Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream! Sounds yummilicious, doesn’t it? Do you know, ice cream a day keeps the ṣtension away? Well, it works for most people. The most preferred dessert in the whole world. Have you ever thought about why it is adored and loved by a plethora of people? The best quality of its that once you put it in your mouth it melts immediately, this nature of its being adored. There is the majority of desserts available for making your mouth go alluring,  for instance- Cakes. Cakes are the ones who increase charm at every moment of happiness, such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, thanksgiving, and many more. Every celebration is incomplete without cake. How would you feel if you are at a party enjoying the moment and suddenly you see an adorable blend of ice cream and cake! What a mouth flooding moment. Is not is too good to eat a concoction of ice cream and a cake, it is like being in two places at once, the most magical feeling. 

As you know everything follows a process, the same way ice cream cakes are also made. Are you eager to know what exactly is an ice cream cake? Well, of course, you are!

Let us read in-depth about ice cream cake.

What is an ice cream cake?

What is Ice Cream Cake
What is Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream is a type of cake that has fillings of ice cream in it. In the way swiss rolls or layer cakes have fillings. It is a kind of magical cake, as a no-bake version can be made, isn’t it astonishing? A simple yet magical ice cream cake can be set ready by layering various flavors of ice cream in a loaf pan.

Do you know that ice cream cake is a famed dessert that is often used at parties, eaten at weddings, anniversaries? It is most popular in countries like the USA, Australia, Malaysia to name a few.


Are you cognizant of the things that everything has a past, same way ice cream cake also has a rich history, which is really interesting to get aware of?

History of Ice cream cake.

During its initial days, ice cream cake was originally made with biscuits and cream. The desserts of the Victorian Era were infamous as Bombe Glacee or only Bombes. The Bombe Glacee is made up of biscuits and different types of fruits in molds. At various places, this dessert is put along in the lone of cakes and biscuits as a different dessert. It has been found that Ice cream cakes are in trend since the 1870s, that’s pretty interesting. It is nice to have dessert in today’s generation which has been in the market since the oldest civilizations.

In a common way, ice cream cake is prepared without baking. But the layering and cutting in the shape of the cake are what we call the crucial part of the dessert, after that it must be frozen. Ice cream cake is in its best version when shaped in a mold. And the components are appropriately assembled while being frozen. For the frosting whipped cream is the best choice, the cream is used as a complementary to the other two textures. Before serving to the masses, the ice cream cake must be kept frozen as the ice cream has a risk of being melted. It is good to be kept frozen at a normal range, as while cutting it shouldn’t sound difficult.

How to make an ice cream cake?

How to Make an Ice Cream Cake
How to Make an Ice Cream Cake

After reading so much yummy about ice cream cake, now your heart is pondering to make yourself a one for the next occasion. This time, do something unique and make an ice cream cake and be the hero of the celebration with a delightful yummy ice cream cake, a circle of happiness.

Are you thinking of the costs going to occur in a homemade ice cream cake? Then stop stressing out as with a few homemade ingredients, or store ingredients you can make a brilliant piece of ice cream cake, for your next party or any kind of occasion. The cake is stockpiled with ice-cold layers of cake, ice cream, fruits, and different kinds of goodies.

To create a delicious ice cream cake you will be constructing a pile of ice cream with cake, biscuits, fruits, cookies, and dessert sauces like butterscotch, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. while constructing an ice cream cake It is needed to work swiftly as ice cream has the risk of getting melted. If you don’t do it quickly especially, there is a risk of ice crystals forming when you keep it from getting frozen. Now let us move to the step-by-step methods of construction of a delicious ice cream cake.

Before constructing an ice cream cake, please be ensure that you have arranged all the ingredients needed in the creation of the cake.

The ingredients one needs are:

  •  2 layers of cake
  • 3 cups of ice cream, which should be at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  • Crunchy stuffings ( for instance- crushed bits of cookies, crushed brownies, and crushed chocolate chips, anything according to your preference)
  • Toppings for the adornment of the top layer of the cake (for example- meringue, fudge sauce, or whipped cream).
  • A sheet pan lined up with a plastic wrap, and which must be at least frozen for 15 minutes.
  • A large spoon.
  • An offset spatula.
  • The time comes to create a blend of magical yummilicious ice creams and cake.

Step one- 

Place the layer of cake on the sheet layer and top up with the ice cream: The first step should be taken with lots of care, as you have to put the cake on the cold sheet layer, and start spooning the softened ice cream on its top calmly.

Step two-

Smoothening process of the ice cream: After spooning out, you need to smooth the ice cream on the top layer of the cake with the help of a knife or an offset spatula, while smoothing it, you must keep in mind that the layer of ice cream should be thick.

