How To Make Tulip Bouquet
How To Make Tulip Bouquet

The idea of giving someone a gift when it comes to that person’s special day has been existed since many years ago. Whether the person is celebrating their birthday, career improvement, anniversary with their partner, and many more, a present never goes wrong to symbolize the happy feeling you draw for them. Among those beautiful gifts, the tulip bouquet is one of the top-tier.

What is tulip?

What is Tulip?
What is Tulip?

It’s impossible to present a gift to someone if you don’t know what exactly the present is. Yup, to showcase that you pour your effort into the gift you send, you should have minimal knowledge regarding the gift itself.

Tulip, which its name is familiar for many people is a type of flower that its population can be found anywhere. Tulip has been an old-classic flower that becomes everyone’s favorite due to its beautiful form, especially the petals that never fail to catch many souls’ feelings.

Getting much attention from people around the world, making tulip one of the flower types that are versatile for its benefits. You can use tulip to strengthen the atmosphere of your home garden, extract its smell for aromatherapy, and use them as a gift idea for some occasions. That’s what making a tulip bouquet is special.

What makes tulip special for a bouquet?

We all know that tulip is not the only flower type that exists in this world. Our earth is rich in flower species that the amount is not countable. For example, there is a rose flower that is pretty popular as a symbol to express love. Sunflower is pretty popular as well for its summer symbolism.

Similar to these flowers, the tulip is also popular. Because of the beautiful appearance it has, tulips can be seen anywhere. So, what makes a tulip special for a bouquet? You might be wondering about it.

Besides the fact that we can agree that tulip is beautiful in the eyes, this flower also comes in an ideal form. It’s not too big, not too small, and not too small. So, it’s perfect to be crafted as a flower bouquet for any occasion, perhaps the one you’re going to attend or get invited.

Further than that, a tulip bouquet is special to be given as a gift because it contains the meaning of deep love, rebirth, and charity. Tulip bouquet match with what we said above that tulip flower is versatile.

How to make tulip bouquet easy and beautifully?

How To Make Tulip Bouquet
How To Make Tulip Bouquet

Nowadays, looking for a bouquet is not a big deal. You can purchase it through local florists around your town. They usually provide many options of flower bouquet that are perfect as a gift. The flower they use is also diverse. You can also request with tulip flower on it.

In purpose you want to put your effort, so the message of the bouquet delivered well to the receiver, you can consider doing a DIY tulip bouquet. Making a bouquet of tulip arrangements by yourself is fun and easy. It can also improve your creativity. Here is the step to craft a beautiful tulip bouquet you can consider you try.

  • Choose the tulip colors
Choose the Tulip Colour
Choose the Tulip Colour

Before landing your hands to craft a tulip bouquet, you have to choose what colors of tulip flower you want to use. Tulip is well-known for its variety of colors. Depending on the final look of the bouquet you wanted, in the end, you can use a single color, double color, or even more than four color options of tulip.

  • Clean them first

A flower bouquet is supposed to come in perfect condition, not only beautiful to look at but also clean and hygienic. That’s why ensure to clean up tulip flowers to remove yucky leaves so they will be free of bacteria.

  • Provide supplies

Arranging a tulip bouquet by yourself means you have to set up and provide supplies that are needed. Mostly, you will need florist scissors, cellophane, cello tape, string, thick brown paper, and a greeting card. For brown paper, you can also use different materials. The material is not limited to brown paper only.

  • Tie and collect tulip flowers into one

After doing these early steps, you can start crafting the tulip bouquet. First, tie those tulip flowers you have already cleaned beforehand. Collect them into one.

  • Strengthen the tied tulip flowers

After the tulip flowers have already tied, make sure that they are strong, so they will not be detached by using string. You can use more than one string in case you’re afraid of the durability.

  • Cut tulip flowers stems

Because you will wrap the tulip petals into paper, cut the stems of tulip flowers to make the length equal from one to another.

  • Wrap a paper

The tulip bouquet is almost ready. After cutting the flower stems, you can wrap the paper you have chosen beforehand. Make sure the paper is not crumpled and ripped.

  • Secure the flowers and paper with cellophane and sellotape

To make the flower bouquet not easily detached, secure them that are already wrapped in paper with cellophane and cello tape.

  • Tie them with a string

Give extra protection for the tulip bouquet so it will feel comfortable in the handgrip by using string. Tie them until you feel it’s solid enough to be handled.

  • Add a greeting card as a finishing touch

In the last step, you can add a greeting card to congratulate the receiver. A greeting card that comes in a beautiful design is recommended. You can also add a beautiful ribbon.

Where to get a tulip bouquet in Singapore?

Tulip Bouquet FlowerAdvisor Singapore
Tulip Bouquet FlowerAdvisor Singapore

We understood that doing a DIY is such a time-consuming activity. For you who have no time to arrange, organize and craft a bouquet made of tulip flowers, you don’t need to worry. Just simply order it from FlowerAdvisor Singapore as the online florist offers many options of bouquets you can consider buying.

FlowerAdvisor Singapore guarantees the bouquet you order will come in perfect condition. It also supports fast delivery to any address in Singapore. Isn’t it perfect?