Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

Hunting for the right words to express your emotions on the big day of your life?  Searching for the words might be a difficult task for you as it doesn’t come easily, play calm down don’t get burnt out easily as for your untold emotions there is someone who is a perfect pick for describing your emotions and that is only a wedding bouquet.

Wedding bouquet

A wedding Bouquet is a bunch of exotic blooms tied together with a sprinkle of leaves and ribbons. This bouquet is carried out by brides on their big day which becomes the center of attraction.

The wedding bouquet is one of the most vital stylings every bride thrives for. Why is a wedding bouquet a necessity? What is its significance? Let’s deep dive into it. Nowadays flower bouquets are an inexorable part of every girl’s big day.

If we dive deep into the past there is a saying that in older times brides carried flowers due to their magical corollary, it has been said that they protect them from misfortunes and sickness. It was believed that their deep fragrances drive off evil spirits. During the Romans, the groom and the bride tend to wear flower garland around their neck that signifies new ventures of life, hope, and faith. 

Wedding Bouquet meaning: 

Wedding Bouquet Meaning
Wedding Bouquet Meaning

Wedding bouquets are considered to bring contentment and gratification in marriage, while the ribbons with which the blooms are tied up represent fellowship. Culture of wearing blooms as an ornament first came into existence in the middle ages. During the special moment, the knights wear the same hues as their ladies in their armor during the event. At wedding ceremonies, in the Victorian era, the bride and groom exchanged flowers that had their specific meaning.

Wedding Bouquet today meaning:

Today’s it’s more about vogue, brides carry the wedding bouquet as an accessory, but the majority of brides are also there who give heed to flower kind and select the ones whose symbolic meaning will sync to their nature and behavior.

Want a wedding bouquet 

If you are thinking of a wedding with flowers hovering around, you might have thought of personalizing it too, but why think of only the colors of the blooms, you need to pay heed to its significance too as it will speak a lot without uttering a single voice. The “language” of flowers has been around for centuries, blooms were the source of sending hearty emotions to loved one’s, they were used to express the feelings when words and gestures cease to function. Lately, couples and friends practice romance and create and personalize bouquets and centerpieces which depict their genuine emotions. While flowers with a love link, for instance, roses and carnations, are famed. Colors play a vital role in a flower’s meaning. While everyone’s favorite pick rose has different meanings depending on its shade. For example, red roses are the carrier of passion, deep love and white roses reflect purity and a pink one is the representative of joy and admiration.

Flowers used in wedding bouquet

  • Amaryllis: It would be sad to call them a wallflower, they are available in plenty of hues, it has a nickname, “splendid beauty” due to its adorable lily-like style.
  • Anemone: They don’t need a gust of wind to show their charm to you, they are also famed as ‘windflower’ and its white shade provides calm in the chaos.
  • Anthurium: If you are planning to have a heart-shaped theme at the wedding, then these blooms are going to be the best pick, as this tropical charmer has a heart-shaped appearance, it stands for hospitality, which is the perfect blend for the occasion.
  • Baby’s wreath: There’s one person in everyone’s life who is not in the mainstream but always behind your back to support, baby’s wreaths are of the same nature, they act as the support to star flowers, they signify festivity and increase the charm of the event.
  •  Calla lily: When someone hears of wedding blooms, the first one that will pop up in their mind is calla lilies. With their trumpet shape appearance and alluring fragrance, calla lilies have captured everyone’s heart and attention.
  • Carnations: These adorable blooms are the first choice for the wedding, they tie together to give an exotic look, and they are pocket-friendly too. The pink shade stands for gratitude, and white depicts pure love. You need to stay away from the striped ones as they represent the feeling of refusal.
  • Chrysanthemums: The most exotic combination, these blooms look like an alluring cross between a pom pom and a daisy, mums are the favorite pick for weddings for their diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes. They represent the shades of joy and bring charm to any event.
  • Daffodils: These adorable blooms are the manifestation of new beginnings, just like marriage is a new beginning, this flower also represents the same. That is why it is an ideal pick for the big day.
  • Dahlias: They are the cousins of the daisy family, they are native to Scandinavia which means, “from the valley”, making it best for a wedding with the garden theme. There large bold flowers blossom in summer and make gorgeous appearances at functions.
  • Daisies: If there is a flower that makes the world happy,  it is nothing else but the sweet daisies, this pretty little thing with its white elegant petals, a shade of yellow in the center which represents innocence, is the beautiful pick up for a wedding bouquet.
  • Gerbera daisy: It is a wildly famous member of the daisy family, the gerbera has a different look from the traditional shape of overlapping petals that are available in a large variety of hues and it signifies cheerfulness.
  • Hyacinth: If you are a gamer and hunting for a bloom that will represent the love for your games then dear pal hyacinth is the best pick, this bloom has a perfect odor that raises the spirits
  • Iris: These adorable blooms are the best choice for weddings, it represents three emotions that are faith, wisdom, and valor. It is best famed for its deep purple hues.
  • Japonica: These adorable blooms are famed as camellia, they grow as a shrub and have petals similar to their leaves. As it exemplifies grace, it is the no. One in the line of wedding flowers for a bouquet.
  • Larkspur: It has twin qualities as it symbolizes both beautiful spirit and fickleness, these wonderful blooms being marked as a statement on the occasions.
  • Lavender: These blooms are representative of devotion and virtue, they give a bewitching look that can resist you from including them in the bouquet.
  • Lilies: They are symbols of modesty and virginity. The white lilies are the favorite of florists. You will find an abundance of white lilies in wedding bouquets. 

