Plants are a great and eco-friendly way of decorating your house and improving its ambience. Many enthusiasts fill the inside of their houses with hundreds of plants which not only makes their house look wholesome but also captivates the attention of visitors. Filling your house with plants instead of buying artificial grass is an ideal thing to do. If you are planning to get a few indoor plants for your house to make it look lovely, stick around till the end of this article and you will surely like our amazing suggestions. 

15 best indoor plants 

One should buy many plants for their house, as being surrounded by plants makes us feel fresh as a daisy. There are many plants which plant enthusiasts fancy and plant in their house. We have shortlisted 15 best indoor plants to make your house look attractive:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Our first pick is not just a simple plant, along with its unique shape comes many important attributes. This plant is considered as a “healer” as its juice has antibacterial properties which makes it a perfect fit for using as a gel to treat skin conditions and wounds.

2. Monstera Deliciosa

These easy growing plants are very eye-catching and very easy to look after at. Needs indirect medium lighting, you just have to water Monstera once a week and boom you have a gorgeous looking plant in your house. Monstera plant is also known as Swiss cheese plant and this tropical plant is native to tropical forests of Southern Mexico.

3. Succulents

Succulents are on top of every gardener’s list because they are low maintenance and grow abundantly even with little care. With a lifespan of as minimum as 6 years, succulents can grow for several decades if you look after them well. 

4. Lipstick Plant

Does well in bright indirect light, Lipstick Plant also known as Aeschynanthus does not require much care. Thrives indoors, this plant should be on your list due to its beautiful structure and colour. 

5. Rubber Tree 

If you are a student who doesn’t stay in the house much and careless about your things, then Rubber Tree is an ideal plant for you as it can withstand being neglected and handles under-watering very well. Just needs space and sunlight to thrive, this is an ideal plant for you. 

6. Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Skip this one if you have allergies, Peace Lily is a favorite of many among indoor plants. Putting it in your room will be good for your sleep as it produces oxygen at night while most plants do the opposite. Just keep it moist and avoid over-watering. This tropical evergreen plant blooms throughout the year under right conditions. It is mildly toxic as it contains calcium oxalate which can cause stomach irritation and breathing problems if ingested. 

7. Spider Plant

Very low maintenance and famous among indoor plants, Spider plant is known to give a jungle look to your house and makes it look exotic and crisp. Not enough reasons to root for this plant? Well this plant is also a very great air purifier and removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air. 

8. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a symbol of prosperity and friendship, if your apartment or house has less light and usually surro by shade then you should opt for ZZ plant as they thrive under less light. You can even leave it without watering it for even 2 months and it will still not die, so it’s a great plant for anyone who loves to travel a lot. As it exudes friendship and prosperity, this plant is also a very great choice for a housewarming gift for your friends of family.

9. English Ivy

Another great indoor plant prominently known for the purification of the air indoors, English Ivy is a great choice if you are planning to place it inside your house. With care it will thrive for years and does well in both full light and full shade. You can even hang them from the ceiling and they will look very amazing on your balconies. 

10. Sansevieria


Also known as Mother in law’s tongue, Sansevieria or snake plants are tolerant to imperfect environment and less maintenance. Native to tropical West Africa, this plant does very well indoors and should be on your list to decorate your house from the inside. 

11. Bird’s-nest Fern

Loves humidity, this native Asian plant is an elegant choice for you to put inside your house. Also known as Spleenwort, Bird’s-nest fern is a quick grower and thrives even under less care and maintenance. 

12. Dracaena Marginata

Also known as Dragon tree, Dracaena marginata is an appealing plant with a mesmerizing structure. Easy to care for and thrives even under less care, this plant should be inside your house if you want your house to look greenish.

13. Chinese Money Plant

Thrives under shade with weekly watering, this plant is easy to grow and looks very modern and buoyant. Look after it once you plant it as it is said to be known as the bringer of luck and good fortune. But don’t expect money to grow out of it, we have tried it. 

14. Hoya Carnosa Variegata

Loves humidity, so spray it weekly and only water it when the soil looks dry. This plant does very great in bright areas so you can put it near your bedroom window and it will thrive and make your house look attractive. 

