Hari Raya is the day, which marks the completion of the Islamic holy month code-named Ramadan. In Singapore it is famous as Aidilfitri or Hari Raya puasa.

Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, kindness, calmness, and good deeds. It is a period of turning away from self-serving activities and elevating faith in God and turning towards the almighty. It is a time when one puts their mind and heart away from sin and fleshly desires. 

Hari Raya is a valuable and significant festival and it is celebrated with all joy by all Muslims across the world.  The word “Hari Raya” means the  “day of celebration”. Hari Raya is often misguided as the beginning of the ” New year” for Muslims, but it is not. It manifests the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

On this occasion, the majority of Muslims offer prayers and make wishes by visiting the mosque and seek forgiveness.

People decorate their homes with flowers, lights, and lamps. It is an auspicious day for Muslims in which they make sweet massive feasts, decorations, and happy gifts.


What is the meaning of selamat Hari Raya?

Hari Raya marks the end of Ramadan. In some parts of the world, it is known as Eid al-Fitr but in Singapore, it is famous as “Hari Raya”.

“Selamat Hari Raya” is the custom of greeting used by Singaporean and Malaysian which means “Happy Hari Raya” and “Maaf Zahir dan Baten” which means “I seek forgiveness from you”.

In Malaysia and Singapore, “Eid Mubarak” is said as “Hari Raya”.


Top seven Hari Raya Etiquettes and Rules

Thinking of visiting a friend, family, or acquaintance on the occasion of Hari Raya! Well, every little thing in this world has its own way of doing something, which is considered right or wrong. Hari Raya is one of the major festivals of Muslims across the world, obviously, it has certain rules and regulations which should be followed accordingly otherwise it will lose its essence.

There is a brief on etiquettes of Hari Raya being given, Just give it a read.

1. Dress code

There is not any particular color associated with Hari Raya, you are free as a bird to choose an outfit of your own choice. Being your own kind of beautiful is mandatory. As it is a major festival vibrant colors are appreciated. The prime focus of you should be on the dress type if possible try to go all traditional, flaunt your ethnicity. Take note that you should refrain from wearing shorts, mini skirts, crop tops, etc. As they all are casual dressing. One more thing to take care of is that you should take off your shoes while entering the house as it is a nice gesture.

2. Greetings

When you have reached your destination make sure whenever you make eye contact don’t be late or hesitate to greet the person with a gentle voice, “Selamat Hari Raya” which translation is “happy joyous day or happy Hari Raya”. You can encounter another version too which is “Eid Mubarak” which means “blessed celebration” in Arabic. You might have seen a Muslim taking elder’s hand kissing on it, you can do the same if you are comfortable but make sure that you should not do this kind of gesture on the opposite gender as cross-gender contact is frowned upon. The simple yet best option to greet is to wish “Selamat Hari Raya” or for the same gender, you can shake hands.

3. The Gifts

If you are being invited to celebrate this joyous occasion, it is a good manner for one to not go empty-handed. Please make sure you are getting worthy presents as this festival is all about purity and cleanliness of heart, soul, body, and home too. You can buy drinks and snacks but make a note that it should be alcohol-free, alcohol consumption is barred in Ramadan. You can get a fresh flower bouquet for the family who has invited you to share their moment of happiness with you. Fresh flowers bouquet, Eggless cakes, chocolates are some of the safest choices to get as a gift on the occasion of Hari Raya.

4. Be a helper


It is quite obvious that on the day of the festival there must be a pile of work to do. You can provide assistance to your host by taking your own plates to the kitchen, or if you wish you can wash it too. This will not only leave good footprints on their heart, they will be grateful towards you for your heartfulness.

5. The way to dine

You have to be punctual and disciplined while joining the table to dine. As it is of utmost importance how you are behaving on the dining table as it will show your habits and behavior. Make certain that you must wash your hands before taking the meal. Always use your right hands to pass the meal or to eat or to hold anything like the right hand is considered as pure and clean while left is considered as impure and untidy.

6. Wear a Mask

As we all are aware of the current situation of the World, everybody is fighting the global pandemic. It is important to make yourself and others safe. If you are visiting your friends, family, or relatives, keep a check on essential items in this time of pandemic that is masks and sanitizers. Wear a fresh mask, try to not pull it out unless it is very important and make sure you are maintaining a distance from everybody present at the party, don’t forget to sanitize your hands often.

