Graduation Bouquet
Graduation Bouquet


Now that your friends or loved ones are graduated, you will want to find a perfect graduation bouquet. Among many other graduation presents, we cannot deny that a bouquet is still the most favorable choice.

When it comes to a bouquet, it is recommended to present it after the graduation ceremony. It will make a great part of their ceremony and graduation photos. If you can’t come in person, simply send the flowers in advance.

If you bring a flower after the ceremony, it would be better to present the bloom in a vase instead of cellophane. This way, your recipient can display the flower directly to brighten up his or her graduation party.

What Blooms Do You Need for Celebrating Someone’s Graduation?

Then, what flower should you add to a graduation bouquet? Well, the easiest way to pick a bouquet gift is to meet the recipient’s favorite. However, if you don’t know what type of flowers they love, here are the most common blooms for graduation gifts.

1. Orchids

This classy flower is pretty popular for a congratulatory gift. Present it to a new graduate and tell how proud you are. Purple orchids are the most favorable choice for graduation gifts. However, you can go for green and white orchids too.

2. Roses

There is no doubt that roses are the ultimate choice when you want to give someone a flower gift. This classic bloom is quite versatile to become an excellent graduation bouquet. You can opt for yellow roses to congratulate your recipient.

3. Colorful Mixed Flowers

To make your recipient’s day even more delightful, send them a bouquet of colorful mixed blooms. A combination of carnations and lilies will make a beautiful bouquet for applauding the graduate. While these flowers look outstanding, the sweet fragrance makes the gift more complete.

Aside from some of the flowers above, you can follow you’re their school’s color instead. Many schools have white and blue color themes. In this case, you can pick a bouquet of blue iris and white tulips.

Tips to Get a Bouquet for Graduation Gifts

Bouquet for Graduation
Bouquet for Graduation


After knowing the best graduation bouquet to gift, it is important to learn some general guides for buying it on the market. This is because you won’t like to get all the way to congratulate the grads with departed flowers.

Transportation tips

If you buy the flowers in a vase, grab empty boxes and turn it upside down. Create a hole in the box according to the vase’s size. After that, put the vase in the hole carefully so that just a part of the top appears.

In case you are buying a taller flower arrangement or flowers that are not displayed in a vase, consider taking a utility bucket. This way, you can help the flowers to stay upright. You can find the bucket at nearby hardware stores.

Care tips

Do you buy the graduation bouquet a few days before the ceremony? Then, you need to store the blooms properly in the meantime. Make sure they are always fresh and alive before giving them to the grads.

What you have to do is cut a half-inch of the flowers’ bottom and put them in water immediately. Make sure to replace the water regularly to avoid bacteria from developing in it. This way, your flowers can drink up appropriately.

Since the petals need to drink water too, you should mist them lightly with water. Meanwhile, you can also consider keeping a graduation bouquet in the fridge overnight. This is especially helpful for those who reside in a warm climate.

What Graduation Gifts Does Go Well with Blooms?

In case you are thinking of buying other gifts besides a bouquet of lilies or roses, personalize a gift will be perfect. For instance, you can create a selection of monogrammed note cards. They will be more memorable than a standard notecard.

Moreover, you can also consider adding a gift card to the bouquet. If you want to give a gift card, give one from a store that your friends will most likely visit. For example, you can opt for a home store gift card.

To conclude, graduation can be a chance for you to show your appreciation to someone. To celebrating the grads’ new chapter of life, you can gift them a beautiful graduation bouquet that consists of bright flowers.


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