Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples
Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

Wedding is a phase that most people would experience in their life. With that in mind, it’s always necessary to consider your wedding gift to a married couple whose party is about to be celebrated soon. If you’re look for some thoughtful gift ideas, luckily for you because there are a range of options you can choose for their special day. One thing to note, something that fits the couple’s preference and taste are what we suggest.

We recommended gift ideas that they can use daily or are beneficial for some occasions. You can also send items that fit in with their new home. That is what a happy couple needs once their step into marriage. Learn more about what are wedding gift ideas for couples here!

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas 

As the wedding day is about to come, preparing your perfect wedding gift for a soon-to-be-married couple is a must. The question is, what if you have limited time to shop the gift? Well, you can even do this one week before the d-day! If you never shopped for wedding gifts beforehand, luckily for you, we have collected what you may find on the market for a happy couple who just married. Let’s unveil to get their favorite gifts!

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1. Wine 

Alcohol never failed to favor any guests for any festive celebrations. Alcohol will be involved if you want to entertain your party guests. Alcohol is included in various beverages, including beer and wine. Because the purpose is to send a gift to a new couple, you can go with a wine bottle. 

Wine bottle commonly used for gift bundles. For example, Father’s Day Singapore. Aside for your dearest ones, you can also use a beautifully wrapped wine bottle as your thoughtful gift ideas for a wedding couple. If you know the couple well, it would be easier for you to shop a wine from their favorite brand. This gift recommendation brings a sophisticated and modern touch. 

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker for Wedding Gift Ideas
Coffee Maker for Wedding Gift Ideas

What do you usually get in the morning before starting the day? Is it a cup of coffee? If so, let’s take this relaxing and awakening mood beverage as your excellent wedding gift! As a coffee maker is widely used by many, whoever receives it probably would use it frequently. 

We know that a marriage costs a lot. For a new married couple, examples of wedding gift that can save their budget is highly approriate. For this, you can’t go wrong with a coffee maker, a part of essential items most couples need in their home. 

Pressing 1 liter of coffee would be more efficient if they use a high-quality coffee maker. With that in mind, let’s shop for the best one! 

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3. Bath Towels

Bath Towels
Bath Towels

If you’re asking about the best couple gift you can consider buying, the answer would always lead to bath towels. Belong to essential items in the house, a towels must be pretty functional for anyone, not only limited to a new couple. You can even see this in a Baby gifts Singapore!

Therefore, towels become the safest choice for your friend or relative who just got married. Ensure to only shop comfortable towels that hygiene!

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4. Book


Honeymoon is what the new couple anticipates the most after hosting a wedding ceremony. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit for an official honeymoon where those two can spend their private time together. To burn time during their romantic vacation, a honeymoon-themed book also makes a special gift for the new love bird. 

If you know well the couple’s preference, there’s no way to find difficulties in getting the fit one for them. Fictions are what we’re suggesting, in case you have no clue on what to send. They are great for swift away the thoughts of everything.

Let them enjoy the honeymoon they’ve been waiting for with this kind of fun gift that brings joy, to spend time during the memorable trip!

5. Personalized Coaster

Kitchen goods must be included on your gift for a new couple list. Among those essential items, you can find on the market, if the consideration is the affordable ones, let’s put a personalized coaster on your top list!

Since kitchen equipment is expensive, you can go with coaster gift sets that are much cheaper. This won’t lose the genuine message you want to deliver. To make it extra special, you can personalize it depending on the recipient’s taste and style. 

6. Family-portrait Illustration

There are many ways to capture happiness. Wedding day needs to be remembered. Once you’re getting older, that moment would be more memorable. For this, a family portrait appears as an item that most couples needed to keep in touch with their special day. 

To remind them about their big day in the future, you can order a custom family-portrait illustration. This heartwarming gift is also great for anniversary gifts engagement gifts. 

7. Delivery Service Gift Card

Delivery Services Gift Card
Delivery Services Gift Card

Physical wedding gifts are great, but how about the non-physical ones? Does the thoughtful message you want to deliver still the same? If you think pampering someone not only can be done with physical gifts, you can always choose gift cards as the alternative option. 

Sending a gift card is suitable for whoever finds it tiresome to pick up items from offline stores. Since the demand for delivery service is quite high nowadays, you can send a food delivery service gift.

Many say “good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with this gift idea. As Singapore has a variety of online food order platforms, all you have to do is choose the best-deal ones!

8. Cash 

When it comes to wedding presents, there are no rules on how much you would like to spend. It’s all about your budget and your thoughtful message. Therefore, cash is an acceptable gift you can consider sending. Most couples find cash gifts are way more beneficial for their plans, such as to fulfill their honeymoon fund. 


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