Looking to add charm and beauty in your garden? Then Hydrangeas might be the solution to your conundrum. With an enchanting and lavish appearance, this plant will increase the beauty in your garden and attract the people passing by. During summertime, their gorgeous look is hard to resist and they bloom throughout the summer. Their unique shape makes them stand out of the crowd and many plant enthusiasts fancy them. 

What do Hydrangeas symbolize?

This plant symbolizes grace, gratitude and deep emotions. It comes in various colours and every colour represents a different heartfelt emotion. After going through the list of their meanings written below, you will be able to pick out the right flower next time whether you are planning to plant one or gift one to someone. 

1. White Hydrangeas

White colour symbolizes self-love, pride and self-satisfaction. White flowers also exude sympathy and a sense of care and affection but they are not picked as much when picking a flower for a sympathy bouquet.

2. Blue Hydrangeas

The Blue ones represent remorse and an apologetic sentiment. They also exude a feeling of empathy and being considerate and understanding. So the next time you’re looking to say sorry to someone pick the blue ones to make things right.

3. Green Hydrangeas

The Green ones represent fortune and good health. You can give them while wishing someone congratulations on a job upgrade or a promotion. They can also be given while wishing Happy Chinese New Year as the festival is all about spreading good fortune and wishes all around. You can also check out our article on Chinese New Year and prepare yourself before the spring festival.

4. Pink Hydrangeas

Appealing to the eyes, the pink ones can be your substitute for red roses this Valentine’s Day. They exude love, romance and heartfelt emotions. 

Giving them to your significant other will not only make them feel special but this great choice of flower for the bouquet will be an interesting conversation starter. In Asia, they are given as a sign of love when proposing someone.


What is Hydrangea good for? 

They are used as medicine for many problems. Their roots and rhizomes are used to make medicine to treat urinary tract problems. Bladder infection, enlarged prostate and kidney stones are treated with it. It can also be used as an immunity booster and is used to prevent autoimmune diseases. Apart from tackling these diseases, this plant is also used to improve skin condition and texture. Consuming hot water extract of Hydrangea Serrata leaves is good for your skin and reduces wrinkles and hydrates dehydrated skin. 


Do Hydrangeas like sun or shade?

Hydrangea outdoor
Hydrangea outdoor

Hydrangeas love the morning sun but absolutely hate the sunlight during noon. People usually plant them in places where there is no direct sunlight because their leaves are said to get destroyed by heat from direct sunlight. So you must keep your plant under shade during noon and take them outside for the morning sun warmth. 


Should you cut off dead Hydrangea blooms?

Deadheading this plant is a very important part in encouraging growth and development in the plant. Since the Hortensia blossoms are huge, deadheading them when they die diverts the plant’s energy in growing more and to develop abundantly. Cut the spent blooms with a long stem and leave the small buds from other stems intact before August. After August, do not cut the stems just snip off the spent blooms and leave the stems to grow more buds. Refrain from cutting them during or just before winters as buds for the coming spring season grow just below the dead ones and leaving them there gives the protection to the new bud.


What happens if you don’t prune Hydrangeas? 

Pruning them is not a simple job and requires much requisite research. Some plants require pruning while some do not. It varies from plant to plant and is a very crucial thing which should not be overlooked. You can trim the dead stems to divert the plant’s energy on other parts of the plant but be careful while doing it because if you do it wrong you will have a very strange looking Hortensia later on, which will diminish the class and beauty of this beautiful plant.


How can I tell if my Hydrangea blooms on old or new wood?

Not all Hydrangeas are the same and they all have different needs and requirements when it comes to looking after them. There are a few Hortensia species which grow on old wood or last year’s growth. These varieties are pruned after summer subsequent to blooming. This old wood contains flower buds which will bloom in summer. On the other hand, there are hortensia which bloom on new wood and flowers in spring and these plants are pruned in late winter.  


How to use Hydrangeas in a bouquet?

Hydrangea Bouquet
Hydrangea Bouquet

Giving a bouquet of this beautiful flower is the new ideal gesture of sending a message full of heartfelt emotions through the flora. They have different meanings attached to them which vary from colour to colour. All those meanings attached to this shrub are listed above which can be used while picking out flowers for a bouquet. Apart from picking the perfect Hydrangea for your bouquet, there are steps which one should always pay attention to while preparing a bouquet of this beautiful flower.