Step three:

Toppings of crunchy fillings: The third step of yours would be topping the layer of cake with the crushed little bits of chocolate chips, brownies, and cookies.

Step four-

Covering up crunchy bits with a layer of ice cream: 

It’s time to cover the crunchy fillings on the top with a thick layer of ice cream and smoothen it very neatly.

Step five-

Spreading out of the ice cream: Smooth out the ice cream layer in such a way that it covers all the toppings of the crunchy fillings. You can take the help of a knife or an offset spatula.

Step six: 

Add the second layer of cake and freeze it: Yep, the time has come to keep it frozen all once again, top the ice cream with a second layer of cake and put the cake in a freezer for at least up to one to two hours so that it can get frozen completely, or else keep it until it has become hard to touch. 

Step seven-

Move out the cake from the freezer: Your last step is to move out the cake of the freezer and place it on the table, after that fill the top of the cake with delightful toppings such as meringue, fudge sauce, and whipped cream, after topping it smoothly, keep the cake back into the freezer and keep it up to at least one or two hours until it gets sets. 

How to cut a slice of the ice cream cake?

How to Cut an Ice Cream Cake
How to Cut an Ice Cream Cake

Not only making it is unique, but you also know how to cut the slice of an ice cream cake, let’s read it further to know the proper way of cutting the cake, as a little mistake can provide harm to the hard work. You have managed to create a drop-dead gorgeous cake, now it’s time to learn how to slice it in a marvelous way. If you are awaiting guests then my dear pal here’s a tip for you, you must cut the slice before their arrival and put it back in the freezer.

  • Step one: Remove the cake from the freezer at least ten minutes before serving so that it can get softened, but keep in mind that it must not get melted.
  • Step two: it’s the time of dipping the blade into a large glass of warm water, as it helps the knife to slide gently through every layer of the cake without messing it all around. But before slicing off the cake, you must ensure that you have wiped off the knife neatly and it is all dried, as the wet knife can mess with the cake.
  • Step three: While slicing, you must keep the tip of the knife on the center of the cake and then press it back to cut an even slice out of the cake.
  • Step four: Again, after cutting off one slice, you need to dip the knife into the glass of warm water again! Yep, you read it right, you have to dip the knife after every slice and make sure to wipe it off completely so that it can not mess up the cake.

Difference between ice cream and ice cream cake.

Ice cream is a blend of the mixture of milk, cream, and sugar, and many other ingredients such as cherries and all. All the ingredients get frozen and transformed into soft creamy delight using wonderful techniques. It is a common dessert and spread all across the world. Loved by the majority of people across the world, it is a famous delight that lightens up every mood. And can be enjoyed after any meal. Whereas a cake is a sweet dessert built up with ingredients such as flour, sugar, and other ingredients and commonly that is baked. The cake is famous as a celebratory dish often used in parties, events, and majorly at birthday ceremonies. The cake is made in different varieties that are butter cake, sponge cake, chocolate cake, coffee cake, flourless cake, etc. you can make a cake according to your preference. The history of cake is very rich, it can be made in numerous ways, and of different kinds such as bread-like, without bread, without flour, with cream or without cream.

An ice cream cake is a concoction of ice cream and a cake that is made up by combining these two. And the result is marvelously awesome. It is like keeping a ball of magic into your mouth. And enjoy the tasty meal.

Ceremonies for ice cream cake:

For a cake, you don’t need a special day, all you need is a good mood.

You can make an ice cream cake and spend your day all happy hovering around you.

There are several occasions where you can get an extra chance to eat an ice cream cake.

  • Weddings: Wedding ceremonies are now incomplete without cutting a cake, so this time you can do it in a more special way by cutting a slice of ice cream cake
  • Anniversaries: What a glorious day, the celebration of the day will not be complete without a cake, plus an ice cream cake will work as a cherry on the cake and will increase the charm of the day.
  • Farewell: As it has been said that before starting something new you must sweeten your mouth, as it is a good gesture, then ice cream is the best way to kick start something new, as farewell is the day to end the previous journey and embark on a new start.
  • Baby showers: How wonderful it is to welcome a new baby into your life, well this day should not be celebrated less, ice cream cake will add charm to your party, and even the guests will bless you for making their mouth filled with the yummiest, crunchiest delight. 
  • Valentine’s day: A day dedicated to love, and there is lots of sweetness in a bond of love. In this sweetness why not add some crunchiest sweetness to make it more special? This valentine’s day celebrate the day with your special one, by having a slice of a delightful alluring slice of ice cream cake.