Giving a gift
Giving a gift

Worried about what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Don’t worry we got you!

The Holiday season is upon us which means, lots and lots of gifts to be exchanged among friends and families to express love and affection for one another. Giving a present to someone not just only makes them feel loved but also tells a lot about how special your bond is with that person which makes the process of finding the perfect gift for someone very hard. From making mix tapes of your favorite songs to ordering a sumptuous watch online, our manner of giving presents has evolved a lot.

We look for the right gift to deliver our message of love to the person we care about. We think about their likes and dislikes while buying a present, we look for anything that might come in handy for them, something they need but haven’t bought yet. All these little acts of thoughtfulness makes a present more special and memorable. Nowadays, people tend to buy gift hampers as it saves their time and the attractive offers on them during festive season feels light on the pocket.


What should be in a hamper?

Step aside! Sweets boxes, It’s hamper time!


Over the years, gift hampers have taken over and sweets and other old fashioned gifts have diminished. A perfect gift hamper can be full of either healthy drinks and food items or it can be full of cosmetics and skin care products. This is not IT! though, there are many different gift hampers according to the taste and the preferences of people.

Your health conscious aunt may not take a box of sweets wholeheartedly but she will never say NO! to a hamper basket full of healthy juices. Similarly, your modern and cosmoholic sister won’t love a box of kitchen set more than a basket full of skin care products.


How do you arrange a hamper?

To arrange a hamper yourself instead of buying one online, first think of the items which will be useful to the receiver and will give you satisfaction while giving it to them.

If they’re health conscious and aren’t too fond of unhealthy food items, create a hamper full of healthy food items which they will cherish. Adding dry fruits into the hamper will be the icing on the cake for them and will make your present more attractive. Get a basket and put these items in it, wrap it up with a gift wrap, tie a ribbon bow on top of it and your gift hamper is ready. 


What can I put in a pamper hamper for Her?

Looking to win her heart? Or want to make her feel Loved?

Statement jewellery!! is one of the most prominent items you just can’t miss while creating a hamper for a girl. Putting chocolates and I mean a LOT of chocolates will make her feel very very special. 

And not just chocolates and jewellery, if she loves to buy cosmetics you can add a few make-up products in the hamper as well.

All these items will create a perfect and beautiful gift hamper for her. Add a rose bouquet and decorate the hamper with glitter and she will surely fall head over heels for you.


What are the best hampers?

The best hampers are the ones gifted through love and FlowerAdvisor brings you just that!. Amazing gift hampers on our website delivered in Singapore at very reasonable prices.


The 7 most wonderful gift hampers you can get only on FlowerAdvisor


1. Christmas hamper 2020 – Santa’s Gift


Christmas Hampers
Christmas Hampers

This amazing hamper, packed in a classic marble rectangle box filled with lots of happiness. This hamper has cookies, chocolates and many other exciting things. You can look at it on our website and order one for your loved ones and become their santa for this Christmas.

2. Get well soon hamper – the Gift Box

It is really hurtful to see someone close to you being unwell or hurt. And a thought goes on and on in your mind of “How to make them feel better and wish them a speedy recovery” in a kind manner. Well, FlowerAdvisor has just the solution for your problem. Our get well soon hamper will not only make them feel better, it will also leave a deep impact on their heart by your sweet gesture. 

3. Baby shower gifts

Looking to welcome a newborn baby in your family? 

Get our Welcome gift hamper filled with all the necessary items which are going to be useful for the parents and make their parent duty a little bit easier.

4. Gift Of Wealth


CNY Hampers
CNY Hampers

Chinese New Year is coming and you find yourself without a gift for your loved ones? Then don’t panic! FlowerAdvisor has just the right chinese new year hamper for you.

In our Gift of Wealth hamper comes tons of tasty and mouth watering treats to fill the stomach and the heart.

5. Mid Autumn Gift Set

We got you covered through Christmas and CNY, what makes you think we won’t have something in store for you to celebrate mid autumn. Celebrate with your friends and family with our beautiful autumn gift set.

6. Revitalise Hamper

Our Revitalise hamper can be given to someone who just moved into a new house and it can become a sweet housewarming gift for them or you can give this to someone you’re connected with and care about deeply. All the healthy items inside this amazing hamper will be very useful to someone who takes care of their health.

7. Choco Feast

Choco Feast Hamper
Choco Feast Hamper

This amazing gift hamper by us is filled with delicious chocolates and beautiful white roses enough to make someone feel loved in the language of flowers. One of the most amazing ways to express your love to someone is by giving them flowers, and what is better than giving flowers? Giving chocolates with THEM!