7. Try not to stay for too long

Keep in your mind that you should not exceed your visiting hour unnecessarily. As it creates a sense of burden on you as well as the person who has invited you. Make sure you complete all your activities in a limited time and should not give a point of complaint. Be happy and punctual and don’t forget to greet, “Selamat Hari Raya”.


What do you give on Hari Raya?

Hari Raya gives you the best chance to leave imprints on the heart of your loved ones. It creates an opportunity to make an everlasting impression in the hearts of your loved ones. Make sure you don’t let it go all in vain. All you have to do is to make a little effort for your close ones.

As it is an eagerly awaited and most widely celebrated festival in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, this day provides an extra reason to stay happy, Joyous and to fill colors and happiness in the life of your near and dear ones. The best way to shower love for your beloved is to give them countless blessings and wonderful Hari Raya hampers on this occasion.

You can make your mind more clear on what to get for your loved ones for Hari Raya from the list given below. So do not stress, take a chill pill and select one from the given options 


1. Sweets

Hari Raya is a sweet festival and to get sweets for your loved one is one of the best options. Make your bond sweeter by getting your friends, family and relatives a box of sweets. This is the perfect way to shower sweetness on your loved ones with amazing delights.

2. Beautiful apparels


What is a festival without a new vibrant attire? Sounds dull! Get your family and friends lovely clothes that are full of happy colors to make their body and soul go all merry. Clothes would make a great Hari Raya gift.

3. Dry fruits and chocolates

They are the best way to convey your heartiest feelings to your loved ones. No one is there who would not grin by getting a box full of Chocolates and dry fruits. Dry fruits will keep you all healthy and chocolates will alter the bad mood and turn into a rapturous one. Getting a box of Chocolates is the Sweetest gift one can consider giving. It will surely and certainly going to put a smile on your near and dear one’s face.

4. Gift hampers

A hamper consists of numerous things from flowers to artifacts to decorative items. You can design your hamper according to your preference. Hampers will make your loved one’s heart all swell with love and warmth for you. Gift hampers have the ability to make a place in one’s heart. Especially when it is personalized. So what’s causing you so late? Gear up and select a gift according to your choice and your loved one’s preference. Floweradvisor has all the solutions, you can get your favorite kind of gift and personalized items on this platform while getting the smooth delivery along. 


Celebrate Ramadan with these delightful Hari Raya hampers

1. Festival Ramadan hampers

Make this holy festival magical by getting this exclusive hamper for your near and dear ones. It includes non-alcoholic cocktails with two different flavors, Ferrero rocher chocolates, and various other chocolates such as latte and assortment chocolates.

2. Delightful Ramadhan

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family. May the almighty accept your prayers and bless you to the bits.

This Ramadhan gets your loved one this delightful hamper which includes different types of chocolates and the plus point is that it is all halal.

3. Sweet Greetings

May you all be blessed this Ramadhan. Buy this hamper and make everyone’s face lit up with happiness. This hamper consists of Juice, chocolates, cookies, and different types of snacks.

4. Glorious Sunshine

As the name suggests so does the hamper will do. It is gonna create a ray of sunshine into the hearts of your loved ones. This hamper consists of gerberas and sunflowers. Flowers are going to make your loved ones feel all fresh and calm.

5. All-time gift

May this Hari Raya brings all happiness to your door, may the happy vibes be everywhere around you. An all-time gift hamper is a perfect choice and it has items such as juice, dates, chocolates, chickpeas, almonds, chips, and cheese roll. It is a complete package of delightfulness and does not compromise one’s health

6. Ethnin

On the occasion of a holy festival, wishing you a day filled with love and laughter. This hamper consists of candies, rolls, chocolates, snacks, non-alcoholic cocktails. Get this hamper and make everyone happy and healthy.

7. Celebrate Hari Raya

May this eid bring joy and love to your heart. It is a wholesome gift for your near and dear ones. It contains Ferrero rocher, dark chocolate, white coffee cookies, all these are halal items.


Wonderful quotes on Hari Raya 

The Quran
The Quran


  • May your and your loved one’s life be light up with happiness, love, and laughter on this Hari Raya 
  • Wishing you all good health, wealth, and prosperity this Hari Raya.
  • May this Hari Raya be a super spreader of contentment in your life.
  • May this Hari Raya make your eyes shine and heart all swell with love and warmth.
  • This season of forgiveness, may bring immense peace and prosperity to your home.
  • May this festival bring the best out of everything you do.
  • This season, God forgives us for all our misdeeds and fills our heart with gratitude and humanity. Humanity is all that binds us together as a global citizen. Love all peace out.