15. Happy Bean Plant

Grows only for about 10 inches tall, this plant boasts thick, succulent leaves which looks like green beans. This is an ideal plant for your bedroom or study table as it doesn’t even take much of your space.  


All these plants mentioned above will be enough to make your home look exotic and beautiful from the inside. They are easy to grow and do not require much care and maintenance. These plants do not take up much of your house space and does not burden you with high maintenance so even someone who is careless and busy all the time can place these plants inside their house. From purifying air to being good for your health, these plants give back a lot of things and need almost little to no care from your side.


Benefits of indoor plants 

A plant a day makes your problems “grow” away.

Along with purifying air and removing toxic substances from inside of your house there are many benefits of indoor plants which one can enjoy and benefit from. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

1. Reduces stress level

Studies after studies have proven that plants inside your house reduces anxiety and stress. A study from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology has found that plants inside your home make you more calm and composed. 

2. Plants boosts your productivity


Relevant studies have proven that plants increase our productivity levels and encourages growth and development. Plants have been known to exude fresh vibes and that makes us more refreshed and lively.

3. Improve air quality

Many plants are known to purify air (some of them have been mentioned above) and remove toxic substances from the air inside your house. Apart from that some plants also release oxygen at night which can be great for your health and sleep.

4. Helps you breathe

Plants inside your house have been proven to be an asset when it comes to breathing. Many plants are good for your respiratory system and improve your breathing. People in polluted cities prefer planting many small plants inside their homes to improve the air quality inside.


How to take care of indoor plants?

Treat it like your child! 

Taking care of your indoor plants is not that much of a big deal and is pretty easy. Most plants require little to no care and are not high maintenance. They require adequate sunlight and a little space. In the list of these plants mentioned above, most of the plants don’t even require much watering and can thrive for months without proper watering and care, that’s why they are very wholesome and people go for them. Anyone who is out of their house during the day for work and anyone who travels a lot can place a few of these inside their house as these potted plants are tolerant to being neglected and do well even when watered less.


Where can you put your indoor plants? 

Indoor plants kick your home’s aura up a notch, so it is necessary that they must be placed at the right spot in your house to make it look lovely. Following are some spots where you can put your plant at:

1. Bedroom

Bedroom plant
Bedroom plant

Potted plants will give your bedroom an exotic look. Put them next to your bed or by a window and it will look elegant.

2. Living room

You can put an indoor plant in your living room near your tv cabinet or on top of your living room table and it will surely attract one or two compliments from every guest.

3. Kitchen

Put any indoor plant which can thrive with less shade in your kitchen and it will light up your kitchen.

4. Study table or work table

You can put your indoor plant on top of your study or work table. Plants have been known to encourage and increase productivity in your lifestyle and putting them on near your working or studying spot will increase your productivity and development.


How to make potting soil for indoor plants?

Are you confused about making your own potting soil for your indoor plants? Don’t worry FlowerAdvisor has the best and most effective recipe for you to make your own potting soil for indoor plants.

Organic fertilizer + limestone + compost + perlite + peat moss for vegetables and flowers –  Use this recipe to make your own potting soil and your plant will thrive. Making your own potting soil can be a tough job but it has many benefits as you will have the control over using only the best substances for your plant’s soil. Making your own potting soil is also very convenient and very budget friendly. 


Where can I buy inexpensive indoor plants? 

You can buy inexpensive indoor plants from your nearest nursery and get great deals on bargaining. There are markets for plants where you can get them at cheap rates and choose the best one you like. You can also check out our website to buy one of the best indoor plants handpicked by our team of professionals.

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Indoor plants as a gift 

If you are looking to gift someone an indoor plant and don’t know where to buy it then FlowerAdvisor is the best stop for you. On our website we have the best gift deliveries suitable for anyone living in Singapore delivered at your doorstep and anywhere around the globe through our efficient and fast delivery. We deliver the best potted plant to your doorstep on time.

1. Modest Elegance

Phalaenopsis orchid
Phalaenopsis orchid

Single Stalk of Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Pot, this indoor flowering plant can be a best housewarming gift or even a birthday gift which you get delivered to your loved ones home.

2. Slender Elegance

Phalaenopsis orchid
Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid with Light Yellow Centre, this plant can be the best gift for any occasion and the receiver will love it.

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