University Graduation
University Graduation

A big day is very important and eagerly awaited by someone, for example, the day of marriage and graduation day. Graduation and commencement ceremonies are the most significant milestone in every school. All the students are waiting for the graduation day to come, where all the family and close friends come to congratulate them.

The feeling of being able to get on stage and be seen by many people for accomplishments is unforgettable and very memorable. Moreover, being around friends and family would be even more extraordinary if we as the closest people could give great gifts on their big day.

11 Best Gifts for Graduation

Nowadays, there are so many graduation gift Singapore ideas that you can adopt as a reference. These gifts will make a graduation moment happier and better. You can bring it when you come to someone’s graduation to show hope for further life.

Also, you can ask the delivery service to send it. It is if you cannot attend the graduation moment on your own. Your gift will be a sweet representation. The graduation gift is significant. That is why you may choose the best one for your friends.


There are so many types of gifts that you can choose from. It is starts from the flower bouquets, chocolates, hampers, and more. Below are some ideas for graduation gift items. They are varied so that you can choose based on your needs

1. Snack Bouquet

I suggest you give a snack bouquet as a graduation gift because they can be eaten directly by your friends. Of course, snack bouquets can be easily made by yourself or ordered through an online shop.

2. Graduation Cake

The cake does not only have to be presented on birthdays. Like this graduation, other joyful moments also seem very suitable for you to give to your friends. To make it more interesting, you can order a cake with graduation ornaments. Giving a gift in the form of this cake graduation will definitely make your friends feel happy.

3. The Graduation Parcel

Wooden boxes, bamboo baskets, or other containers can serve as various side parcels. The contents can be according to taste, ranging from small dolls, chocolates, greeting cards, flowers, collections of photos, and so on.

4. Pillows

Looking for a unique and inexpensive graduation gift? You can give him/her a pillow. The pillow’s pattern or image can be customized, such as photos, names, or dates.

5. Scrapbook

If you have high creativity, you can make a scrap frame or scrapbook as a graduation gift. You can add photos of the two of you, to rejoice your unforgettable moments. Don’t forget, also put an impression, message, and hope for him/her.

6. Caricature

These caricature images have various kinds. Some are drawn directly by hand, or some are dependent on photo-editing application users’ great hands.

7. Graduation Plaque

A graduation plaque can be a decoration that will beautify the room. Besides that, it can also be a memorable memento, especially if you display a photo of your friend.

8. Graduation Mug

A graduation mug is undoubtedly handy. On this mug, you can display a picture and the name of your friend. The packaging for the mug can be in the shape of a toga to make the gift unique. So, this gift functions as a place to drink and display.

9. Clay Statue

Clay statues can be a good graduation gift. Besides being able to be saved, this gift also feels personal. Because you can add things that are characteristic of your relatives, friends or partner. 

10. Video

Videos can be words that seem ordinary and feel special. Just make a video greeting and give a snippet of the moments you have gone through together. Not only is it an impressive gift, but also a touching one. 

11.Flower in Jar

The flower arrangement is more durable if put in a unique shaped jar. Also, you can add inspirational and memorable photos and greeting cards.

Some of you may think that the flower is not too matched for males. You don’t have to worry because there are still some other graduation gift ideas you can have. How about sending your male friends a box of sweet chocolate?

A box of chocolate can contain various kinds of chocolate with different tastes. Those are like the milk coated one, praline, tiramisu almond white chocolate, and more. You have to know that this gift also has a deep meaning.

The various chocolate products there show and reflect life. You will never know what will come. However, you hope that your friends will have a sweet and wonderful future. It is as sweet as the chocolate products, which are arranged in this artistic box.

If your friend is not a chocolate lover, you can give other graduation gifts. The examples are flower soap, the hidden treasure box, and others. Choose the right and professional graduation gift producer to get high-quality presents for a special graduation moment.


What would be a good gift for a high school graduate?

High school graduation is the beginning the transition to post-grad life. High school graduates can take different life paths, such as going to college, taking a gap year, and jumping into a career. As a family or a friend, you can mark this important time in every grad’s life with one of these high school graduation gifts that shows you care.

If you are the type of person who puts effort into looking for a graduation gift, you may encounter challenges. One of the first steps you can take when searching for a graduation gift is to think about what the graduate’s new life will hold, as well as the memories he or she will cherish from high school.

High School Graduation
High School Graduation


When in doubt, there’s one gift that can’t go wrong: cash. After high school, those pursuing work may need money for essentials like rent and groceries before finding a job. Graduates who will take a gap year will also appreciate the cash as a gift. A little extra money can be helpful for the exciting new experiences they are looking for. College-bound grads can always use some money, too, for textbooks or class fees.

2.Portable Cellphone Charger

A portable charger for your cell phone is one of the must-have technologies. Nowadays, we do everything online and in realtime, such as posting a photo on Instagram or calling someone on Whatsapp. So, a portable cellphone charger would be handy. 


