick. Just be honest, when you receive “get well soon” wishes and thoughtful “get well soon” gifts from your loved ones, you will feel happy, and your mood will be good again. Now that you are recovered! It’s time for you to appreciate their efforts and make them happy too.

Here, we are listing some of the thank you reply wording that will help you show your gratitude.

  1. I want you to know how much I appreciate your effort in sending me a present. No doubt, I had a speedy recovery.
  2. You made me smile with all those get well soon gifts you’ve sent. Thank you. It helped me a lot.
  3. My heart is filled with gratitude. I am very grateful that you were there for me at the hospital. Also, thank you for the gifts.
  4. You’ve shown a great deal of concern while I was sick. Thank you for the gift. It made me so happy.
  5. You are one of the most generous people I know. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I loved your gifts and messages.
  6. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always having my back. You are my motivation so that I can keep going, no matter the odds. I really appreciate your warm wishes.
  7. I have always maintained that you are one of the most loyal and compassionate people I know. Your unwavering love, affection, and well-wishes helped me to be healthy like today.
  8. Thank you so much for sending me your warm wishes. You are simply beyond amazing. Please accept my utmost thanks and tender love.
  9. In the condition I’ve been in, it was a lift to my heart to have received your get-well card. Thank you for your heartfelt wishes.
  10. There were times that I was so miserable that I couldn’t figure out how to get through another day. That was until I received your get-well message. Thank you for giving me hope when I couldn’t have found it on my own.


How do you encourage a sick person?

When you are sick, surely you will feel down, and the mood will get worse. All normal activities are disturbed, making you feel discouraged because you are bored to be in bed all day. Especially if no one cares and encourages you to get well soon, it can make you stressed, and it will take a longer time to heal.

A sick person
A sick person

It is imperative to encourage a sick person. It is a good idea to give some words of encouragement to a sick person. As long as you show care and respect, you can’t go wrong. You can give them gifts. It could be food or drink baskets, a flower bouquet with a little teddy bear, get well soon card, etc.

The most common thing people do to encourage their sick friends is by giving kind words and jokes that can lift their mood. Even though it is simple, it will make an impression and comfort them to go through the day. Moreover, these words are obtained from closest friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe from family. You can send wishes via online chat or a get well soon card to your friends.

If you live close to a friend’s house who is sick, you can offer to help with housework so that your friend has more time to rest — for example, preparing food, taking care of pets, cleaning the house, or looking after their children.

Among them, all the things that can improve a person’s mood the most are being around loved ones, namely family. Suppose someone has migrated and is currently sick, especially during a pandemic like this. Of course, their family can’t visit.

Suppose you are parents whose children are far away. You can take your time to call or video call with your child. Surely your child will feel cared for by their parents even though they are far from home. This moment will be significant, especially during this pandemic.


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