Diwali 2021
Diwali 2021

Although lights, laughter, and sweets are the natural backdrop for any festival, Deepavali has a different luminescent charm. The festival originated in India and is now fondly celebrated in many countries around the world. In India, Deepavali is synonymous with exchanging gifts, sweets, lighting lamps, decorations involving flowers and, not forgetting the most important part- eating loads of delicious food. In Singapore, Deepavali is not just a public holiday but also an important cultural celebration. 

We are sure that the celebrations this year are also going to be top-notch. Don’t worry, we will tell you everything about how you can celebrate this festival with your closest ones in Singapore.

Today, we will talk about:

  1. When is Diwali 2021?
  2. How can you celebrate Deepavali in Singapore?
  3. DIY Diwali gift ideas 2021
  4. How to order online Deepavali gifts in Singapore?

When is Diwali 2021?

When is Diwali
When is Diwali


This year’s Diwali is falling on 4th November 2021 but the celebrations typically last for a few days. Traditionally, Diwali is always celebrated in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar system or the month of Aippasi according to the Tamil calendar. No doubt the past two years of the pandemic have changed some of the methods of celebrations. That being said, be sure to experience wondrous decorations, heavenly dishes, bright lights as well as intricate rangolis in Singapore’s fondly known ‘Little India’. 

There are various legends associated with Deepavali.  Some of the most popular ones are the defeat of the devil Narakasura by Lord Krishna or the return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom after defeating Ravana. Even though many stories are connected to this festival, the main gist of every story typically translates to the victory of good over bad. This is the reason why feelings of forgiveness and unity are encouraged on Deepawali.


How can you celebrate Deepavali in Singapore?

Celebrated Happy Diwali 2021
Celebrated Happy Diwali 2021


Over the years, Singapore has developed its unique and grand style of celebrating Deepawali. If you are planning to celebrate this year with your friends and family, here’s how you can make the most of the festival of lights in Singapore:

  • Get mesmerized with colorful lights 

Deepawali, in literal terms, translates to a festival of lamps, so how can we ignore the ethereal light show at the Serangoon road? Stroll around the street and you can experience the real spirit of Diwali in the majestic peacocks, lamps, lotuses, and other dazzling lights all over the street. This is the perfect spot to click all those sparkling Diwali pictures to share on various social media platforms.

Singapore’s Indian Heritage center has planned a special Diwali event with both online and offline events to celebrate the festival with the entire community. The festivities don’t end here, IHC has also planned short films, guides, and stories of the origin of Deepawali to explain the history of the Deepawali celebration. And if you want to enjoy a special treat, there will be a replica of the Diwali-lit Campbell lane featured in IHC’s event arena.

  • It’s all about the decorations

A festival means decorations all over your house. The week leading up to Diwali begins with cleaning your house and prepping for all the decorations. Traditionally, on the day of Deepawali, people wake up early for a special oil bath and make beautiful rangolis outside their homes with colorful fine powders and flowers. Use this opportunity to plan a fun rangoli-making session with your kids and ignite your hidden creativity. Visit Campbell street to buy clay lamps and other Diwali necessities to create a more customary and aesthetic celebration. And if you are confused with the obsession with lights, Lighting lamps in the house on Diwali signifies inviting positive energy in the house.

Nowadays, people also use electronic lights, rangoli stencils as well as wax or electronic diyas for convenience. How you decorate your house completely depends on your preferences, so there are no hard rules.

  • Go on a shopping spree

How can you click the best Diwali pictures without wearing the best traditional clothes? This makes for the most perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree and get your hands on all those dazzling clothes. Whether it is Kurtas, Silk Sarees, or flowy lehengas, you can find everything while taking a walk in the lanes of Little India. You can choose from a range of colorful ethnic clothes from various street shops in the Tekka market to create your best Diwali attire. You can also adorn intricate henna tattoos, that you can easily find in the Indian shops at Little India.

  • Gorge on delicious food

Deepawali is the occasion to eat and share delicious food with your friends and family. Gulab jamun, Jalebi, Halwa, Kaju Katli, and Ladoos are the perfect sweets to fill your plate with. If you are a rice lover, Little India is also organizing a Biryani Fiesta till 21st November with special discounts and offers in multiple restaurants. For the street food admirers, do not forget to try the popular Indian street foods from stalls in Little India for a wholesome culinary experience.

  • Visit spectacular Temples

If you are someone who enjoys visiting enchanting temples to enjoy the divine aura, you can visit a number of temples in Singapore. Sri Mariamman Temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and Sri Thendayuthapani temples are some of the most significant Hindu temples that you can visit in Singapore. On the occasion of Diwali, people like to visit temples to offer their prayers and seek blessings from the Hindu gods. It is the perfect opportunity to admire the decades-old architectural marvels and floral decorations on these traditional temples. 

DIY Deepavali gift ideas 2021

Diwali Gifts
Diwali Gifts



There’s something so charming about exchanging festive gifts with your near and dear ones. But if you are still confused about your Diwali gifts, here are some DIY ideas to impress your family members or friends.

