Graduation Gifts
Graduation Gifts


Even though you have been purchasing graduation gifts Singapore since many years ago, sometimes it is still pretty difficult to pick the right one. Depending on the recipient, you likely need a different gift to present.

A gift for a friend with one dedicated to your loved one is probably different. A present dedicated to a boy and a girl can be diverse as well. That’s why you need to personalize each gift to suit its recipient.

When it comes to graduation gifts, you can determine the present based on where the stage of the grads’ education journey is. A present for someone who has been graduated from high school and college must be dissimilar.

Best High School Graduation Gifts for Your Friends

To help you find the best graduation gifts Singapore, especially for a high school graduate, we have put together some ideas. While you never go wrong by choosing anything, the following ideas will help to decide the best option.

1. Cash

If you don’t know what to give to a grad, there is no better choice than cash. Whether they want to pursue work or continue studies, cash is just a basic need. They will need it to rent an apartment or strive for new experiences.

2. Portable chargers

Sometimes we spend more time outside and it is hard to find a power source. That’s why it is always great to gift someone a portable phone charger. This way, the grads can stay connected while they are away from home.

3. Exercise Gear

Among graduation gifts in Singapore, exercise gear is something unique. However, it can help the grads stay healthy while they are in a college dorm later. You can include a weighted jump-rope and resistance bands, and weighted armbands in the package.

Furthermore, you can also consider giving them a voice-controlled assistant. Since life can become more chaotic after high school, this thing will help the grads get relaxed and do research more easily. They can use it to set reminders for various tasks as well.

Best College Graduation Gifts for Loved Ones

Then, what should you gift to someone who has just graduated from college? While a gift card comes in handy when you are in doubt, there are some other thoughtful presents to take into account.

1. TV or music streaming service

Help the grads to entertain themselves by providing them with graduation gifts in Singapore. You can select a monthly subscription for popular TV or music streaming services so that they can stay entertained while waiting for job offerings.

2. Laptop

If budget is not an issue, consider gifting your loved one with a laptop when he or she was graduated from college. A reliable laptop will help the graduate find the best jobs on the internet or to do some freelance works after college.

3. Books

In case the graduates love to spend their leisure time indoor by reading, gifting them some books will never go wrong. You can give the books along with other graduation gifts Singapore such as personalized cards or chocolates.
Tea and coffee makers will make a great college graduation gift as well. Once they move to a new apartment and do some works, this gift will be so valuable. It will help them have a coffee or tea before going to work.

Best Kindergarten Graduation Gifts for Little Ones

If you need a graduation gift for your kids or little brothers and sisters, the options will be limitless as well. Most of you may think to give them a new pair of shoes. Instead of this usual present, you may like something more unique.
For instance, you can gift the little one with a money box. This is one of the graduation gifts that will help the kids to learn budgeting skills. A money box will help them separate funds for spending, saving, and others.

Moreover, there are also many playsets like creating a miniature garden or instant terrarium. This kind of playsets will help your little one to broaden their creativity. Plus, it can also encourage their imaginative play while doing the project.
In conclusion, a graduation gift is boundless since you can give anything as a gift. To make it more valuable for the one receiving it, you should gift something they need. Thus, the graduation gifts in Singapore can be useful for them n the future.


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