Last Minute Christmas Gifts
Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for last minute Christmas gifts? Christmas is a perfect momentum to have quality time with people you love, like family and friends. This annual occasion is a chance for you to treat them with a thoughtful gift from a sincere heart. However, sometimes you face an obstacle like having no idea what to give because you’re busy at the moment. For this, last minute gift ideas are the correct answer to solve this problem! This act will cut out the time to run to the offline store. Also, you don’t have to be disappointed because your order doesn’t arrive at the exact time. Therefore, you can always rely on this method whenever you’re in hurry to gift-giving people you love during the holidays! We have curated Christmas gift ideas you can buy anytime, even though the celebration date is pretty near!

Thoughtful Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Personalized Photo Box

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For some people, sending a gift is a way to express their feeling to the receiver. If you belong to this kind of person, a personalized photo box may be the right choice you can shop at the moment for the Christmas celebration. A photo box is easy to find, making it a perfect last minute present for many occasions, including holidays.


When it comes to gift-giving, you can choose either physical or virtual gifts. Sometimes we need anything easy to get but still meant to be delivered. You can always consider subscription gifts if this is the intention. There are various options for subscription gifts since today’s technology is pretty convenient. It’s based on your or the recipient’s preference!


Christmas Plant
Christmas Plant

Sending Christmas gifts in Singapore doesn’t always require you to go with luxurious items. A potted plant will make a meaningful gift for a plant enthusiast. Pamper your dearest ones with an easy-to-care houseplant that comes compact, so you won’t face difficulties while sending this beauty!

Coffee Pack

Coffee for last minute Christmas Gift
Coffee for last minute Christmas Gift

Who doesn’t love coffee? It’s always appropriate to send gourmet hampers for a festive occasion like Christmas. A coffee pack ideally consists of different type of beans that roasted anytime we want.

Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet from FlowerAdvisor
Flower Bouquet from FlowerAdvisor

If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts for coworkers, this is a suitable candidate. A flower bouquet never goes out of style. It’s classic and appropriate for many occasions, including holiday celebrations.

Scented candle

Want something size but still thoughtful? Come for a scented candle! To match the occasion, you can buy one with a winter-inspired scent, like French vanilla.

Table Lamp

This is another winter-inspired item we suggest you to buy your Xmas gift-giving ideas. Table lamps appear in many designs. For Christmas, a winter-themed table lamp is a right choice to go.

Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Pamper those sweet tooths with a box of exotic chocolate from a famously-known brand! It will perfectly fit the theme of the holiday season.

Gift Card

Whenever in an extreme hurry, a gift card would be the greatest last-choice gift for Christmas. You don’t have to go outside to buy this thoughtful present. There are lots of gift card varieties in Singapore. Just match it with what the recipient may need at the moment.

Portable Speaker

If you know the recipient is a tech geek, something gadget-related may be the best Christmas treat they have ever gotten! For example, you can send them a portable speaker that is pretty convenient for their mobility.


Xmas falls in winter. For this cold weather, a mug could be a useful present for your parents or friends. It keeps coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm for hours. The best way to wrap your mug is by adding it as a final addition to a Christmas hamper.

Eye Mask

It’s always acceptable to go with unique gift ideas for Christmas. Everyone on your gift-giving list deserves better sleep quality. For this, an eye mask happens as a solution you can consider sending to people you love.

Room Diffuser

Some people usually use home goods as their last-choice gift. You can also steal this idea in case it’s quite difficult to get the right item for family and friends. A diffuser is great to clean the air up.

Pressure Cooker

You can’t go wrong with a new kitchen appliance for someone who loves to cook, like your mother. There are numerous choices out there, for example, a pressure cooker that is great to allow anyone to make delicious meals.

Tea Set

This is an alternative option besides the coffee pack we’ve mentioned above. For those who can’t tolerate caffeine, a set of tea packs may be what they’re hoping for at the moment. It comes with different types of tea they can brew anytime.

Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts for dad? Treat him a deep relaxation with a back and neck massager device. It’s electric and easy to use, even for those who are still unfamiliar with technology.


If you want deliver something playful, you can go with holiday-themed plushies. They usually appear in a cute design that kids would love. Plushies not only suitable for kids, but your partner would be impressed by this cute-thingy stuff.

Knitted Wear

During the cold weather, wearing something warm is a must thing to do. Express your feeling with people you love with homemade gift ideas for Christmas, for example, knitwear. This genuine act will always impress whoever receives it, especially if you make it yourself.

Mini Blender

If you think a kitchen appliance like a pressure cooker is not convenient in terms of size, you can go with a mini blender instead. This blender is great for those who consume fresh juices daily. It also comes in compact-sized, so it’s easy to carry for a family or friend visit during Christmas.

Fruit basket

fruit basket from FlowerAdvisor
fruit basket from FlowerAdvisor

Last but not a least, you won’t go wrong sending a fruit basket for festive occasions like Christmas. Likely wine and gourmet hampers, fresh fruit will enhance the excitement of this annual, thoughtful and meaningful celebration.

Looking for Christmas Gift?

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, and what better way to celebrate than by sending a luxurious Christmas hamper filled with all the things you love! FlowerAdvisor has everything you need to send the perfect Christmas gift, and we’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you. From festive flowers to delicious food items, our selection of seasonal products will put a smile on anyone’s face this season. So don’t wait any longer — add a little bit of love into everybody’s life this holiday season by sending them a FlowerAdvisor Christmas hamper!