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    As we live in a modern era now, most people are doing their activities with technology. One of the example is a gadget. No one can live without gadgets now. We can find everything that we want in a gadget. Gadgets are used by certain kind of age now, even from a very young age. So, as a mother, before your children become “too addict” with technology, there is a way to solve that problem. Making various of flower crafts is one of the great idea. What are they?

    1. Cork-Stamped Flowers

    Cork-Stamped Flowers
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    Cork-stamped flowers are addictive to make. We dont need many things to make this done. All you needs are: some corks, papers, buttons,and paints. First, you must make a stamp. Just simply assemble some of the corks on the flat surface and secure with a rubber band. Then just put some paints, as many colors as you can. Last, cut a piece of paper into a flower shape. Stamp them into paper, wait until its dry and done!

    2. Paper Plate Flowers

    easy paper plate flower
    Paper Plate Flowers


    These cheerful flowers were so easy to make too. Its a simple craft but help your children creative in learning: painting, colour-mixing, shape recognition, cutting, and gluing. First, prepare paper plate, glue, scissors, paint brush and paint. Cut the edge of the paper plate and cut them into several pieces.Make them into chunky pieces. Then, paint them with some colors (ps. You can also mixed it!) along with the center of the plate. Glued those chunky pieces one by one into the center plate and voilaa…! Beautiful flowers are done to make!

    3. Spring Centerpiece

    flower crafts
    Spring Centerpiece


    This crafts are beautiful to made.You can hang it on the window as a decoration of your house.  All you needs are: assorted dry twigs/branches, rubber band, white paint, paintbrush, tissue paper in spring colours, glue and ribbon. First, paint the twigs into a white color. Then, cutting the tissue paper up into 2 to 3 inches. When the twigs were dry, secured them together with a rubber band. Last, crumpling tissue paper and glued them into the twigs.

    4. Homemade Greeting Cards

    Paper Flowers Greeting Card for Kids
    Homemade Greeting Cards


    There’s another way to make a greeting card with paper flower. How? These are all you needs: coloured card stock or construction paper for the flowers, green card stock or construction paper for the stems, scissors, glue, plain piece of card stock for the card. To make the flowers, you need to draw some circles on the coloured paper. Cut larger circles for the flowers and smaller circles for the centre of the flowers. After that, you need to make the stems. Draw several straight lines on a square of green paper. Then, glued them one by one and make them into some flower shape. Last, fold a piece of paper into a half and decorate it with the flowers.. and done!

    So, here are some paper crafts that help your children to become creative in many things. They can learn color mixing, cutting, coloring, shaping and so on. Any other ideas that can help your children become creative? Drop your opinions here! Let’s help our children growing in a better way for their future.