How to Spend Mother's Day in Singapore
How to Spend Mother’s Day in Singapore

While a mother dotes on her child every day, children sometimes find it difficult to express their love to their mother. However, there’s one day when caring for your mother can make her feel special. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for 9th May 2022. This is a special day dedicated to mothers around the world, celebrating their love and sacrifices for their children. It is a unique day celebrating the bond between mothers and their children. While there are many creative ways to celebrate this occasion if you’re still scratching your heads over what to do for your mother on mother’s day, here are some suggestions:

Watch her favorite movies and dramas with her



What better way to bond with your mother than to binge-watch her favorite shows and movies with her? This is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your mom and laugh with her. You can learn all about her favorite actors and gorge on delicious snacks that she usually likes. Trust us, it will lead to some fun inside jokes and memories between you both.

Go on an adventurous bicycle ride with her



Is your mother the adventurous type who likes to ride bikes? Well, for the fitness enthusiast mothers, rent a bike and go on a sightseeing tour together to spend a memorable day with her. You can click amazing pictures together and eat snacks that she enjoys. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Singapore’s must-visit places like Gardens by the Bay, Mandai Loop, Seletar Loop, Singapore Round Island Loop, Sentosa Island, and East Coast Park to create a lasting experience for your mom.


Invest time in her flower garden

Gardening With Mom
Gardening With Mom


If your mom like gardening, an excellent way to spend mother’s day would be to spend some time in her garden and learn more about different flowers and plants. Imagine her happiness when you take efforts to understand her hobbies and try to learn more about them. 

Besides that, you can also gift her amazing pots & plants to make her day and add to her garden collection. You can also gift her delightful floral bouquets and flower boxes that she can flaunt in her living room and vases. 

Or, you also go for a floral workshop and create your bouquets together. 

Go for a fun pottery session



Art has a unique way of bringing people together. For the artistic and creative mothers, a pottery workshop filled with interesting ways to learn pottery would sound like a perfect day. You and your mother can create cute artifacts together that your mother can keep forever as a beautiful memory. 


Book a spiritual therapy session for her


The daily hustle and bustle of life can take a toll on anyone, especially moms as they have to juggle a million chores on an everyday basis. Selfcare and spiritual sessions are known to relieve stress and bring positivity to one’s life. A spiritual session would be a perfect gift to remind your mother that she needs to take care of her mental well-being along with her daily life chores. 

Additionally, you can buy her a gourmet hamper or a personal self-care hamper filled with essentials like aromatic oils, healing masks, flowers, fruits, chocolates, and other nutritious food.

Go for a Coffee workshop

Coffee Shop With Mom
Coffee Shop With Mom



Who doesn’t like the heavenly aroma of coffee? Spend a day with your mom learning the mesmerizing art of making intricate coffee art. It can be a fun way to have some quality family time together. A coffee workshop is another way to appreciate coffee and learn more about the art and history of coffee. Think about it, wouldn’t it be fun to compete with your mother over coffee art? 

Book her a salon session



Mothers rarely find time to invest in themselves in their daily lives. Between their job, chores, and other responsibilities, they hardly find time to relax and rejuvenate. On the special occasion of mother’s day, you can customize and book her a salon session that will pamper her and help her relax. Admit it, there’s nothing like a relaxing pedicure and manicure session for anyone.

Plan an indoor games party



When was the last time you relived your childhood and played all those indoor games with your mom that you used to play as a child? An indoor games party full of games like monopoly, cards, charades, and other similar games can bring your family together to have a great time. Add some nostalgic snacks and food to this party and you have a perfect mother’s day gift for your loving mom. You can invite your mom’s friends or your grandparents to make this party more fun. 


Get lost in a mirror maze


Puzzles are always fun but imagine a mirror maze in the middle of the best airport in the world. Jewel Changi Airport is organizing a fun-filled mirror maze that is set around a beautiful garden. This is no ordinary maze, here you have to navigate your way through a lush garden of marvelous flowers and plants. This is an exciting brain teaser for your mom and you to bring your competitive sides out and solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Also, the mesmerizing garden surrounding the maze will only make the experience more memorable. You can book the tickets from their website and surprise your mother for mother’s day. 

Well, in whatever way you decide to spend this occasion, it is always important to appreciate your mother and the hardships that she took for you. So, choose wisely according to your mother’s preferences and create a memorable experience for your beautiful mom.


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