  • Tealight holder

You won’t believe how easy it is to create those tiny tealight holders so that you can literally give light to someone.  You can use small metal or glass cups and decorate them with shells. For a more festive aura, add some shiny crystals or paint them golden. Such an illuminating gift is bound to touch people’s hearts.

  • Sweetbox

Why choose one when you can have a complete box full of sweets? For the people with massive sweet tooths, you can create a wholesome sweetbox filled with traditionally made Indian sweets or add any sweet of your choice. Use that leftover cardboard or box stored somewhere in the corner of your house to create a personalized sweetbox. 

  • Handmade soaps

Handmade soaps with alluring scents make the most perfect gifts for the hygiene freaks. The best part about handmade soaps is that you can add organic ingredients as well as unique scents to your soaps. In this way, you can make soaps while keeping in mind the most favorite ingredients of the person that you are gifting. For instance, you can add coffee beans or orange peel to your soaps for the most heavenly scents. 

  • Rangoli kit

What is a better way to bond than having a fun rangoli-making competition? You can easily create an organic rangoli-making kit with the help of rice powder, both dried and fresh flowers, turmeric, and leaves. In this way, you can ensure the best eco-friendly rangolis adorning various houses. 

  • DIY diyas

You can use a number of ingredients to create some cute diyas, which can be lit on Diwali. If you can’t get your hands on clay, use some homemade dough to create the most creative diyas for gifts. Decorating diyas is very easy with the help of colors, shells, or even beads that you can easily find in an old necklace or jewelry item.

  • DIY eyeliner

Did you know that natural eyeliner or kajal making is also a part of traditional Diwali rituals followed in India? Many people still believe that it’s auspicious to create homemade kajal on Diwali. This kajal is completely organic and is soothing for the eyes. You can easily create your kajal with the help of almonds and some wax. And guess what? It is the perfect gift to give to your friends who enjoy natural makeup. 

  • Homemade snacks

There’s hardly any person who doesn’t normally enjoy snacks. It is common to make a variety of Indian snacks on Diwali for a typical Indian household. Snacks like Chakli, Ladoos, or Farsan are some of the most common homemade Diwali delicacies. It is common to exchange a plate of snacks among neighbors on Deepawali. Just like a sweetbox, you can even create a snack box with an assortment of homemade snacks. Decorate your snack boxes with ribbons or threads for a more festive look.

How to order online Deepavali gifts in Singapore?

How to Order Diwali Gifts
How to Order Diwali Gifts



Although DIY gifts are an amazing option, not all of us have the time or creativity to design every gift. For such people, ordering gifts online can be the most helpful solution during the festive season. By ordering gifts online, you can ensure that it reaches your loved ones on time, especially if they stay far.

Nowadays, there are a number of websites where you can choose your gift type according to your budget. Once you have decided on the gift, just add the address of the person that you want to send the gift to, complete the payment, and you are done!

You can visit Floweradvisor for a range of gift items or flowers which are perfect for Diwali gifts. Under the Deepawali section of Floweradvisor, you can find a wide variety of packages and gift hampers. On the special occasion of Deepawali, FlowerAdvisor is offering some special Diwali discounts on their gift hampers and packages.

Here are some of the fun Diwali gift hampers  from our website, that you can choose from:

  1. https://www.floweradvisor.com.sg/hampers/deepavali-hampers-sg-fa21315

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Diwali gift, you can opt for this specially curated hamper. Inside this package, you will find all the Diwali essentials like decoratives, chocolates, Masala Mix, cookies, Muruku, and sparkling juice.

For the floral enthusiasts, this box full of purple roses and yellow gerberas adds the most vibrant Diwali touch. It’s specially designed, keeping the theme and colors of Deepawali in mind. At the same time, flowers also tend to create a more festive aura on any occasion.

For health and fitness enthusiasts, this specially crafted hamper is filled with seasonal fruits and flowers. You can opt for this unique gift item to go for a more organic choice. After all the rich and flavourful dishes, this healthy hamper will be a breath of fresh air for any person. 

If you are looking to opt for some premium drinks and food, you can go for this wholesome option with premium gift items. A package in which you can expect a bottle of red wine, chocolates, a multi-purpose basket, Murukku, Masala mix, Honey, Soan papdi along with fairy lights, and other Diwali decoratives. Since this hamper comes with fairy lights and Diwali decoratives, this gift is perfect to introduce the festival of lights to your friends and colleagues. 

If you are looking for a unique and practical hamper for your special relatives and friends, you have found your match. Aptly titled- Dashing Hamper- this gift package comes with Morries Glass blender, Mint Parfait, Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky, Seaweed coated peanuts, Belgium chocolate, pistachios, sparkling juice, Murukku, cashew nuts, and many more premium delicacies. 

This hamper is for the ones who want to celebrate the occasion of Deepawali with a grand and unique note. This gift item covers all the special requirements of this festival to enjoy this celebration to the fullest.