Celebrate Valentine Day
Celebrate Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. As 2021 is about to end soon, there are upcoming events that we’re going to face in the future. After celebrating New Year Eve with a triumphant party, in February, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. We bet almost all of you who have already met your partner anticipate this event and hype it a lot. Come take a look at things that we suggest you do with your lover during Valentine’s Day in Singapore!

About Valentine’s Day

About Valentine Day
About Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day has been a popular event that everyone is familiar with. Every year, in February, this event will fall, giving a moment for any of lovey-dovey couple to show their feeling to each other. But, do you know that this event is also called Saint Valentine’s Day?

Yup, also being popular as “the month of love”, this celebration is classified as a holiday in some regions. Falls on February 14, there is a story behind why February 14th becomes the holiday. It was during the end of the 5th century where the event has been suggested as a holiday since the Roman festival of Lupercalia. At that moment, the festival was being celebrated by pairing women and men based on a lottery.

Later, Pope Gelasius forbid the celebration of the festival for some reason, then replaced it with something that we know nowadays a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. This year, this precious day to express your love towards your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé will be celebrated on Monday, February 14, 2022

Best things to do in Singapore for Valentine’s Day

How to Celebrate Valentine Day
How to Celebrate Valentine Day

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, we want to make it extra-special to satisfy our beloved ones. There are plenty of activities that every couple usually does during this sweet day, especially in Singapore. From doing traditional romantic activities, such as having dinner or exchanging gifts, to doing a little more creative activity that you have never done before, they all good to spend your day on February 14th.

A bit confused about what to do during Valentine’s Day? Don’t let your partner be disappointed. Make them satisfied with your romantic act during this special day that only occurs once a year. So, below this, we give you some tips to satisfy your partner once February 14th arrives.

  1. Romantic dinner

A romantic dinner has been a part of traditional Valentine’s Day activities that most couples around the world will do, including Singapore. Celebrating the month of love won’t be completed without surrounding yourself in a restaurant that provides a romantic vibe, exclusive for you and your partner.

  1. Give them a gift

There are some ways to express your affection towards the one you fall in love. On February 14th, a meaningful gift would make the night special for your partner. Treat them with a romantic gift that the inspiration you can take from anywhere.

  1. Send them a handmade box of chocolates

One fact about Valentine’s Day is that few countries celebrate it uniquely, for example, Japan. In Japan, there is a tradition to send your partner a box of chocolates made by yourself. Chocolate never goes wrong to express sincere love. Even though you live in Singapore, you can also take this inspiration and make it yours.

  1. Doing a night drive

To complete the night, make your day with your partner becomes the one that both of you hard to forget by doing a night drive. You can spend your time driving without knowing the destination. Doing a deep talk while going anywhere in Singapore gives both of you time to get more personal.

  1. Go on a cinema date

Watching a movie with your partner is one of the best things to do. Same as a romantic dinner, this one belongs as an activity idea during Valentine’s Day. So, go ask your partner about the movie they want to watch on February 14th.

  1. Cook together

Are you bored with mediocre activities that most couples do on February 14th? Maybe this one can help you. Yup, you can invite your partner to cook together. There are plenty of Singapore food recipes that are easy to make, so they are perfect for you and your partner who never tried to cook beforehand. If you find it’s hard to cook, you can join the virtual cooking class as well.

  1. Relax yourself in a romantic bath

Valentine’s Day could be tiresome for both of you who face daily circumstances. Work can bring you stress, so you need to get rid of it on this special day. Turning on the warm water, add your favorite bath bomb, and completing it with aromatherapy candles is perfect to create the romantic bath you dreamed of with your partner.

Gift ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Singapore

Gift for Valentine Day
Gift for Valentine Day

As we mentioned above, sending a romantic gift is a part of the best thing to do during the month of love. If you live in Singapore, you would never be confused about picking the right gift idea for your partner because the inspirations are so many.

First, if you look for a gift that is named classic, you can gift your beloved ones a flower bouquet that you can find at any of the florists in Singapore. FlowerAdvisor provides a variety of flower bouquets, well-designed for your romantic occasion.

Second, jewelry never goes wrong when it comes to romantic gifts. Any woman loves it if their partner surprises them with a box of jewelry, such as a ring, bracelet, and necklace. So, you can choose this one.

Third, a non-physical gift is also recommended. Make them shocked by showing them a ticket to go on vacation they never expected before. You can bring your partner to any of the great places in Singapore or fly overseas to the country both of you want.

The last one, does your partner have anything on their wish list? If so, you can make their wish list come true by making it your gift idea on Valentine.


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