Highschool graduation
Highschool graduation

Life is full of monumental events which happen in our lives and the milestones we surpass to become the best version of ourselves. There are many moments in our life which transforms us and gives us a chance to grow. After the transition from school to college, the only big thing which comes next is graduating from college and stepping out in the outside world to taste what it feels like to be grown up and what it takes to earn money for yourself. Graduating is one of the biggest transitions which happens in our lives, it ends our student life and a new journey for new opportunities begins. As graduating is such a monumental event not just for the person graduating but also for the family and friends of that person, leaving this occasion without handing out a special gift to the newly graduated will be very bad. 

What would be a good graduation gift? 

A graduation gift should be perfect and useful for the receiver. It should come in handy for the newly graduated chap and it should obviously have thoughtfulness behind it. If you’re looking for a good graduation gift you should look for some important things before buying anything out.  


1. Usefulness

The gift for someone who has just completed their graduation and is now getting ready to face the world outside should be useful. The gift should help them in their future when they go outside to work.

2. Thoughtful

A precious occasion calls for a precious gift. The gift should have a meaning behind it and should be bought with a thought behind it.

3. Valuable

A gift should be valuable not just in price but also emotionally. It should be something which you know the recipient will love.

4. Needed

A good gift is something that you think the receiver will like, but a great gift is something which the receiver has always wanted and could not buy. Think about anything which you have heard them say that they want and haven’t bought yet.

All these elements make a gift perfect and useful for the receiver. If you want your gift to stand out from the tons of gifts that they will receive, pay heed to these important things. 


Which bouquet is suitable for graduation Singapore?

What good is an occasion if you don’t have flowers to celebrate with? A flower bouquet will make your close ones feel amazing and special. If you are looking for a graduation bouquet in Singapore, then FlowerAdvisor is the right spot for you. On Flower Advisor you can find many options for your loved ones from our amazing handpicked selection. With an excellent delivery speed at your doorstep around overseas, we can guarantee that you will love our services. 

1. Unconscious and amazing Love

Gerbera bouquet
Gerbera bouquet

A bouquet of Pink Gerberas with fillers, this bouquet will be really great for your loved ones and their graduation ceremony will become even more special and momentous.

2. My heart

What’s better than a rose? Ten roses in a cone!, this unique bouquet will look amazing in anyone’s hand and will surely get the receiver to admire you more. 

3. Precious luck

A bouquet of 3 sunflowers to make your newly graduated loved one feel lucky to have you in their life. 

4. Blue breath clouds

Blue breath bouquet
Blue breath bouquet

This blue baby’s breath bouquet not only looks dazzling but also feels amazing when held by someone special.  

5. Pink avalanche

This gorgeous bouquet filled with pink roses is one of our favorites. Bouquet of pink roses and white poms with a bear in black wrapping paper, it can surely make the occasion better and makes your loved ones feel cherished and blessed.

6. 15 reasons

This bouquet of 15 red roses can easily win anyone’s heart and make them feel loved. Grab this bouquet and make the graduation of your dearest person beautiful. 

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7 High School Graduation Gift Ideas 

What a graduation gift requires has already been mentioned above. But if you are still having a hard time thinking what to buy for your friend’s or family member’s graduation day, then don’t worry because as the name suggests we have tons of advice for you. We have shared a list of 7 best high school graduation gift ideas below. 

1. A Collage full of their memories

Collage photo
Collage photo

Nothing can be greater and more special than this for anyone. A little tribute to their memories during high school instilled on a canvas in the form or little photos will surely make them feel amazing. 

2. A videotape

You can compile their short videos of high school moments together and create a splendid video to bring their memories back. A video will not only make them feel special but will also make them emotional while thinking about those precious times they had in high school.

3. A box of requisite items

Now that they will be going through a transition from high school to college, you should give them something which they will require in college. Perhaps a college bag and a box of pen will be great for them as they step into a new life. 

4. Watch


A new journey, a new life and a new time table calls for a new watch. Giving them a watch will not only help them make a statement in their college but will also remind them of your bond whenever they will look down to watch the time from the watch on their wrist. 

