Having great buddies is very important for us and our growth. Friends not only makes your life easier just by solving all your problems but also makes it “less crappy and more happy” by their existence. They guide us throughout our life and save us from making bad decisions time to time. They are the family which we are not related to by blood but by heart. Whenever we are down, they pick us up and kick sense and positivity into us. The things friends do for each other are special and can never be compared.

When is international friendship day?

International friendship day is celebrated in the first week of August every year. International Friendship Day 2021 will be celebrated on 1 august. But it will also be celebrated on 30th July in many countries including Singapore and the United States of America.


What is international friendship day? 

International friendship day is observed worldwide to celebrate the bond and connection we have with each other all over the world. It is a day when everybody wishes their buddies and upload photos with them on social media. On friendship day many people go out with their friends and enjoy themselves. Friendship day is not just celebrating and going out, on this day many people look out for their long lost amigos and try to rekindle their bond.


Why do we celebrate international friendship day?


This special day is an excuse for us to celebrate our friendship with our closest friends by going out to eat and enjoy. Everybody celebrates friendship day to exude love and affection towards their friends. It is a day which gives us a chance to be grateful for having friends which we can count on during our darkest times. Everybody longs for a connection which saves us from negativity and sadness.


When is international friendship day in Singapore?

Friendship day in Singapore will be celebrated on 30th July. This day of companionship in Singapore is celebrated wholeheartedly by everyone. In Singapore, friendship day celebrations are amazing and special. Amid these times of busy schedules and hectic life, this day gives us an excuse to blow off some steam along with our mates and evade fatigue.


Gifts for international friendship day

Though nothing can be greater than spending time together, exchanging gifts with each other takes the friendship day celebrations up a notch and makes the occasion much more special. Traditionally close buddies never exchange gifts together because friendship doesn’t require materialistic things to justify the love and affection shared between friends, but it sure can incite joy and excitement in the hearts. If you are looking for amazing gifts to buy for your amigo this Friendship day, then FlowerAdvisor has just the right line up of gifts ready for you. 

1. Healthy Hamper

Yomeishu Health Tonic 300 ml. Fomec Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar and Collagen Ready-to-Eat. Fomec American Ginseng. Comes with flowers and packaging. A treat for your companions, they will surely love this sweet and healthy gesture. 

2. Hamper to revitalize your friend’s soul

Includes: • Dr Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar 16oz • Nippy’s Milk 3 x 25ml • Granola Creations Authentic Toasted Muesli 200g • Pretzel Pieces 125g • Biogreen Pre Balance Crackers 390g • Voortman Oatmeal Raisins Biscuits 250g • Organic Sun-Dried Cranberries 125g Complete with Flowers and Packaging, This hamper will not only come in handy for them but will also help them stay fit and fine.

3. Chocolate hamper

Choco hamper
Choco hamper

Gourmet Hamper Consists Of Assorted Chocolates and White Roses. This hamper will be loved by your chocolate lover companions and they will remember you everytime they munch on these amazing and delicious chocolates. The white roses are the icing on the cake as they exude positivity and calmness. This hamper will surely make way for happiness in your amigo’s life. 

4. Yum Yum Choco feast

Brands Berry Essence 42g (2). Fomec California Prune Essence 42g (2). Nature Valley Crunchy Bars Variety Pack. Orion 6’s Chocolate, Custard and Tiramisu Pie. Nutri-U Whole Grain Oat Cookies. Twin Cow’s Full Cream Milk. Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Comes with packaging, this hamper is a delightful pack for your friends and they will definitely love it and extend their gratitude to you after receiving this hamper.

5. Stay fresh stay organic

Includes: • Charitea Red Iced Rooibos Tea with Passion Fruit 330ml • Brothers All Natural Peach Crisps 8g • Harvest Box Dipped Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Almonds 40g • Popchips Potato Chips 23g • Harvest Box We Love Nuts 45g • Bruneus Activated Cashews Cacao Nibs 30g. This hamper can be your friend’s one step forward to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Be the path finder for your friend and help them stay healthy and fit with this hamper full of exciting and fresh items. 

6. Traditional healthy hamper

Quality Dried Bird’s Nest in Gift Box. Fomec Double Swallow Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar 70g (2). Deli Swallow Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Rock Sugar 70g (3). Orgran Biscotti Amaretti. A Healthier Choice Purple Tea 500ml.Orian 6’s Chocolate, Custard and Tiramisu Pie. Comes with packaging.Contains Organic Food, this hamper surely tops the list of our most amazing and healthy gift hampers. People nowadays refrain from indulging in unhealthy food and eat more organic and fresh items. This hamper will not only please the health of its receiver, but will also please the eyes of your friends due to its beautiful packaging.


