Flower Frame | Flickr
Flower Frame | Flickr

“Where flower bloom so does hope” –
Great words by Lady Bird Johnson.

Whenever you don’t have enough daringness to utter your feelings, flowers are the perfect option to give voice to your feelings. Flowers are a vital source of sharing feelings and there are different flowers for different emotions. They never betray you and the person you are handing them over. They are captivatingly beautiful. They grow within the dirt and come out as a marvelous beauty. This shows they are the strongest creativity of the lord. Flower bouquets are pure happiness, they genuinely make your day better.  They blossom and make your dreams bloom by elevating your growth mindset. That is why you have grown an abundance of flowers in your garden but the blooms of your garden are blooming and fading. What if you make something magnificent with them? You might be scratching your head about what to do with the blooms if you ain’t a florist? Well, awaken the innovator in you! You can utilize your tiny adorable blooms into DIY for instance- they can be transformed into a bouquet or a flower frame or an instrument of decoration for your abode or offices. Flower frames can be a perfect git for all the occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and many more other events.

Let’s go for a flower frame!
But first, you have to get insight into what it is?

What is a flower frame?

What is Flower Frame
What is Flower Frame

 If you are planning to give a pleasant surprise to your beloved one, then it’s a great idea to get a flower frame, as the flowers bring rhythm to life. Let’s kick off with a frame, a frame is a basic figure, chiefly one that covers an area or we can say that frame is a basic structure that gives an object its form or you can insert something into a frame. 

Here we are talking about a picture or a floral frame that can be hung on a wall and make the ambiance look more aesthetic.

Why stick to flower frames if you want to do something special? Well, flowers are prosperous. You will not witness anyone who turns down a frame of flowers. As flowers are genuinely irresistible. Now, if you have made up your mind to make a flower frame for your special one then you would be wondering what to do next huh?

Let’s learn how to adorn a floral frame as flower frames are one secret recipe to make the bonding more strong. Although there are more if you wanna know you can have a look here.

How to decorate a flower frame?

How To Decorate Flower Frame
How To Decorate Flower Frame

Garden fresh flowers give another level of activeness and positive vibes. It will be more enchanting if they stick around the picture of a baby, or a birthday boy/girl, or a couple who are entering into the new venture of their life, or a marvelous centerpiece in a party or a celebration.

In a flower frame, utilize the freshest flower as much as possible, the blooms must have a strong stem. And do your utmost to cover the frame completely. You should be worried as the flowers wither. You should not be worrying, take a deep breath and keep the flowers misted which you are going to use in the frame and put the picture in the frame at the last moment.

Let’s go step by step for the decoration of the flower frame,

But initially, you would need flowers, collect as much as you need, you are not bound by the category of blooms. Stock up your favorite blooms and then go to the next procedure.

The tools you need are:

  • Cutter
  • Hot glue
  • Green leaves
  • Fresh flowers
  • Picture frame
  • Flower foams
  • Scissors
  • Sphagnum moss

Step one: Take the flower you have chosen for decoration, prune an inch off the stems of the flowers. Dive the flowers into a bucket full of ice water for at least 60 minutes. This will provide the capacity for the blooms to absorb more water and stay fresh for a long period.

Step two: Remove the glass or sheet from the backside of the frame. So that you can start adorning the frame borders.

Step three: Slice up four blocks of floral foams that are a little bit thick and the same size and structure as the frame.

Step four: Plunge the blocks into the water for at least half an hour. And then remove it from the water and let it drain.

Step five: Stick the foam to the frame by wrapping it with waterproof floral tape. This tape is stronger than the floral tapes used for making corsages. Cover at every corner of the frame and once in the middle of the frame.

Step six: Outspread the sphagnum moss into a sheet after that layer the floral foams with the moss.

Step seven: Wrap the floral wire according to the moss, foam, and frame smoothly so that it can secure the moss. Make sure that it should be snug but not cutting the foam. Wrap it at every 3 inches it will work great 

Step eight: Make the frame stand against a sturdy harl so it’s in the accurate position it will be when displayed.

Step nine: Prune the stems of the flowers to one inch. Stick the stems of the larger blooms into the frame at an equal distance. Keep the flowers at different positions for instance some pointing their face down, some up, some right so that it will look aesthetic. Don’t make them march in a straight line around the frame, as it will look boring. 

Step ten: Stick the medium size flowers in between the large blooms. Put the small flowers in the gaps around the frame. You can add some baby’s breath where the full look is needed.

Step 11: Take a small frame, after that prop the frame against it, keep it in a way that the frame should just fit inside the flower-covered frame.

And your floral frame is all set! 

