How To Buy Carnation Flower
How To Buy Carnation Flower

Flowers come with a beautiful appearance that makes them perfectly crafted as a gift for those who you think special. If the purpose is to gift express your love towards someone, we recommend you to buy carnation flower.

Things you need to know about carnation

All About Carnation
All About Carnation

We live in a world that provides us with many heart-captivating creatures from God. For example, flowers that their types appeared anywhere. That’s great because flowers can reflect many things. If you want to express your love, try sending them a flower bouquet.

Flowers stand for their meaning. Among flower types out there, a carnation is the most special one. A flower of carnation even has its predicate as “Dianthus caryophyllus” that although it’s kind of difficult to understand the meaning of it, the predicate means Zeus or God. So, in other words, carnation is a flower of God.

We don’t need to doubt the gorgeousness of a carnation. What makes this flower that has been existed million years ago interesting is the fact that says it belongs to the oldest cultivated flowers in the world.

Carnation, at that time, during Ancient Greece, was worn as ceremonial garlands or as decorations items to complete coronations. This fact also relates to the actual meaning of where the name “carnation” came.

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Type of Carnation
Type of Carnation

As a flower of God, carnation is not an ordinary flower type. Even though the meaning behind this beautiful flower is way different from others, there’s a similarity that a carnation is belong as one of the best gift ideas.

Yup, if you think sending someone a flower bouquet, for example, red roses or purple tulips, are too mediocre, try gifting them a bunch of carnation petals will make the gift become more standout.

However, before deciding to buy carnation flower that, fortunately, is available online, especially if you’re in Singapore, you need to know what each carnation colors stand for, so the message could be well-delivered to those you send.

  1. White carnation

Who loves white? White is classified as the holy color that appears in many things, flowers are not the exception. White in a carnation flower means purity. The white carnation is suitable to be crafted as a gift if your relative is getting married. Buy carnation flower in this color, which means you congratulate the new couple.

  1. Red carnation

Red is described as the color that represents brave. In roses, red symbolizes love and passion, so is the red carnation. Even though there’s no similarity between those two in their appearance, but the meaning is surprisingly the same. This makes this color of a carnation is recommended to be sent to your lover.

  1. Pink carnation

Mostly, women are passionate about anything that comes in pink color. Pink is the perfect color to show how feminine a woman is. However, in carnation colors, pink represents the love of a mother. That’s why a pink carnation becomes a gift that often appeared during Mother’s Day.

  1. Green carnation

Due to its long-time period of life, carnations are also perfect to be gifted at an annual event, but in one of specific color only. In carnation flower that comes in green, this color is great for St. Patrick Day.

How to take care carnations?

How to Take Care Carnation
How to Take Care Carnation

Among other flower species, carnations are named as the ones that are easiest to be maintained. With minimal effort, you can grow carnations that spark beautiful petals. If you’re interested in planting carnations by yourself, here are the tips:

  1. We suggest you cut carnations stems several weeks after it planted to prevent them to wither.
  2. Watering is a part of taking care of plants that needs to do. Water the flowers two or three times a week. Make sure don’t lead them overwatering.
  3. To make the flowers re-bloom successfully, remove any dying blooms or leaves.
  4. Plant the flowers at the place where it lighted by sunlight. Commonly carnations need four to six hours of sunlight to keep them alive.
  5. You can consider mulching the flowers to prevent sufficient air circulation.
  6. This is what makes carnations are easy to be maintained. It won’t be bothered by pests, so pesticides are not needed.
  7. Always watch out for the soil because sometimes it needs more nutrients. For this, you can use peat that can perform well when it comes to carnations growing.
  8. Ensure the flowers is get enough circulation to prevent mold, fungus, and mildew.

Buy carnation flower online Singapore

Flower Advisor Carnation
Flower Advisor Carnation

After knowing some facts about a carnation, the flower that relates to Christian lore, does the plan to buy carnation flower appears in your mind? If so, here we will tell you how to buy carnation with especially if you’re in Singapore at the moment.

Finding out carnation flower is not a big deal nowadays. Received well-recognition from many people around the world makes this flower type is easy to be found. The demand for it is always high and many florists offer it, commonly comes as flower bouquets.

So, if you’re in Singapore, you don’t need to worry because it’s super easy to buy carnation flower and get them in your hand. You can buy carnation in Flower Advisor without having to go outside your house. It’s a problem solver if there’s a lot of work to do and you’re in heavy circumstances and unable to get rid of them.

Buy carnation flower online is recommended because it won’t waste your time. For this, florists that offer flower delivery in Singapore along with the platform where you can hunt for a flower bouquet of carnation is the destination you can rely on.

Mostly they have plenty of product options that are ready to order. That means all you have to do is just make a purchase through their websites, choose what payment you want to apply, add your address in Singapore, and wait until the florist ship the carnation flower you order. Isn’t buying carnation flower online Singapore easy and efficient?


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