5. A smartphone

We all wait for a special smartphone after school all our lives. Before entering college life, one should have a great working smartphone in their hand so they can easily connect with their friends over the phone. Giving them a smartphone will not only give them a chance to make friends but will also help them in academics so they can easily share notes over the phone and attend classes online.

6. New pair of shoes

The first thing which a person notices about the other person is their shoes, perhaps giving them a nice and attractive pair of shoes will not only help them impress others but will also make them look great and attractive. A nice outfit is incomplete without a nice pair of shoes.

7. Wardrobe update

A new life is incomplete without new and amazing outfits. Clothes help us make a statement in any stage of life, wearing nice and attractive clothes can help anyone make a good impression on everyone. Giving them a nice hoodie from H&M or a Nice Jacket from Zara will make them feel awesome and they will definitely love it. A suave and classy outfit can instantly make you approachable and intimidating. 

These were 7 ideas for high school graduation gifts which will help the receiver make a great statement in their college life and will also help them make new friends. 


What can be a few customized graduation gifts?

Customizing gifts can cost you a fortune sometimes but they can also feel light on the pocket sometimes as well, it all depends on the product and the quality. People nowadays prefer customized gifts over what is perceived as a general idea of gifts. From customized pillow cases to customized wallpapers, one can get as much creative as one wants to while planning to give a customized gift to someone special. We have listed a few customized graduation gifts ideas below. 

1. Customized t-shirts


You can easily get customized t-shirts made from any shop which does the work or you can buy them online from websites which caters to the needs of those who are looking to get customized merch. You can get names, dates, photos or anything special to your heart printed on t-shirts.

2. Photo collage

You can get attractive and amazing photo collages made online or offline with photos of your favorite memories and special moments to make the receiver of your gift happy.

3. Personalized hampers

A personalized hamper has many items in it, from chocolates to photos and handwritten special cards. Personalized hampers are a great way to convey your love and appreciation to your special someone.

These were a few customized gift ideas that we handpicked just for you. Customized gifts are a great option if you want your gift to stand out from the crowd.


How can graduation be celebrated?

Graduation is a huge moment in anyone’s life, it’s a sign which depicts that a person has now grown up and has to go out and fend for themselves by working and experiencing what their parents have experienced through working diligently and putting meals on the table. This transition needs to be celebrated in a grand way as it is such a special moment in the life of an individual. Graduations are often celebrated by farewell parties with friends to have a blast for the last time as students. It not only takes us on a trip to the past but also makes us happy by celebrating one last time with all the friends as students. One can also organize a party themselves to commemorate the past years with a few special friends and have a nice time. We have shared a list of types of parties one can have to commemorate their graduation with their friends and family.

1. Rooftop party

Highly recommended these days, rooftop parties are amazingly fun and full of excitement. With music and good food, rooftop parties top the chart of anyone planning a party with friends. 

2. Pool party

Pool party
Pool party

Unless it’s chilly outside, pool parties can be a great way of dipping inside the water with your friends and have a blast together.

3. House party

Rent a villa or a flat, or organize the event in your own house. House parties are fun and one can get as much comfortable as they want inside their house. It’s also a very cost effective way of partying and saves you the extra unnecessary charges you pay whenever partying outside. 

All these types of parties can take your graduation celebrations up a notch and make it a hundred times more momentous than it already is. Pick any of these ideas and don’t forget to do appropriate decorations with balloons and flowers to make the venue look perfect. Wondering what to buy for your party? Don’t forget to check Floweradvisor, where you will definitely find the perfect things to organize a great party. From gift hampers to flowers, you can get anything from our website to make your occasions more memorable.


What a person should expect after graduation

After completing graduation, a person goes through a lot of changes in his or her life and experiences many new things and obstacles. After graduation one should be prepared for the challenges life will bring and should tackle those challenges with sheer determination and hardwork. Many things happen after someone steps out in the outside world to look for a job and the struggle it brings brings the best out of a person and helps him or her to work hard and diligently. Subsequent to graduation, the most prominent task is to find a good job to secure a better future. Finding a job is not a piece of cake and requires the person to depict everything they learned so far in front of the recruiters. It not only makes a person mature but also teaches one of the most important lessons of our life, to struggle for a safe future. Once a person leaves their academic life and begins their career, the responsibilities they carry on their shoulders increase and stakes get way too high.