Ginger flower
Ginger flower

Hate them or love them, one can never deny how delicious and unique dishes get when ginger is added in them. Ginger is a spice used to give a yummy flavor to your food. Ginger comes is the root of the Ginger flowering plant and is highly used while cooking. A native of Asia, roots of this flowering plant is also used to make medicine. Ginger is highly cultivated in India, Jamaica, Southern China and Japan. This flowering plant grows abundantly in warm and humid conditions and plant enthusiasts advise to plant it during early spring. This plant produces small flowers and blooms in summer. With more than a thousand species, the Zingiberaceae family is spread across many continents and is highly cultivated in many parts of the world. 

Does the ginger plant have flowers? What is the meaning of ginger flowers?

Yes! Ginger plants bloom and bear beautiful flowers. Ornamental ginger plants add exoticness to your garden and give your garden an amazing look. This plant blooms from the month of July to September throughout the summer and some of its species release amazing scent which lights up the environment.

They are pleasing to look at and captivates everyone’s attention very quickly. Like many other flowers and plants, The ginger plant also has meaning behind it and symbolizes deep emotions and feelings. While red ginger exudes passion, the white ginger flowers exudes true love and matters of the heart. We have shared a list of meanings these beautiful flowers exude and the symbolism behind them.

1. Red ginger flower

Alpinia purpurata also known as red ginger exude fierceness and passion. This flower plant is found mostly in Malaysia. 

2. White ginger flower

Hedychium coronarium is found in the Himalayan region of India and this flower is said to represent true love and affection between two people. Looks splendid, this flower can be an amazing substitute for rose whenever you are looking to give your loved one a flower. 

3. Yellow ginger flower

Hedychium flavescens, also known as yellow ginger flower, represents good luck and prosperity. Native to Himalayan region of India and Vietnam, this perennial flower is also known as cream garland-lily and grows up to about 2.5 meters high.


What is the use of ginger flowers?

Ginger flower
Ginger flower

This beautiful flower is not just a treat for the eyes but it also has many uses and great significance. Many plants and flowers have medicinal properties which are great for the body. Almost 60-70% of medicine is made from plants and way before the advancement of the medicinal world, plants and flowers were used as medicine all over the world. Just like that, ginger flower plant also has many uses apart from its roots being an essential daily household spice. We have mentioned the prominent uses of this plant below in the list:

1. Spice

The most important use which we have also listed above is the edible property of this plant’s root. The sole reason this plant is famous is because of its name “Ginger”. It is used in dishes, curries and many other food items to add flavor. 

2. Medical use

Ginger leaves are highly used to treat arthritis, cramps, sprains, sore throats,muscular aches, puking, constipation, indigestion, hypertension, dementia and fever. The leaves of this plant have the ability to fight these problems. 

3. Medical use of ginger lily

Ginger lily is highly used to treat nausea and it has great digestive properties which cure stomach problems. The rhizomes of ginger lily are used to treat asthma and internal injuries.


These are some of the uses of ginger flower plants which makes this plant more special and unique. 


What does ginger flower smell like?

We are pretty sure that all of us are familiar with the strong smell of ginger. We have smelled it while putting it in the dishes while cooking and some unfortunate souls among us have also licked it or tasted it raw just out of curiosity and regretting afterwards. But don’t worry as the smell of the ginger which you put in your food and the smell of the ginger flowers is not at all alike. The smell of ginger flowers is sweet and lights up the environment. The scent is released from the flowers early in the evening. There are more than a thousand species of this flower plant so it is absolutely obvious that not all of them smell the same and emit the same type of fragrance. Some of the species also emit ginger like fragrance while some emit fragrance like that of the white lily flower.


Can you plant ginger root bought from the grocery store?

Yes! You can plant ginger root which you buy from the grocery store. It can be used to grow plants. The interesting fact is that you can plant it in a tub or a pot and put it inside your house. Keep it in a warm place and it will become a good houseplant. They are slow growers but as they say patience is the key to success. Every plant requires care and patience to grow abundantly. Doing this is highly advised during winters by many plant enthusiasts and professional gardeners. 


What are the different types of ginger flowers?

Ginger flower
Ginger flower

With more than a thousand species in the Zingiberaceae family, there are many ginger flowers available in the market for you. Mentioning all of them would be impossible so we have put together a list of different types of special ginger flowers. This plant species comes in many different shapes and colours and many of them steal away your attention with the blink of an eye which makes this perennial flower plant species more unique. This versatile plant has extraordinary significance when it comes to its medical usage and curing properties.