All these 7 amazing gift hampers will be at your doorstep on just a tap of your finger!

You ask! We serve, in only the best and most sweetest way possible.


Is it cheaper to make your own hamper? 

It definitely is cheaper to make your own hamper and it also makes a present more special and thoughtful. Nothing can beat the significance of picking every single item and wrapping them together. You can get a basket at a cheap price easily or you can use an old fruit basket for creating your hamper.

As far as it goes for the items in it, the products bought by yourself can cost you less, as you’ll be picking those items up from the market. This process is special without a doubt but also very very time consuming and causes a nightmare when you don’t have any present at the last moment and no time to prepare a hamper on your own.

So choose widely according to your time and budget.


Where can I buy hampers in Singapore?

Tons of beautiful and amazing hampers made with love are available for you at FlowerAdvisor. Check out our website and you will surely find the perfect and the sweetest present you are looking for. 


Must-haves in a hamper for a new born baby

The advent of a new member in a family is always heartwarming and emotional. To make this moment a bit more memorable and special, you can get a basket full of must-haves for the new born baby.

Diapers Diapers and Diapers are the most important things that you should not miss in a baby gift hamper. Baby food, mittens for them and little socks can add on to the sweetness of the present. 

All these things will come in handy and you will be pleased to see the parents happy with your baby gift hamper.


What can I put in a relaxing hamper?

Dark Exotic Chocolate
Dark Exotic Chocolate

The thought behind gifting a relaxing hamper to someone is to make them feel calm and collected. To give them a sense of serenity and tranquility. Scented candles, bath salts and dark exotic chocolate can do wonders for anyone looking to relax.

The fragrance of the scented candles can put on a mood for a passionate evening and chocolates can be delightful for anyone in distress. All these items will be enough for a person to doze off and find their happy place in the serenity and they will be grateful to you for being so kind and sweet.


Best hamper for December

Santa’s job is in danger, since FlowerAdvisor stepped up their game in Christmas hampers!!

“Tis the season to be jolly”

Hamper for the month of december means, a christmas hamper loaded with the season’s greetings and love. There are lots of christmas hampers available on our website to light up your day and get you in the christmas mood. 

The best hamper for december is our Christmas 2020 – Santa’s Snack loaded with lots of goodies to get you in the mood for christmas. Comes in a marble rectangle box, this is the ideal hamper for you to give your loved ones this christmas. 

Hide it under the Christmas tree the night before christmas for someone you live with or take it to your parents’ house at Christmas dinner, they will be delighted to see this hamper full of amazing things.


Gifts and their impact on a relationship

Giving a gift
Giving a gift

Whether it is a member of your family or a dear friend of yours, gifts hold great importance in creating memories and moments that one holds close to the heart forever. When a person gives their loved ones a gift, their excitement, their smile, their happiness gives pleasure to the heart. When someone accepts your gift wholeheartedly and genuinely likes it, you attain happiness by knowing that your message of affection has been accepted by them and they are grateful to you in the purest way possible. Gifts have a really deep meaning, deeper than we can comprehend and that’s why they can make or break a relationship.


Gifts and superstitions

Since we are talking about gifts and how they can make or break a relationship, it would be absurd not to talk about these superstitions that are tagged to various things which can’t be gifted to someone. 

It is baffling but these superstitions are widely believed throughout the world by many cultures and even in this modern era, people don’t take any chance to invite bad luck into their lives and relationships.


Knives and scissors 

Knives and scissors can’t be gifted to someone you love because it is believed in many cultures around the world that sharp objects like scissors and knives damage relationships and also bring bad luck.

So if you are ever planning to put a knife or a pair of scissors in a gift hamper for someone you love, THINK about this.



Handkerchiefs are also known to bring bad luck between lovers, it is said that if a man gives his lover a handkerchief it wipes away the love between them and causes their relationship and bond to fall apart.

Spooky? Isn’t it?. 

So cross this one out of your hamper basket as well.



If someone gifts their friend gloves, it is believed that it initiates fights between them and eventually breaks up the friendship.

Even mirrors, wallets and shoes are also said to bring bad luck when gifted to someone you care about and causes fights.

These superstitions are believed all over the world and accepted by many cultures. 


Presents add bliss to every occasion and makes every moment precious


To give, share and spread happiness brings joy and peace to one’s own soul. By giving to others, we receive more and by caring and looking after them, we attain utter contentment and it adds meaning to our lives. To make an occasion momentous, one should never refrain from expressing love in the form of a present. A present does not define a relationship but it certainly adds excitement to it. It does not have to be expensive or opulent, a present should only be useful and thoughtful.


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