How to Arrange Flowers on a Table
How to Arrange Flowers on a Table

Flowers do not only belong to house plants, but they’re further than that. They have the versatility that is good for many occasions. Believe it or not, a flower reflects many purposes apart from the fact that it’s indeed beautiful to wrapped as a gift. If you want to add color to your space, a flower table arrangement is a great item you need to consider.

What is the flower table arrangement?

Flower Table
Flower Table

Talking about the flower, we’re about to unveil many facts regarding one of this most beautiful God’s creatures. If many people have already familiar with the use of this item as a gift that is perfect to be given on any of special days, for example, Valentine Day, wedding anniversary, birthday party, or many many, you can also arrange some flower petals and arrange it as a table decoration that will please the eyes.

Based on its name, flowers or floral table arrangement is a part of home decorating ideas. Besides using various decoration items that are usually recommended to improve the ambiance of the room, such as vases and candles pillar, people can also use a few flower petals that are being crafted until they are all collected as a bouquet. Not an ordinary bouquet, instead of being handed, this type of bouquet is planned to be placed on the table in your room.

In other words, the floral table arrangement consists of flowers whose shapes, color schemes, types, and moods are highly considered, so it could fit well with the atmosphere of the room or the event. When it comes to an arrangement that uses flowers on it, you need to harmonize each of the petals and other additional items.

Type of floral table arrangement

Type of Floral Arrangement
Type of Floral Arrangement

Creating a table arrangement for an event is such an exciting thing to do. For this, a flower bouquet never goes wrong to provide mood and add colors to the room. Most importantly, it can complete the theme that you want for your event or if there’s no special event you’re holding at the moment, it could complete your room decoration.

Do you know the flowers table arrangement consists of several types? Yup, if you thought all you got to do is only wrap up a few species of flower until it becomes the beautiful arrangement for decoration, you’re wrong.

The list goes on when it comes to different types of floral arrangements that are great to be placed on the table. The majority of the types are usually being classified depending on what kind of event that you’re conducting. For example, if you’re hosting a luxury-themed party or gala, you may need to use centerpieces.

Centerpieces have belonged to the flowers table arrangement that most people use nowadays. How about others? Here are other types of this decoration items you need to know.

  1. Bar arrangement

As we mentioned earlier, flower decorating can stand for many occasions or events. Not only perfect to be placed at a gala party, a bar arrangement proves that this decoration item is suitable to improve the ambiance of the bar. Using the item, could draw guests to a new location and attract them to visit. Bar arrangements are most notably noticed on the top of the bar, the purpose is to flank the busy and happening area.

  1. Bud vases

Table arrangements that use flower petals usually need to be placed in a vase. Among others, bud vases are classified as a miniature version of another floral arrangement. Mostly, bud vases accompany centerpieces or bar arrangements. It consists of the same color scheme, mood, and style.

  1. Long and low

There are many shape options to arrange table decoration that takes flowers as the material. Besides centerpieces that people have easily known, there is a long and low version of it, as same as its name, comes in the long size, rectangular vase, and close to the surface.

DIY flowers table arrangement, 5 easy steps to do!

How to DIY Flower Table Arrangement

After knowing some facts regarding floral table decoration, you may be interested in having one for your room or event that you’re producing at the moment. But, the question is, “do I need to buy it or arrange it on my own?”

Well, as a decoration item, you have the freedom to arrange your own flowers table arrangement. It can improve your creativity, and most importantly, you can save your budget. Here we will explain to you step-by-step to arrange this beautiful item.

  1. Provide the materials

Arranging a flower table decoration does not need many materials. All you have to provide are just a tiny-sized rigid box, cellophane, scissors, florist foam, foliage, and obviously, the flowers themselves. The species depend on your preference.

  1. Soaking the florist foam

If you have already provided all the materials, you can continue with soaking the florist foam. Pop it into a sink full of water, then patiently wait until it becomes heavy so it can be easy to cut.

  1. Snug it into the box

After you got the florist foam became heavy and easy to cut, snug it into the box that you provided earlier. Don’t forget to line the box with cellophane beforehand.

  1. Add the foliage

Your box is ready. Now, prepare the foliage by stripping the leaves from each other stem. After that, add the foliages into the box. Make sure that they are all at least 5 cm into the foam so the angle would be perfect in the end.

  1. Place the flowers

If you think the angle of the box is good enough after adding foliage with the same height, now you can add the flowers into it. Play mix and match during this step until you get the best look and angle you want.

Finally, your flowers table arrangement is ready. Check your design from every angle to ensure that all the foams are hidden, because it can ruin the overall look of your table arrangement. If you want to buy flowers visit for best flower delivery singapore