Types of flowers that can be used in a frame:

Daisies | Pixabay
Daisies | Pixabay

Flowers have their language, they don’t talk but they manifest a ton of feelings and emotions. If you are preparing for a floral frame then there are a plethora of happy blooms. It’s up to you whom you wanna choose for your special occasion.

  • Calendula: A lovely bloom that is also famed as pot marigold. It is also famous for its sacredness. In some places, it is a manifestation of moving forward, as life goes on. In the Victorian language of blooms, it represents gracefulness. This flower has various colors, the most common ones are orange, yellow, and gold. All these hues have vibes of joy, creativity, and clarity. You can have these blooms on your frame and articulate them more exquisitely.
  • Daisies: They are the manifestation of beauty, love and fertility, and fresh beginnings. They also signify cheerfulness. Daisies are perfect to give as a present on any occasion or time of the year. They are the perfect gift at baby showers as they are a sign of fertility and a new start. You can give a daisy flower frame to your buddy who is going to be a parent. For more baby shower gifts check this link out https://www.floweradvisor.com.sg/occasions/singapore-new-borns
  • Dahlias: This lovely bloom stands for elegance, fortune, and love. It is the best choice to express your love. If you are a shy person you can take aid from dahlia to express your feelings. Dahlia is available in a plethora of hues such as red, blue, green, white, purple, pink, and black. You can decorate your flower frame with the favorite hue of your loved ones and then present it to them. It surely will impress them and they will acknowledge your emotions. Just go for the dahlias.
  • Delphiniums: These exquisite blooms represent the emotions of cheerfulness and goodwill. They are the best option to decorate on a frame for your best pals. You can adorn a delphinium frame for your best buddy who has brought cheerfulness in your life and was there for you in need. There are several hues of delphinium that are white, blue, pink, and purple. It would be much better if you chose the blooms according to your buddy’s preference.
  • Larkspur: These adorable blooms signify affection, love, and strong feelings of attachment. They are the representation of a pure heart too. They are available in ranges of hues such as pink, purple, and white. You can give it as a floral frame to your crush too. As they represent true feelings. Click to read more about Larkspur.
Larkspur Flower Frame
Larkspur Flower Frame
  • Roses: They are the blooms of love and romance. If you are thinking of doing something unique then a frame of roses with a message or a picture will be a perfect idea to make your bonding strong with your partner. It will make your pal feel more special. What are you thinking? Get set and make your beloved’s day more special with these floral frames. You can get yellow roses if you want to make your best friend’s day noteworthy, as yellow roses signify friendship.
  • Cosmos: These magnificent blooms are said to bring harmony and peace. They are the representation of innocence. They are present in yellow, white, and red shades. If you want to embellish your frame, these adorable blooms will provide a captivating look.
  • Rose of Sharon: This lovely bloom manifests beauty, love, and healing. It comes in a range of shades that are violet, blue, red, purple, pink, and white. These adorable shades will look enchanting on the frame. Rose of Sharon’s floral frame will be bewitching to watch.
  • French marigolds: Their brightly colored nature makes them everyone’s favorite. They are so easy to be with. Their common shades are orange, red, and yellow. They give a pom-pom look which makes them look more captivating. A French marigold flower frame should be a great gift to children on their birthdays.
  • Zinnias: Zinnias are the most aesthetic blooms, known for their everlasting love, friendship, tribute, affection, and acclaim. This bloom catches everyone’s attention. They are available in a range of colors for instance yellow, white magenta, and red. Zinnia’s flower frame is going to work like magic as on one side it will represent a bundle of emotions and on the other side, it will look bewitching.

How to buy a perfect flower frame as a gift?

If you are searching for a perfect flower frame, then you should opt for a personalized frame and flowers. There is a superabundance of flowers online. You can opt for online flower delivery to get your choice of garden-fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep. You can opt for your choice of frame. They are available online too, all you need is to scroll and find them. And then you can pour your creativity with the flowers and make a beautiful frame for your near and dear ones. 

Nothing matches the value of a personalized and handmade gift. And flowers are the provider of supreme happiness and freshness. If you are hunting for a perfect flower frame, go with your creativity, as it will genuinely depict your emotions and feelings for the person you have done the hard work for. This will make your bonding grow stronger than ever.

 How to use the floral frames:

  • Flower frame with picture: You can make your flower frame to be used as a picture frame by inserting a picture within the frame. It will become a great gift to cherish.
  • Flower frame with painting: You can put a marvelous painting in the frame and present it to your dear ones. It will swell their hearts with love and warmth. And a painting to adorn their house. 
  • Flower frame sentences:  You can use the flower frame by writing sentences in it. For instance, the motivational quotes for the students or romanticizing lines for your beloved or sentences of gratefulness to your parents, and many more.