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    importance of flower bouquet
    Flower Bouquet


    Giving flowers is something that has been encouraged in every culture. A fresh bunch of blooms has easily been one of the top choices for gifts to give for centuries. Whether it’s love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy, romance, or apologies; giving flower bouquets helps to communicate the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner. It’s been said that no tradition is as effective in communicating emotions as gifting flowers or bouquets is.

    One of the best things about receiving flowers is the immediate happiness you feel. Even as the giver, the feelings of joy and satisfaction are invaluable. Giving flowers creates an instant smile on someone’s face, making them feel loved, less lonely, and less anxious.

    Flowers are also an easy gift to send when you’re not quite sure of what to purchase. So when you don’t know what the receiver likes, you can try to do some research to see what color they like or what type of flowers they would like. And that would suit to her liking! Short quick research would do the trick!

    These are the types of flowers that you can find anywhere in a flower shop:


    But what kind of bouquet would “she” like?

    If you’re giving “her” a flower bouquet, mind what color is her favorite and even better, what kind of flower is her favorite. Girls like anything beautiful and dreamy, so a mix of baby’s breath as fillers and roses would be a good choice. For bubbly girls, sunflowers with a mixture of daisies or lavenders will be a good choice. For housewives, they would prefer simple bouquets that can be moved into a vase. Tulips might be the best choice since the petals do not fall off like roses do and easy to care for.


    And what kind of bouquet would “he” like?

    A bouquet of Hydrangea and Iris will be suitable for “him” as a birthday gift. For graduations, give them a bouquet of sunflowers to congratulate them. For working man, you can either give them a Peaceful Zen Garden Plant that is easy to be taken care of or a pot of cactus which does not need much care and can act as a decoration on the office table. Men do not really like something that is delicate and hard to take care of. They like something simple and clean, like a cactus for example.

    So now you know what kind of bouquet for them. Enjoy!


    A little tip for husbands:

    Once a week, bring a small bouquet of flowers for your wife, even a stalk of rose would do! It will show that you are grateful for what she has done all this time, also a form of care that would make her happy. Women would be happy for the little things you do!


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