A laptop is a creative way to help the graduate get off on the right foot. With a reliable notebook, they can do research, write essays, hunt for jobs, and, of course, do a little unwinding now and then with a movie. Understandably, computers aren’t cheap, but they are essential for students to help reach their dream GPA and respond to emails, among other tasks.


What do you put in a graduation gift basket?

Graduation is a big deal. Don’t underestimate how taxing college life can be, but it is fun too. It is worth to reward graduation with a gift because you can show how excited you are about their accomplishments. You can give a basket full of your friends need. A graduation gift basket is one of the best choices when it is equipped with words of congratulations on the big day. 

Graduation Gift Basket
Graduation Gift Basket

Here are a few things that you can put in a graduation gift basket.

  1. Flip-flops, they come in a ton of varieties
  2. Erasable whiteboard for to-do lists and reminders
  3. A small box of chocolates for a sweet treat
  4. A laundry bag, so they can do their laundry
  5. A brush and comb set


What is a good graduation gift for my daughter?

As parents, of course, you want to give the best for your children. You are especially seeing your children complete their education and will carry out graduation. Not only a proud feeling, but there is a desire to give gifts to appreciate your children’s efforts.

Parents want to give something that is useful and can be used by their children. In general, women will be happy when given gifts that can help to beautify them. Many items can be delivered, such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, and even flowers. Here’s the explanation.

Graduation Gift
Graduation Gift

1.Flower Bouquet

flower bouquet is a super sweet gift that is always perfect for a graduation moment. Even more, it becomes one of the must-thing to give after the graduation procession itself.

If you planned to give this item, make sure that you know about the flowers. An example is a bouquet, which is arranged from the white roses and chrysanthemum flowers. We advise adding several blue flowers too. It creates a stunning flower bouquet to gift to your daughter in her graduation time.

It is for sure that a flower bouquet is eye-catching. It is because of its design and color. However, you can make it more attractive by adding one or two items there. It is also a popular gift which is usually ordered by many customers.

The example is like a small bear doll that uses a graduation uniform. It looks so cute. Furthermore, it represents the moment well. The florist usually will provide this doll. 

If you want the bouquet to be even more unique, you can add other items. There are so many ideas for it. For instance, you can add snacks there. Choose a snack that your friend loves. It can be chocolate, biscuits, or anything  delicious. 

The important thing is that the items must not be too heavy so that it’s not too hard to hold the bouquet. Furthermore, it will not destroy the flower arrangement itself. Consult the florist first if you want to add an item to that bouquet.


You can give an outfit that can be worn on graduation day. Ask your daughter what clothes she would like to wear on graduation day. By asking this, the gift you give will be beneficial for your daughter. The outfit can be put in a pastel color box and added by writing a letter to your daughter. Outside the box, you can add ribbons as decoration.


This item is generally given to a woman. Most of the woman can get happy if given cosmetics because these items can beautify them. Of course, these items will always be used, especially during graduation day where parents and children will take pictures to commemorate this beautiful day. It will be wrapped in a bouquet shape using light brown or soft colored paper. Another option is to put the cosmetics in the box and add a ribbon on the outside.


List of useful graduation gifts

Graduation is one of the most important and historical moments in a person’s life. Of course, everyone who is in college has been waiting for a long time for this graduation moment. One of the phases of life that is passed after completing school obligations. The moment of graduation certainly deserves to be appreciated with congratulations and gifts.

If you agree, here are some recommendations for graduation gifts useful for both girls and boys.

1.Journal Book

Now many journals are deliberately designed as needed. Some are designed to record activities, some are designed to write down personal developments every day. Giving a journal book as a graduation gift will be quite useful and can be used as a graduation gift for guys and girls.


Watches will be useful as a timepiece for those who wear them. When choosing a watch for your friend, match the watch to their characters. This way, you can convince them that they are special to you because you have given a watch according to their criteria and taste.


After graduation, your friends must have thought about work. Of course, an item must always be there and useful when someone has entered the world of work, one of which is a pen. Although nowadays we often use computers or laptops, pens are still often needed.

Occasionally people will use a pen to take notes or to sign. Pens can be said to be useful and memorable gifts because they will always be brought with you when your friends enter the world of work.


In this sophisticated era, daily activities will always require a cellphone. Maybe everyone has realized that the most annoying thing is when carrying a cellphone. Still, the battery suddenly runs out and has to be charged, but there is no electric current near you. For this reason, Powerbank can be the best choice of graduation gifts and is very useful for your friends because it is small, easy to use, and handy.

5.Vacation tickets

Tired of struggling in college, taking a break and enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery is undoubtedly something everyone has been waiting for. If you have a large enough budget, maybe you can give vacation tickets as a graduation gift.

Providing vacation tickets will certainly help them get fresh air after struggling in the last few years. You can also relax while spending time together.