  • Water the plant fully the day before.
  • While cutting, put the flower heads in a bucket of water as soon as you cut them off the plant.
  • Take the leaves off the plant if you like it as many avoid the leaves when they put it in a vase.
  • Just make sure you pick a fresh flower so it lasts long and makes the receiver happy. 


When to plant and how to care for Hydrangea?

Hydrangeas are a great plant which increases the charm of your garden, lawn, house or even your office table, but planting this shrub is not a piece of cake and requires hard work and discipline.

The best time to plant them is the fall season to buy out the plant enough time to grow thoroughly before blooming. Planting it in the morning or in the evening will be the ideal time as the heat from the sunlight is not very strong during both times. 

Note: Keep watering the plant and protect it from direct sunlight in the afternoon until it fully grows. Planting them is just the first step of giving your garden the gift of class and vibrancy, what follows is 24×7 responsibility of looking after the plant and providing it with the best care possible. Treat the plant, like your child and it will bloom abundantly. Following are the crucial steps which one should follow while looking after this plant to make it grow at a good speed and develop to a great extent.

1. Watering

Water the plant deeply three times a week to prevent wilting in the plant and make sure to avoid the leaves and flowers while watering the plant. Water it in the morning to avoid wilting during hot days.

2. Keep the soil moist

To keep the soil moist and cool add mulch underneath your plant. It will help your plant to grow abundantly.

3. Fertilizers

Apply fertilizers to protect your plant from various insects and parasites which eradicate the plant and diminishes its growth.

These are some of the most vital steps which one should not overlook while looking after this plant. Keeping these simple steps in mind will result in a sturdy and healthy plant.

How many Hydrangeas species are there?


There are over 75 species of this plant which are spread across Asian and North American regions. They are native to Japan, Indonesia and America. It is noted that Hortensia which grow in mountain regions have hardier buds and thrive in cold conditions with less sunlight.


How tall do Hydrangeas grow? 

They are quick growers and grow up to 15 feet when looked after with requisite steps.

Under proper conditions, these plants can thrive and grow in only one season. They have been a favorite garden plant and their quick growing pace is one of the reasons why they are planted by many plant enthusiasts. 


Is Hydrangea a toxic plant?

It is the perfect example of dangerous beauty!

This plant is moderately toxic and should not be eaten at all. People are advised to keep children and pets away from the plant as consuming any part of this shrub will cause nausea and vomiting. For adults, it may cause irritation in the stomach and vomiting but it can be deadly for children and pets like dogs and cats.


What is the meaning behind the name “Hydrangea” 

Hydrangea comes from greek words “Hydros” and “Angus” which means “Water” and “Jar” which also justifies its need for lots of water to thrive properly. It is also known as Hortensia which was invented by French botanist Philibert Commerson in 1771. It is not known why he named it, but many suspect that he named it after his lover.  


Can you change the colour of your Hydrangea? 

The colour of the Hortensia plant is determined by the aluminum content of the soil which can be picked by you. Alkaline soil, which has a pH above 7.0 produces pink and red, and with a pH between 6 and 7, the flowers grow out to be purple. On the other hand, acidic soil, with a pH lower than 6.0 produces lavender-blue flowers.


Factors which affect the growth of this plant? 



1. Sunlight

Harsh sunlight during noon is one of the biggest enemies of growth in this plant. They enjoy morning sunlight but sunlight during the day can burn their leaves and affect their growth.

2. Not well-drained soil

Not well-drained soil with bad moisture affects growth in Hydrangeas as they require well-drained soil to thrive.

3. Too much fertilizer

Applying too much fertilizer in a plant can also degrade the plant and affect its growth immensely. 

4. Drought

Drought affects the growth in the plant and diminishes the leaves and flowers. Drought can also severely affect their seeds and stop the growth in them.


Which Hydrangea is prominently known among the Hydrangeas family?

Hydrangea macrophylla is a part of the Hydrangeaceae family with very attractive flowers, coloured blue and pink. Native to Japan, this shrub blooms in summer and autumn. Along with mesmerizing beauty, this plant comes with very high maintenance.  


Hydrangeas are the new way of spreading love

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