flower delivery service
Flower delivery service


A lot of people use flower delivery services nowadays. It is especially when they want to buy flowers or send them to the recipients. This service will ensure that the flowers are still fresh. They will send and receive good quality.
Flowers are not only a garden decoration in your home garden and grow wild. However, fresh flowers are one of the gifts that make anyone who receives them happy. However, because flowers are living things, they can be very fragile and easy to break.

That is why; using the professional flower delivery service is really important. They will make the flowers are always fresh. Sometimes maybe you want to know how they do it. Here are some excellent ways are done by the delivery service.

Preparing the Flowers

flower delivery Singapore
Flower delivery Singapore


The most important thing to do in maintaining the freshness of flowers during the trip, of course, is to maintain the temperature where the flowers are stored. The right temperature to maintain flower freshness is around 1 to 24 degrees Celsius.
To keep the temperature stable, you can store flowers in special storage such as a showcase or refrigerator. It is what a flower delivery will also do. When the flowers are going to be used, you can cut the stems of the flowers to keep them fresh.

It’s better if you do this when the flowers are dipped in water. There will be no air enters the stems which can accelerate the flowers to wither. In addition, you can also cut leaves from flowers so that the withered leaves do not invite fungi and bacteria.
This of course can damage the flowers. These things are important to do to maintain freshness, but also save space/container used to send flowers.

You can use a rubber band to tie them so that the flowers are not scattered. Wrap the flowers in cloth and plastic to keep the water content in the flowers from evaporating. The flower delivery does it for all their flower collections.

Moving Flowers

To make the flowers do not get messy during the trip; place the flowers lying down in the right container. The container that you can choose is a container like cardboard. Please make sure the length of the container is the same as the length of the flower.
Apart from that, fresh flowers can also be moved in a container such as a bucket. Fill the bucket with water to keep the flowers fresh. To prevent the bucket from moving, the flower delivery can place heavy objects in order to keep the bucket in position.
Keep the flowers in good condition and keep them out of the direct sun. It will make them are not withering quickly. These methods may be too difficult to be done by yourself; that is why; using professional delivery is more recommended.

Use Professional Delivery

Those are the tips for maintaining the freshness of flowers before delivery and maintaining the freshness of flowers during delivery. At last, you must also use professional delivery. Choosing a Professional Shipping can be confusing. You need the right strategy to do it.

All you need to remember is to make sure a flower delivery platform can be made anywhere and anytime. It must have a sturdy and temperature-resistant container. The professional couriers must be trained in handling various types of goods including flowers.

This criterion needs to be fulfilled considering that flowers are living things. They are very easily damaged due to various external and internal factors triggered by inadequate delivery conditions. You need to consider this factor since the flower is a special gift.

Items could be sent

A flower delivery service can send various different items. The most popular is for sure the flower bouquet. Various different flowers can be arranged into a beautiful bouquet. Besides that, other options are also available to you. They are suitable for any occasion.

The examples are like the flower table. This item comes together with a beautiful vase. Besides that, this delivery service can also send various kinds of hampers. These are for some special moments such as Christmas, newborn, women’s day, etc.
Besides that, you can also order the standing flower for any aim. It can be for condolence or congratulating new business. You can order, send, and get those items safely. That is why; choosing professional flower delivery is always crucial.