gifts for the new guy you just started dating
gifts for the new guy you just started dating

A new relationship can be like entering a new amusement park. Isn’t it always exciting to live a new experience, whether it is through new rides at an amusement park or through learning the likes and dislikes of your new partner? 

On the contrary, If you have just started dating a new guy, chances are that you don’t know many of his likes or dislikes that well. We understand that it can be frustrating at times, especially when you want to gift him a special gift. It’s natural to want to make your partner feel loved and special. At the same time, accidentally choosing a serious gift can be awkward for new relationships. You need a gift that will not create that awkwardness but at the same time will help to build your relationship.

Well, the good news is that there are multiple ways to do that and deepen your bond with that special someone in your life.

How about pampering your boyfriend, husband, or partner with some extra special gifts? Gifts are one of the best ways to remind your partner that you care and value them deeply. Let us look at some remarkable gifts you can give to the guy whom you have recently started dating.

Say it with flowers

Who says that flowers are just for girls? Gifting flowers to a guy can be a charming move. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion, give him a beautiful bouquet out of the blue to witness a heartwarming smile on your partner’s face. These little moments can create a lasting memory for you both.

A bouquet with a single pink rose is perfect to express your inner feelings to your partner. Moreover, different flowers convey different meanings. For example, some light red carnations will express your deep admiration for the special guy in your life. Giving peonies will signify your desire for a happy relationship. Likewise, you can choose any flower that you like and express your deepest emotions through it.

Hampers to the rescue

This gift option is especially good for the times when you can’t choose any one gift or simply don’t know what to gift. Since a hamper contains a variety of things, it is a convenient gift on multiple occasions. 

You can buy a gift hamper with snacks, wine, liquor, flowers, or other goodies. On the other hand, you can also create a hamper at home with personalized messages, handmade chocolates, cake, or any other thing that your new boyfriend or partner might like. Sharing this hamper on a date night or picnic is a great way to spend some quality time together and get to know each other more. 

Video games and remote-controlled games

If you are looking for a light and easy gift option, go for video games or remote-controlled toys. Imagine the joy on your guy’s face when you present him with a fun video game or an exciting remote-controlled toy. This gift will convey that you want to create excitement and fun in your relationship. 

It is a quirky gift that he will surely enjoy. On top of that, these gifts can also turn into a fun date idea with light-hearted video game competitions or remote-controlled toy races. You can also spend quality time assembling the remote-controlled toy and figuring out its functionalities. 

Coffee box

Coffee can be a very thoughtful gift for some people. Especially if your boyfriend is a coffee addict or has some deadlines coming up that he needs to meet. 

A coffee box is a sweet and romantic gift that both of you can enjoy together. You can even add a customized mug to this mix to create a perfect blend. 

Treat him with a date to his favorite restaurant

Plan a romantic date night and surprise your boyfriend with a cliche date straight out of an old romantic movie. To make things fun, pick him up from his place, give him some flowers and take him to his favorite restaurant. This will show that you are ready to take equal efforts in your new relationship and strengthen your bond with him. At the same time, it will make him feel extra special and loved. 

Cozy sweatshirts 

We love the of feeling comfort and coziness that a sweatshirt provides. The best part is that you can play around with how the sweatshirt looks and customize it in multiple ways. For example, you can get it printed with your boyfriend or partner’s favorite anime character, sportsperson, sports team, show character, or movie character. It will be a perfect gift for your movie date nights that he will appreciate. At the same time, it will keep him warm and remind him of you every time that he feels cold. 


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