Type of Lilies
Type of Lilies

The delicate white lilies are native to Europe and Asia. With white petals and yellow buds, this bloom has a pure and peaceful presence. The presence of this flower affects the symbolism and the message it represents. Therefore, this flower is loved by many and listed as one of the most popular kinds of flowers. The popularity of this flower raised the number of cultivators that are interested in growing white lilies. However, there are many kinds of white lily. Each of them has its characteristic that separates them from another. These differences also make their growing and caring requirements different from one another, including the best place to grow them.

Various Types of White Lilies

Variant of Lilies
Variant Type of Lilies

1. Madonna Lilies

Madonna lilies have paper-white colored large petals with a soft green colored center. The fragrance of Madonna lilies is just as captivating as it looks. The stalk of this flower could reach 2-3 inches long. That makes this lily as high as an indoor plant. Besides indoor plants, this beautiful lily is also amazing as a decoration for borders and a perfect addition for rock gardens.

Growing and Caring Tips for Madonna Lilies:

This lily prefers sandy soil and it is crucial to keep this bloom from other kinds of lilies due to the poor virus resistance this variant has. Compared to other plants out there, this delicate plant requires little maintenance. You only need to water the plant thoroughly to maintain the soil’s moisture. However, please refrain from overwatering because it could lead to rotten roots.

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2. Oriental Lilies

Oriental lily is a native to Japan with a very exquisite appearance. Its presence of purity starts blooming in early autumn, a little late compared to other flowers. However, a late bloomer doesn’t mean a late charmer. Once it booms, nobody can’t deny the charm of this lily as it is one of the most well-known forms of lilies. 

Growing and Caring Tips for Oriental Lilies:

This dainty bloom demands full-sun exposure in order to thrive. Around 8 hours of sunlight a day would be the appropriate amount. Another thing you should note down is to ensure the soil’s moisture to be moderately moist and not soggy. You also need to place them indoors in a harsh winter, because they can’t survive in extreme cold.

3. Easter Lilies

The pure white easter lilies usually bloom in late summer. The elegance of this flower is known by many. With a soft green center and trumpet-like shape of petals, it is almost impossible to ignore the sight of this beauty. Easter lilies also have a pleasing fragrance that is no longer a stranger to the perfumery world. With a peaceful sweet aroma and beautiful petals, nobody could deny the mesmerizing presence of this bloom.

Growing and Caring Tips for Easter Lilies:

Providing the plant with moist soil, watering once in a while, and keeping the bloom away from heaters would be enough because just like some other lilies, this bloom does not require complicated maintenance either. You might need staking once in a while, but it is not always necessary. You should also cut down the stem once the leaves and stem turn yellow.

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4. White American

White American Lilies
White American Lilies

White American is a hybrid of Easter lilies, that’s why it is also shaped like a trumpet. The aroma of White American is not only very attractive to humans, but also to insects, like butterflies. Unlike the oriental lilies, this flower blooms in early summer.

Growing and Caring Tips for White American Lilies:

‘White American’ lilies should be planted in areas where they will receive full to partial sunlight. The soil must be moist, well-drained, and not to dry out. Although the ‘White American’ stems are tough, they may need to be staked. Remove the blossoms as soon as they fade and wither.

5. Regal Lily

This lily is also almost indistinctive with Easter lily. Regal Lily is a native to the Southwest regions of China. The plant could grow until 3-5 feet tall. In New Zealand, this beautiful bloom is called the Christmas Lily. The reason behind its name is its beautiful, stunning, and regal presence.

Growing and Caring Tips for Regal Lily:

Once the plant begins to grow, Regal Lily doesn’t necessarily require a lot of maintenance. The first is to make sure the soil remains moist. Pretty much like the Easter lily, this flower might need staking once in a while but it’s not very necessary.

6. Silk Road Lilies

The color of these lilies is what set this dainty bloom aside from another. The inner part of the flower is deep pink-colored and the outer part of the flower is as white as paper. Silk road lily is still categorized as white lilies instead of pink lilies. That is because pink lilies have a white center and pink outer.

Growing and caring Tips for Silk Road Lilies:

Unlike some lilies that demand a full sun exposure condition, this flower requires partial exposure to sunlight. It is also crucial to make sure that the soil doesn’t turn dry due to overheating. 

Symbolism and Meanings

Lilies Symbolism Meaning
Lilies Symbolism Meaning

1. Devotion

White lilies are the symbol of devotion, a strong feeling, and loyalty. That’s the reason why lilies are the 30th-anniversary flower. People use lilies to express their love and devotion to their lovers. 

2. Purity

The color white on its own is a symbol of purity and innocence. In poetry, white lilies are used to symbolize innocent beauty.

3. Rebirth

Rebirth and a new beginning are also the messages that are attached to this dainty bloom. It is also common to give lilies to those left behind once their loved ones passed away as a sign of support and encouragement.

From the article, we know that it is not hard to grow and care for white lilies since lilies are perennial plants. Perennial plants demand little to zero human intervention to thrive. Therefore, if you have been considering growing lilies, concerns about the plants’ maintenance would be unnecessary.


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