1. Hedychium coronarium

Hedychium coronarium, also known as Ginger lily is a perennial flowering plant with many uses like from being used to treat stomach problems to liver problems and many internal injuries. Native countries like India, Bangladesh and Bhutan, this flowering plant is surely a treat for the eyes. But do not let the beauty of this plant distract you from the fact that it is highly toxic and can easily kill a grazing animal if ingested in great amounts. Not just animals it can even cause problems for humans as well if ingested.

2. Malay ginger

With long green leaves and flowers which are 5cm across, Malay ginger is unique and beautiful in its own way.  

3. Butterfly ginger

Just as the name suggests this flowering plant of the Zingiberaceae family is gorgeous. With varieties which produce red and pink flowers, this member of the ginger flower family emits a sweet fragrance which sets your soul free. 

4. Alpinia zerumbet

This famous flowering plant of the Zingiberaceae family is also known as “Shell ginger”. Native to East Asia, this plant is grown as ornamentals and is highly used for decorations. They grow up to 8 to 10ft tall and bear colorful flowers which are shaped like funnels.  


These were some amazing and prominent flowers of the Zingiberaceae family or ginger flowering plants family. Ginger flowers are an amazing substitute for the usual pick rose. One should never refrain from trying something new and when it comes to giving your loved ones a bouquet, you should explore new ideas and think out of the box. Perhaps giving ginger flowers is the right choice nowadays as they exude heartfelt emotions and can become the medium for you to spread the word of love to your favorite person. If you are wondering where to get these amazing out of the box flowers for your special someone, don’t worry Floweradvisor has got your back buddy. We have made a list of flower options available at our website for you to give to your loved ones and win hearts. 

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For more such amazing flower bouquets and gift hampers check out our website and you will definitely find something worth your every single penny. At FlowerAdvisor sg you can find countless gift hampers and baskets for your loved ones to make their day awesome.


How to care for a ginger flower plant?

Ginger flower
Ginger flower

Every plant requires a good amount of care and maintenance to grow and show results. What many beginners or novice do is they overlook the details and requirements their plant needs which results in dying of the plant or failing to grow. The condition of the environment, the amount of water you put and the type of soil you plant the rhizomes in, matters a lot when it comes to gardening and many fail to pay attention to these factors and spoil their plants and waste time and resources. When you are looking after a ginger flower plant look out for these things mentioned below. 

1. Condition/Environment

Ginger flower plants thrive in humid and warm conditions. It is better to plant them in a spot where they can receive the morning sunlight and about 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. Many professionals suggest planting them during spring as the winter is their dormancy period and they won’t grow during it. 

2. Soil

For this tropical plant, well drained soil like the sandy loam is suggested by many. The plant requires moisture to thrive so make sure the soil is never dry or your plant won’t show good results. 

3. Water

This plant requires water a lot, so make sure you water it on a regular basis and do not let the soil dry out. 


These were a few key points one should not overlook when looking after a ginger flower plant. Every plant is unique in its own way and requires special care and maintenance from its caretaker. When you look after a plant diligently, the results it presents are immaculate. 


Are ginger flowers edible?

While some of the species of this beautiful perennial flower family is highly toxic, there are a few of them among more than a thousand Zingiberaceae flowers which can be ingested and have been classified as edible. While some of us may stay content by eating the rhizomes of this plant known as the classic “Ginger” which is a spice added in food, some of us who try new things and indulge in enticing activity may try to eat the flowers of this plant as well. It is important to know if a plant is edible or not before eating it or you might end up in the emergency room. So before trying to act like Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild look out for the type of plant you are going to eat and if it is edible or not. When it comes to ginger flower plants, the most edible you can find among the Zingiberaceae family is the Torch ginger lily or Etlingera elatior. It has been classified as edible and many professionals suggest eating its buds.

Apart from Etlingera elatior, another Zingiberaceae flower plant which is edible is Cheilocostus speciosus, also known as Crepe Ginger. It grows under the canopy of trees and requires a warm and humid environment just like every other ginger flower plant. Its buds and flowers are known to be edible and people from many cultures eat it. You may also find similar looking plants in the nursery but do not let them trick you into thinking that they are edible. According to a few reports more than 50 thousand people die every year by coming in contact with toxic plants or investing them in high quantities. It is better to be safe and know your plants well than poison yourself by knowing nothing about them.


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