Celebrate Christmas in Many Country
Celebrate Christmas in Many Country

Christmas is a moment of joy that occurs globally. Every culture has its way of celebrating Christmas to make this thoughtful occasion becomes memorable. As it falls on December 25th every year, how different countries celebrate Christmas is seen through festivals, parades, parties, or even ordinary activities, like gift-giving or home decorating. It happens anywhere with excitement from its participant.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about each tradition of Christmas around the world, this is the right place to unveil anything you need to know about how countries celebrate Christmas by their own may. What makes it interesting is that some countries have a unique tradition regarding this highly anticipated holiday season.

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How Different Countries Celebrate the Joy of Christmas

Japan: Christmas Dinner at KFC

Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner

Japan is one of the most exciting places when it comes to a holiday destinations.  Fun fact regarding Japan, Christmas celebration is still relatively new there. Unlike other countries that see it as a religious holiday, Most Japanese people see Christmas as a time to spread joy with their partner. It’s more like a romantic day, like Valentine’s Day. For Christmas dinner, they would choose KFC over a big feast they cook themselves.

Slovakia: Carp for Dinner

There’s a difference between Japan and Slovakia, when it comes to Christmas dinner. If having dinner at KFC is what most people in Japan do, the tradition is different in Slovakia. People in Central Europe, including Slovakia, would enjoy carp for this holiday celebration instead of enjoying fast-food dishes. This has been a long-time tradition there. Rumour has it, a carp for dinner will bring luck and good fortune for the coming year.

Poland: Start the Eve with a Pre-Dinner Wafer

A Christmas Eve dinner must be a celebration with a big feast. However, in Poland, there’s a unique tradition before enjoying the main course at the Eve dinner by sharing an Oplatek. This is a Nativity-printed wafer. It made of flour that comes in paper-thin size. Each participant has to break off the wafer into a piece while sharing a holiday greeting with others.

Sweden: St. Lucia’s Processions

St. Lucia’s Day is necessary part of the Christmas celebration in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. This event happens as a dedication to a woman who was one of the first Christian martyrs. St. Lucia’s Day involves candlelit processions where the eldest girl in each family impersonates St. Lucia by her looks. They will carry a candle during the processions.

Ethiopia: Christmas Processions

Candlelit processions during the holiday season also occur in Ethiopia. This event is called Ganna or Genna. People in Ethiopia celebrate Christmas by holding a Ganna or Genna on January 7th, based on the Ethiopian Orthodox Calendar. Each participant has to wear a thin white shawl during the processions. Unlike other countries where sending Christmas gifts like gourmet hampers has become a tradition, people in Ethiopia will focus on church, games, and food.

Greece: Decorating Christmas Trees

Decorating Christmas trees has been a popular activity to welcome this special occasion. However, people in the seafaring country of Greece do it further by adding boats as a part of the decoration. This exciting activity is connected to Greece’s legend that the first ever Christmas tree along with the boat carried by King Otto 1833, was discovered there.

Philippines: Holding a Nochebuena Party

Ahead of the holiday season, Filipinos are busy preparing for a massive event in their country that is called Nochebuena. Each participant will dance and feast during the Nochebuena. Decorations take a big part during the celebration where the venue is filled with parol and star lanterns.

Germany: Night Stroll at Christmas Markets

Nothing is more exciting than enjoying a night stroll at Germany’s Christmas Markets. You can satisfy your shopping enthusiasm by buying a mug from local artisans, mulled wine, or street foods at festive outdoor markets in Germany. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, like hampers, this is the right destination to go to.

Austria: Cosplaying as Krampus

Some countries usually hold a big parade during the holiday season, including Austria. There’s something unique about a Christmas parade in Austria.  In some places, people dress up as the scary character “Krampus” to hunt for naughty kids. This cosplay is for fun only.

England: Hang Stockings on Bed

Rumour says Santa would visit on Christmas night to send a gift for kids. Even though this is fiction, children in England hang their stockings at the end of their beds to ensure Santa would find the house fireplace. As the result, they will get a sweet surprise the next morning.

Switzerland: Parents Give Advent Calendars for Their Children

There are numerous ways to send Christmas gift for children in Switzerland. Advent Calendars have gained popularity in recent years there. Parents ideally use this gift idea for their children. Anyone can personalize this thoughtful Christmas gift by considering children’s interests. an Advent Calendar is filled with a new surprise treat they can treasure every day until Christmas Eve. How interesting!

Singapore: Lights are Displayed in Certain Districts

If you want witnessing a jaw-dropping Christmas decorations in Southeast Asia, you can go to Singapore. This country’s busiest shopping district, Orchard Road, has been displaying light decorations during the holiday season. You can also visit Gardens on the Bay to meet the Christmas village display there.

Celebrate Christmas with Gifts

Christmas is a perfect time to treat people we love with a thoughtful gift. No matter how different countries celebrate Christmas, sending gifts for family and friends is always acceptable during this full-of-joy celebration. There are plenty of options you can consider choosing for a gift-giving idea, either order it offline or online to cut out times. In Singapore and other countries, it’s always possible to get Christmas hampers with your sincere message inside the gift. This act will remain togetherness and always be successful to enhance the excitement of enjoying the holiday season that will never go out of style. Therefore, although separated by distances, gifts are ideal to reflect a Christmas.

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