How to prepare a wedding bouquet?

Prepare a Wedding Bouquet
Prepare a Wedding Bouquet

You are amazed by the bouquets but still, you have not found your one, the one which will make your heart pound faster and eyes wide. Don’t belittle yourself as now you are going to learn what you’ll need and how to make your wedding bouquet prepossessing, bouquets are the one way to make a statement on the occasions. If you are going to personalize your bouquet, ensure that everyone around has a glance at it as you walk your way down the aisle. Your bouquet can be as magnificent as you will be on your big day. But if you want to personalize your bouquet as there is inflation everywhere, be budget-friendly and select an affordable option that is a DIY wedding bouquet, don’t worry if you are not crafty there’s still a good way for you.

It sounds a little scary to make your wedding bouquet but it is not impossible, with simple stuff and a few steps, you will showcase a magnificent, stunning bouquet to serve as the adorable accessory for your wedding day.

Perks of DIY bouquet

If the bouquet you chose is pocket friendly then there is nothing to stress about if you are getting a high-cost bouquet then it might be a burden for you but if there’s a will there’s away, you can skip this extra cost if you are willing to do the labor yourself, you will surely be able to save pretty much from your budget.  Prepare yourself to make your own personalized bouquet for your big day.

How to source blooms for the DIY bouquet: 

At first, make up your mind about what kind of bloom you adore and the one which will go a perfect match with your dress as it is going to reflect the rhythm of the wedding. After that, think of the color palettes.

Decide your style: Be well prepared as to what kind of bouquet you have dreamt of being a classic, tight bouquet, or something a little more fanciful. Maybe all floral or with a sprinkle of greenery with it. Now you have all the recipes ready in your mind it’s time to make it happen in real life. The time has come to source your kind of flowers, it’s good if you have access to a garden, by any means, but if you don’t have then don’t stress out as you can opt for local farms or grocery stores to get the floral varieties you have been looking for.

As an option, you can opt for flower delivery Singapore for online access to garden-fresh flowers. They will get delivered to your doorstep the day you want them to be there.

When to start to prepare a DIY wedding bouquet?

Start Making Your Wedding Bouquet
Start Making Your Wedding Bouquet

Timing is the most vital aspect of a DIY wedding bouquet as the freshness and charms of flowers go hand in hand. You must prepare your wedding bouquet, not more than a day before as it will make them blossom appropriately on the big day.

Kinds of Stuff you be needing for the wedding bouquet: 

Once you get your blooms selected, you will need a DIY wedding bouquet & a few other materials to craft a stunning wedding bouquet. Be sure that you have these materials to prepare the bouquet.

  • A bucket full of water.
  • A sharp pair of floral snips for trimming.
  • Rubber bands.
  • A beautiful ribbon or floral tape.

How to prepare the flower: Before you start making the bouquet, make sure that the blooms and their stems and greenery are pepped and all set. At first, you must prune all the leaves off of the floral stem. Keep the stems and flowers all mist in the bucket.

Now it’s time to assemble the bouquet, once you have peppered the stems and greenery now start building the shape and framework, and the dimension of your bouquet first. So that you would be able to acknowledge how it will look from the front.

First, assemble the stems, start from the base, and after that add the larger, focal blooms after that start adding small flowers and greenery balancing the design as you build. Once you have created the bouquet you love, snip the stems to prune them back and then cover the whole bouquet with a rubber band. Ensure that it is wrapped rightly before applying floral tape or tying a beautiful ribbon around it. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative as overall it’s your day, it’s you who would look more enchanting and happy.

Where to get a wedding bouquet?

If you are swamped with dozens of work and couldn’t spare time for preparing a wedding bouquet. Don’t get stressed as gift delivery Singapore has a bunch of florists who can help you on your big day. All you have to do is spare a little time for searching for your wedding bouquet online. Do not get anxious as you will get all fresh and charming bouquets delivered at your doorstep, the day the second you want them. Technology has got everyone’s back then why stress? Just choose your type of bouquet and chill.


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