Indoor plant
Indoor plant

At this time, air pollution in various countries is inevitably getting worse. When we are outside the house, we usually prevent air pollution by using masks. This air pollution can also be around our home environment. Therefore, it is vital to keeping the air clean and healthy in our home environment because most of our time is spent at home.

According to the Health line, in 1989, NASA determined that plants can absorb harmful toxins in the air, especially in confined spaces with little airflow.

We need to know that besides being useful for cleaning the air and eliminating toxins, some plants can improve mood and relieve stress and fatigue too.

So, Flower Advisor will suggest to you some types of air-purifying indoor plants in Singapore. You need to check this out, so you can enjoy your healthy life every day.

Where to Buy Indoor Plants in Singapore?

Nowadays, what we all do is sit at home and use our smartphones all the time. So, no matter how busy your work is, no matter how full your schedule is, you can still easily maintain a clean environment. How? Flower Advisor will help you to deliver the indoor plants you want to your doorstep using technology. Having no time to keep clean air using plants is no longer an excuse.


Indoor Plants for Office Singapore

Most of us are not aware that furniture in our homes or offices can be detrimental to our health. The dyes used to make furniture and wall paint released a few harmful and irritating gases.

For example, those who work in an office spend their time in an air-conditioned room for many hours. So, air-purifying indoor plants is an important part that must be there around your desk. Even though your workspace is not very big, you can maintain small indoor plants such as hanging indoor plants.

Don’t be afraid thinking the plants may trouble you because indoor flowering plants are usually not too difficult to care for. Plants that are classified as indoor plants can live indoors without being exposed to sunlight.

Now, we will discuss some types of best and easy indoor plants that are suitable for your office. Let’s take a look and find your favorite one for your room.

1. Tongue-in-Law Plant

This type of plant is very commonly owned by people who love plants and a healthy lifestyle. The plant has many advantages that can help you maintain the health of your indoor environment. Besides, the plant is easy to care because it can live with little water and little sunlight. If you have lots of activities and do not have much time to take care of your plant, I recommend choosing this plant for your room.

Tongue-in-Law Plant
Tongue-in-Law Plant

This pot plant has a function as a room decoration and is able to produce more oxygen than other plants. Besides that, this plant is beneficial for the body’s metabolic system and is known to absorb pollution and toxins. Another secret from this plant is that this plant can convert carbon monoxide to oxygen well at night to help you sleep better.

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Peace Lily looks aesthetic and luxurious. Its beautiful shape is used as a decoration and display and has a function as an absorbent for pollutants in the room such as benzene.

The peace lily is also suitable for the office. Its timeless nature does not bother you to care for it because it doesn’t have to be watered every day and can live without sunlight.


Types of Indoor Plants

All indoor plants have their functions. Before you choose the plants, you need to decide the purpose of the plants you want to care for.

Allow me to help you with some suggestions about plants for decoration and air purifying. Firstly, an ornamental plant that is elegant, charming, and has many color variants is the orchid. Orchids are perfect for making beautiful decorations that will make the atmosphere of your room more colorful. The aroma of this orchid turns out to be a natural air freshener and can make us relax.


The second type of plant that is good for your health is Spider Plant. This plant is very suitable to be placed in the living room or family room. This plant can also help to clean the air caused by exhaust and tobacco. Also, this plant can make the air in a room humid.

What Plants Are Good for Indoors?

We have discussed some types of indoor plants that are good to be chosen from. If you are now feeling confused about what plants you will choose for your room, we will help you clarify this part.

The best plants for you that need air-purifying are plants that can help you reduce a pollutant in your room, such as tongue-in-law plants. You guys have too many activities and do not have much time to take care of a plant. We suggest you choose a tongue-in-law plant. This plant will help you a lot with its excellence for air purifying. And as it is an easy plant, you also don’t need to water it every day.

The next choice is a lavender plant. This plant will be the right choice for you that needs indoor plant decoration. The color makes your room more cheerful, and the aroma produces a soothing fragrance. This plant is very suitable to be stored in the room because the scent helps you to reduce anxiety, stress levels, and help you sleep better.

Indoor plants
Indoor plants


What are the Best Low Maintenance House Plants?

Nominations of the best low maintenance plants fell to the tongue-in-law plant. This plant is the one that has many advantages over others. It has an easy maintenance method and it has an incredible benefits in indoor air purification which make it the best choice for many people for a decoration and a tool to reduce air pollutants in the room.

House plants
House plants

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