Tips on How to Grow and Care Dahlias at Home
Tips on How to Grow and Care Dahlias at Home

Plants belong to decorative items that can improve the atmosphere of the home garden. They also useful to freshen the room that needs enough air-circulation, so your house will not be humid. We recommend you for having a plant in your house. Dahlia is one of the examples. How to grow and care dahlia at home is super easy.

All about dahlia

All About Dahlia
All About Dahlia

Hearing its name, it sounds beautiful. Dahlia has been inspired many people in various things, for example, becoming a name. Apart from that, do you know what exactly dahlias are?

A Dahlia is are one of the flower types that happen in this world. It named a genus of tuberous plants that belong to another member, including the sunflower, chrysanthemum, and daisy. There are 42 Species of Dahlia

This God creation grows in moist yet moderate climates. That means it is not suited to those hot climates in some countries. Usually, the flower of dahlia will bloom in spring each year. 

The flower of a dahlia will level up the appearance of your home garden during its growing peak that takes time 120 days long. It makes many people look for how to grow dahlias at home along with care dahlias at home.

It is impossible to get rid of the beautiful appearance yet meaning behind a dahlia. Similar to other flowers, this one also contains meaning behind it that might leave a question for those who never heard it.

If you wonder about the meaning behind this enchanting flower, a dahlia stands for wealth and elegance. It also represents the symbolism of love and involvement. In other words, this flower is perfect to showcase your love toward someone you think is special, for example, your lover. 

Many people use a dahlia for different purposes, either as a gift or for themselves. If you don’t have any plan to wrap dahlias as a gift, they are recommended to be planted by yourself because grow and care dahlias at home doesn’t require a lot of attention.

Similar to other house plants, a dahlia will bring air circulation into your house. That’s why to grow them by yourself in your house is highly recommended to avoid rooms becoming too humid.

In addition, if you plan to plant dahlias at home and once they are planted, you don’t need to watch them out every single time since they are free of pests, so taking care this flower at home won’t make you exhausted.

How to grow and care dahlias at home

How to grow and care dahlias at home
How to grow and care dahlias at home

As we mentioned above, planning to plant dahlia at home is super easy. They don’t need a lot of effort to pour into, only with a little time and work, an amateur who never landed their hand on growing this flowering plant even capable to apply how to grow and care dahlia at home.

Even though you only need a little effort to do, the result will lead you to fascinating. What makes plant dahlia at home interesting is that you can improve your garden look.

Have any plans to grow dahlia at home? Here are the steps to grow and care dahlia you can consider trying.

  1. Preparation

The step to grow dahlia at home is easy. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the preparation goes well. You can start by choosing the right location. Dahlia requires a location that full of sun with a minimum of 6 hours of daily sunlight. After that, prepare well-drained soil before digging holes at the proper depth and spacing.

  1. Staking

Dahlias come in different sizes. If the plan is to grow dahlias at home in big size, stalking is a part that important. You need to be careful because brittle steam and heavy rain can destroy the beautiful foliage that grows. For this, you can set one or two stout stakes beside each dahlias tuber after planting them.

  1. Watering

A plant needs water to stay alive. When it comes to grow dahlia at home, water the plants regularly, but make sure they’re not overwatering. Deep watering with less intention is what we highly recommend.

  1. Fertilizing

One thing about dahlias you need to know is that they produce roots that are as strong as potatoes. So, if you want to grow dahlias successfully, feed the plants more to increase the roots mass. This step will impact other parts of the plants including leaves, flowers, and tuber clump.

  1. Mulching

Any areas where a dahlia grows have different kinds of characteristics. In extremely hot yet dry areas, you need to mulch to help retain moisture. Fortunately, in most areas, this step is not needed, so you can just skip it to ensure foliage stays dry.

  1. Pests

Pests are every gardener’s biggest enemy. They can lead plants into mess after an effort on how to grow and care dahlias at home you applied. But as we mentioned above, grow dahlias is super easy because dahlias contain low risk. They are surprisingly free of most pests. This makes take care dahlias at home is effortless to do.

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When to plant dahlias

When to Plant Dahlia
When to Plant Dahlia

After knowing the steps to grow dahlia at home, you might be wondering when is the right time to grow dahlia besides how to take care dahlias once you have already planted them.

Here are a few things you need to note. First, most dahlia flowers will struggle in cold, so you don’t need to be hurry when it comes to grow dahlias at home. Just wait until spring has finally gone.

Second, even though grow dahlias at home is easy, but take care dahlias at home sometimes could be challenging especially during spring. For this, you can grow them indoors in containers until the season changed.

After all, if you want to grow dahlias at home, make sure to maintain the soil condition as a part of taking care dahlias at home.


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