These amazing hampers listed above can make your friendship day celebrations better and more special. This amazing day comes only once in a year, why not make it special and create precious memories with your boom companion? Flower Advisor has just the best options available for your friends on their website. Grab on to our amazing hampers and make this friendship day memorable for you and your friends. Pick anything from our website for your best friend and we will deliver that gift to your doorstep with our super fast and efficient delivery. 


Fun things to do on friendship day

Is there anything you want to check out of your bucket list with your gang? Perhaps a place you have always wanted to go with them? Or a movie you always wanted to watch with your friends? This friendship day, check those things out of your bucket list and have a blast with your amigos. One can never come short of plans to execute with them, as there are just so many of them. But if you don’t have any idea what to do on this friendship day with your mates, then don’t worry we have created a list of things you can do with your amigos and enjoy each other’s company. 

1. Movie

Movie theater
Movie theater

Movies are a great way to bond over with your friends. There are many genres which one can pick when watching together with the gang. While many suggest watching horror movies, many prefer action movies which accelerates adrenaline and pumps everybody inside the room with thrill. Many people strive to watch movies with their friends, if you have similar plans and have already created a watch list to binge through, maybe now is the perfect time to carry out that plan. Movies are incomplete without snacks to munch on while watching, don’t forget to order food from outside or if you prefer homemade, prepare snacks and popcorn before your buddies arrive at your place. One can watch action movies like the Marvel movies or DC movies together or James Wan’s classic horror movies. If you and your friends are fans of a particular series of shows or a series of movies, watching them together will also put a huge smile on your faces and it will be memorable.

2. Going out to eat

We all have a list of places where we have always wanted to go and eat along with our friends, there’s no better time to do that than now. Make your friendship day amazing and go out with your buds to try amazing food in your city and have a blissful day. Try new cuisine or new food outlets in and around your city with your amigos. Food not only helps in winning hearts but also helps in manifesting bonds among companions. It is one of the best things one can do with their buddies. If you avoid going out to eat you can also order the food at your place and have an amazing time in the comfort of your own house. Foodie people are all around and nobody can refuse a food party with your gang, so invite your pals at your place and have a nice time. Yummy food helps us create yummy memories which we hold on to for a lifetime. Try this idea and you will definitely thank us after it.

3. Drive around the city


This is for the car lovers. Drive around the city with your ride or die, enjoying street food and street art. It can be a fun way to spend time with your friends and explore the city at the same time. Doing anything with your buddies makes the simplest things 10 times more special. Driving around the city with your buddies with loud music on will be magical and so much fun. Sure, a long drive with your lover is romantic and all but even a short drive with your gang is full of excitement and happiness. But don’t forget to put those seatbelts on.

4. Surprise your long lost pals

We all lost connection with someone we thought will forever be close to our hearts. Maybe it’s time to initiate the first move and take the first step to rekindle your bond and come closer to your long lost friend again. Surprise them by going to their place and executing a last minute going out plan with them. If they want to reciprocate the feeling and repair the bond they will be very happy and pleased to see you. Friendships and relationships only stand when both of the parties make equal efforts and care about the bond. Every bond and connection requires hundred percent effort and care, without that even the best of friendships can dissipate overtime.

5. Get your pictures clicked

Who doesn’t love getting their photos clicked? It’s time to pose in front of the camera with your pals and capture your precious moments together. Getting your photos clicked can be so much fun when your friends are around to spoil them. So put on your favorite outfit and go to a nice cafe or restaurant and start capturing your best moments together with them. Photos not only help us to remember the moment in future but also reminds us of the bond we have with our boon companion. Nowadays people also get matching outfits and flaunt them on social media platforms to give friendship goals to their followers. 


Who should we not forget on friendship day? 

Celebrating the occasion with your pals turned into family will make you happy and content but don’t forget the “Man’s best friend” on this friendship day. Our pets are also our best buds and we should never forget them and the happiness they bring in our life. Give them treats and biscuits and make them happy as well. Our pets wait for us to come home safely every day and whenever we walk through the door, they always greet us with joy and jump on us with happiness. Animals have emotions as well and they can feel your love and affection if you truly love them. Always check up on them and make sure they don’t feel depressed because domesticated animals have separation anxiety and they can’t even explain it.

Friendship day, whether you celebrate it with your friends or pets or even your plants, it should be celebrated with love and affection.

It’s a day to commemorate the bonds we have with each other and the love and happiness we share.